Harper In Contempt of Parliament- Who’s next up for PM?

On Friday, March 25th, 2011, the 156 Opposition MPs in the Canadian Parliament rose to support a motion of no-confidence and also “declared the government to be in contempt of Parliament for its refusal to share information that opposition members said they needed to properly assess legislation put before them”.


When asked for his interpretation of the parliamentary vote, Harper said that Canadians ‘don’d care about teh maneuvers of Parliament and the wording of various motions’. He is counting on your apathy and he’s so smug about it!

Harper is a globalist. Here are a few of his best moments revealing his true loyalty to global government:

This motion on March 25th was, as far as I can tell, largely initiated by the liberal party, which is headed by michael Ignatieff. If you look into Ignatieffs’ history and how he got to be leader of the party, you’ll find some interesting things.

First of all, in 2005 he became MP of the Etobicoke-Lakeshore riding in Ontario more or less by default: when the other two liberal candidates in this traditionally liberal riding came to hand in their candidacy papers at the Liberal Party headquarters, they found the door was locked, even though it was before 5:00!

Next, Ignatieff became leader of the Liberal party again by ‘default’ when Lieral leader Stephan Dion resigned and then the other two candidates for leadership, Dominic LeBlanc and Bob Rae suddenly announced that they were dropping out, within a day of each other.

So how does a guy get so lucky? A guy who hadn’t even lived in Canada fr over 20 years, who had instead resided inWashington where he was busy rubbing elbows with the American political elite? How does a guy like this get to be leader of the liberal party within a few years of returning to Canada, and possibly soon be up for a starring role as ‘Prime Minister of Canada’?

Years ago, there were discussions in the Globe and mail about his membership in the secret society known as the Illuminati. I 2006, Brooke Clark wrote in the GLobe and mail:

Toronto — I was shocked to read William Christian’s letter suggesting a link between Michael Ignatieff and the Illuminati (The Ignatieff Code — May 10). A cursory reading of Canadian history will make clear that control of our nation has passed back and forth between two lesser-known Masonic groups, the Ignorati and the Obscuri. The Illuminati, alas, have shown no interest in taking over.

And even if they wanted to rule Canada, they wouldn’t do so by a method so cumbersome as to require their man to win two elections — first for the Liberal Party leadership, and then the general election — to become prime minister. The Illuminati do not trust the fate of nations to the dubious wisdom of the general populace.

As a conspiracy-minded acquaintance once remarked shortly before he disappeared, “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let you vote.”

Looks to me, Brooke, like the Illuminati have found a way to install their puppet and make it look like the people have voted them in. Now, it’s Harper’s turn to look bad so the people will want ‘change’. Of course, the leadership oly gets tossed back and forth between the Liberal and Conservative parties. Out with the Conservatives and in with- guess who? Michael Ignatieff, I would wager. A clever, cunning plan it is. A conspiracy, I would even say.

5 responses to “Harper In Contempt of Parliament- Who’s next up for PM?

  1. Hi Girls!

    Thank you for all your good work.

    In the UK there is an organisation called ‘Common Purpose’.

    You can find out more about Common Purpose here:



    Do you know of any similar set-ups in Canada?



  2. Hello Truthergirls,

    and hello Sonia, I want to tell you that I enjoy your videos on Youtube (even when I don’t completely agree with you) you make me think, and you bring up things that the media sources aren’t talking about.

    I have friends in Canada, and I love visiting you guys across the border (I’m in that rebellious nation to the south, sheesh). This world will always have problems, there are forces at work behind the scenes called “principalities and powers of this dark world” in the Bible…which was talking not only about wicked kings and senators, it was also talking about the forces that they obey, and that will always be the case in this world.

    I hang fast for the world to come. We can try to change things and “fix” things in this world, but the wickedness is always there, and frankly THAT is not fixable until the Lord Jesus Himself sets it straight. There is ONE coming that will have an appearance of “goodness”… and people will think he is the ONE who will fix all the problems, and he will be the worst one yet…the ANTICHRIST… so we need to be on our guard, be truly seeking the TRUE JESUS of the Bible, and not be fooled.

    I hope and pray that you are truly saved and Spirit filled, so you won’t be fooled by false “messiahs”.

    Susan (aka Shamar, and aka Decision4Jesus)

  3. Great letter, Susan. I enjoy your site TrutherGirls!

  4. A fantastic lecture which everyone should (dedicate a whole weekend to) watch!

    The relevance to Stephen Harper becomes clear after a couple of minutes.

    Sorry, I know nothing of Canadian politics so I have nothing else interesting to add.

  5. Hi,
    I went searching the net today to try and define the whole “Harper in contempt” thing.
    From what I know so far (not including today) Harper was asked to produce documentation regarding spending. he did. They asked for more. He complied again. And again they said they want more. The nutshell here is that no matter what he produced it was not good enough. ( though it was) Iggy just wouldnt take no for an answer. HE wanted to force the contempt thru to trigger an election.

    I have not found that Harper has done anything wrong. I do agree we NEED a miltary presence to defend Canada and I would prefer NOT to be laughed at by the rest of the world, because we send out soldiers IN, with 40 year old equipment ( rifles and gear)
    We DO need new planes. The liberals had this in the works YEARS ago, now because it suits them they are against it. We NEED our national forces and they are no good without being equipped properly unless of course, you dont mind Canadians dieing unnecessarily.(I MIND)

    I DO want bigger jails. I DO Not want a rapist to get out of jail after serving only 1/6th their sentence ( AS Iggy does want exactly that)
    I realise and you must too, that without a strong economy we will have no jobs, no health care no nothing.( eventually)
    Inregard to the ” world economy” this is ONLY in reference to the fact that whether we like it or not we are ALL linked by way of imports and export profits , without them Canada would fail. We need to bring in stuff we dont have and export stuff to countries that need what we have, and we make a profit on it.
    Harper refused to join the world wide bail-out-the-most-poor-country CRAP. As I would too. If you blew your rent money I would not loan you my money.
    Harper continuously says no t o the USA and pisses them off. From watching events I think this is exactly why we didnt get the chair on the UN. I think the USA totally back stabbed him and the G8 was meant to shore up the possibility of him GETTINg that chair.THATS why it was so important and THATS why he spent so much. If you invite your boss to dinner, would you serve Kraft dinner? Same diff.
    And Iggy wants to cap the oil sands OMG that would be horrific. Albertas taxes to the federal government have been HUGE and without them we would be in HUGE federal deficit. Just look at the rest of the provinces by coimparison. Never mind how many jobs would he be closing down if he capped it?
    Harper has seen us through the econonmic recession with flying colors compared to every ~~ other country in the world~!
    THINK about that.
    And if Iggy gets in he wants to take the cap OFF Americans owning more than 49% of any Canadian company. Well hey why not? They flushed their country. Lets take bets how long it will take to flush ours.
    This election. If you cannot decide, then vote NDP. They at least, tend to keep the other two parties more honest and accountable.
    Sincerely, Susan from Calgary

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