Orgonite and The Zapper

Today on The Truther Girls radio show, my guests will be Don and Carol Croft from and we will be talking about orgonite and the zapper. The zapper is reputed to help in the treatment of all kinds of diseases including cancer, HIV, and even morgellons (basically anything that involves parasites of any kind, including worms, bacteria,fungi etc), by applying an electrical charge to your blood. I bought a zapper from the a couple of years ago and I cannot personally attest to it having rid me of any disease, since I had no disease to begin with, but I can say that the zapper is amazing in how it boosts my energy and puts me on a good vibe. After using the zapper for several days in a row, I felt like I was just buzzing with energy and creativity. I would guess this is probably related to the way it kills parasites because I have gotten similar effects from using an herbal parasite cleanse program. The zapper makes me feel wonderfully positive, creative and full of life. I don’t know exactly how it works, but I’ll find out today from the Crofts themselves.
The zapper also contains orgonite, a mix of metals in a resin base that have an effect on your energy. Again, I don’t know exactly how this works, but orgonite is used in ‘cloudbusters’, which can literally clear clouds from the sky and you can witness this for yourself in time-lapse videos posted on Youtube.

You can listen to teh show live at 2:00 pm ESt at
or download the archived show later from

9 responses to “Orgonite and The Zapper

  1. Very interesting site. I have a “truth ” that you may want to devout a 10 minute video. Wear a bikini . The truth about Libya is it provides 2% of the worlds oil. The second “truth” is its economic system was a National bank based on the gold Dinar with 144 Tonnes of real gold behind it. The financial system was not part of the “mafia” banking system that starts wars , steals resources, runs drugs and chases drugs, forces people into debt, sells the debt a million times over, threatens marshal law if they do not get all the money back, taxes them to the end and poisons the food. Time to westernize a sovereign nation with Depleted Uranium. After all its good for them. P.S Maybe someone should send orgonite over to Libya. How do rebels come in take oil and form a National Bank ? No way is Qaddafi handing over his gold. The British have started a tea party and the desert fox is going to have one very soon. Remember who threw the first punch. Let us all have prayers for all the innocent people , God bless and protect them…………every human spirit.

    • Welcome to the New World Order, folks!! We are now living in the United Soviet States of OurMediaPolice!!! “Franken-foods”, anybody!? Seriously, the Bible did say that a terrible, treacherous age would sooner or later dawn. Now, it seems that the prophesied evil empire has arrived! That terrible treacherous age has seemingly dawned! It shows evidence that things will be far “WORSE” than anybody could have ever imagined!!! Time to get down on your knees and pray the most POWERFUL prayer in Jah’s word: Psalm 91. Hey hey hey, that prayer was given to us, to be used in an evil day like TODAY!!!!

  2. Mr.Qaddafi is a brother, 33rd degree. So was Hussein (thus fake hanging).
    When they reach their use-by date, they have to move on.
    Fidel is still being maintained, doing a good job. He’s a 33rd degree brother and also a SMOM aristocrat (from old slave trader stock).
    BTW, good ol’ Doctor Stan is SMOM.
    Just show biz.
    Bill Cooper –probably Prieur de Sion.
    Gatekeeper AJ–original stage name “Bill Hicks” before radical makeover.
    They’re all puppets on a stage.

  3. No doubt many of the people spouting the “truth” are in it for the money and very well could be puppets. So I ask anyone in the clouds to come down and let us all know who has the truth and what is the “website”. Most disinformation has parts of the truth in it. It s kind of like making brownies and adding a teaspoon of dog doo. You might not taste it but its in there and hopefully has been cooked enough . What lodge do you think Colonel Q is in? No one black balls you when you have that much gold. Do masons smoke hash? Can they make orgonite?

  4. i built a cloudbuster, didn’t do anything. sky still full of chemtrails not even a hole.
    he was wrong about magic johnson too. he never went back to playing basketball.

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  6. Karl Hans Welz is the leading expert in orgone physics. He has several Phd.’s with one in the field of nuclear physics. He is no doubt in the top 1% of intellects on this planet. He has a website;

  7. I know a skeptic who always asks silly questions like “what sources say these zappers work?” Or “what are the scientifically validated “tests” that PROVE that a given alternative therapy works? I tell him that if you’ve got a disease as “horrific” as full blown morgellons, you aren’t going to CARE about trivial stuff like that!! Believe me, you’ll try just about ANYTHING to be RID of your “condition!!!!!! HEY HEY HEY!!

  8. The radar system Rapier and HAARP are operated synchronously as an audio signal generator. The radio signal is sent to 2 GHz. The Rapier radar radio signal is measured most easily with a commercial standard long wave radio receiver Mitellwellen. All Rapier aircraft tracking radar of Rapier are used as speech audio modulation for Mind Control. This brain wave signals are modeled as similar radio wave. With the Pattern, the identical information is sent worldwide each radar system synchronously. The weapon of war is a big emitter acts like Tesla’s Microphone as Inductive voice modulation and bands can without effort be measured with long wave and FM Mitellwellen. Part of these mind control signals are all the other radio stations are so loud superimposed. Words such as third world war and disease Morgellons disease is being sand as an audio signal. The power supply and cable to a system can be easily broken with a butane gas burner.

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