Cannabis Cures Cancer

Once again, studies are showing that cannabis cures cancer. Many studies have shown that cannabis cures cancer in animals, yet no studies in humans have been done. Instead, the war against the cannais cancer cure continues while pharmaceutical companies continue to profit from people’s sickness by offering them toxic products that cannot restore their health. How long will this go on?

Recently, it came to light in a study that two teenagers with brain cancer experienced complete disappearance of the tumors over a period of three years, during which they used inhaled cannabis but were receiving no other treatment.

Interestingly, in Canada we have a medical marijuana program where the government will actually provide you with cannabis at a low cost. You can get buds to smoke or cookies to eat, but you cannot get cannabis oil. Why? It is only the oil that cures cancer.

3 responses to “Cannabis Cures Cancer

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  2. I wonder whether it also prevents cancer, especially lung cancer.
    And whether I can smoke, instead of drink the oil.
    1 Gram, I should smoke at least 10 grams a day.

    Thank you, good info.
    Please forward this information to all people folks.

  3. Hi Sonia,
    a very good article about the good old herb.
    On YouTube there is a very nice video about the topic:
    The Flower


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