Man Brutalized In Court For Asserting He is a Sovereign

The following was written by Youtube user WeepingWillow2. Carol will join me on the radio today to tell her story and is seeking help from the public. you can listen to the show live today at Carol woll be on from approximately 3:07 EST to 3:26 EST.
Or you can download the episode later from the episode archived for April 28 at:
Carol’s son incensed the judge when he stated that he was a ‘sovereign being on the land’. Following his statement in court, he was painfully dragged away in shackles and had a taser held to his face. I don’t know what went wrong here, whether he was considered to be adversarial or made some kind of mistake that put him under the court’s jurisdtiction, but if you have any insight into this or would like to offer your help, you can contact Carol at the email or phone umber at the bottom of this page.
Carol tells the story as follows:

Hi my name is Carol Roberts. The following is a tragic story of my son, of whom I have power of attorney over.

he was beat up in court yesterday April 25, 2011 in Lagrange, Georgia, Troup county, for making his statement (the first opportunity to do so) since this ordeal/nightmare first began. he was responding to the question of judge Allen Keeble who will shortly be receiving a warning notice memorandum, as well as an application for writ of habeas corpus within a couple of days if not sooner.

the judge did not want what he (my son) had to say on the record, which is the following:

“Here and now, in, on and for the re-chord I speak:
I am a living breathing spiritual being of God ,
a sovereign being on the land, capable to handle, my affairs under universal law.
I do not need the court to appoint any foreign agent(s) such as crown accredited registry bar member attorney to present me as I am not in the fictional law society.
I, in forgiveness of any harms to me, wish and co-manned that you end this matter to keep all safe from harm. This is my loving wish.
Are you making a claim on me/us and my/our flesh and blood living and soul-full body, to harm me/us in any way ?
You may vacate this matter, with just cause and with prejudice, as is my wish to be in peace, honour and love for all and I wish to leave now in that same light.
What say you now in peace, honour and love? “

Upon his stating the part about being a sovereign on the land, judge Allen Keeble went ballistic, started screaming for him to shut up, then telling the bailiff’s to remove him from the court room. his ankles being shackled, wrists handcuffed, he was tackled and dragged on his knee’s taking off the hide from both of them, dragging him through the door which led out of court, all 3 or 4 sheriff’s deputies fell on top of him, his feet still lying in the court room itself, while they all screamed at him, jabbing elbow’s into his injured back, ribs, and stood atop of his ankle cuffs, injuring him further, begging him to just move, with a Taser stuck in his face, when all he did was try to address the court. He was not combative, was not rude, did not holler, nor give cause for any reason to have been treated this way. He stated to them while they beat him up, that he was not resisting, yet they continued beating him and injuring him further. All because the judge did not want what he was stating put into the record. The judge had asked him a question as to why he rejected the court appointed attorney and he began making that reason known. The judge did not like what was being stated and thereby had my son attacked!
He has been in immediate need of medical attention since yesterday a.m. and has as yet received none. the nurse saw him, and stated according to him to me in a phone conversation which I taped, saying she wanted to wait to see how much more the ankle swelled up, before she’d recommend he be transported to a hospital for x-rays, nothing at all said about his already having a back problem which they caused further injury to.
I beg of your assistance for my child.
I called the Georgia bureau of investigations to report this crime against my son, and pleaded repeatedly for this SPC agent Jeremy Dockins to acquire immediate medical care for my son, he refused stating that he could not go and lock up anyone until he was given word by the sheriff’s dept, police dept and the governor themselves. He again requested my name, phone number and town. Not specifically my address, but with their data base, I have every confidence, they can look that up regardless. I told him I was not seeking to have him arrest anyone, but to get my son immediate medical treatment and to investigate the complaint put before him. to date, i have not heard anything from the GBI.
thank you,
Carol L Roberts CLR

(I’ve lost my home phone for having received 3 phone calls from my son when he was first incarcerated back in December. Then bogus charges from the jail phone company raised those charges to over 400 dollars, I refuse to pay them. it’s theft and highway robbery. wherefore I’m using a cheap cell phone his fiancée got with a Georgia phone number so he can call home without it costing an arm and a leg. this place (jail) with dirty bribery sheriff has had my sons mail stolen, opened when it’s mail marked legal defence documents wherein they are to open those in his presence only, but don’t, made copies of his mail, lost his mail and now they resort to their goon squad beating him up ! )
I implore you to call me and help my son.


15 responses to “Man Brutalized In Court For Asserting He is a Sovereign

    Is everybody missing the big picture? 5/11/11 OR 5/13/11
    they are going to use HAARP to split this country in half, it is part their plan, then all bets are off. you tube haarp worst case scenario New Madrid seismic zone
    and you will see exactly what is going to happen, also look up haarp worst case scenario japan, and Japan Tsunami Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 2/2- Leuren Moret – PDX 9/11 Truth
    and then you will begin to see the big picture,
    I have been studying this everyday since Japan’s earthquake,
    there is so much evidence on and a lot of it in their own documents to prove this is going to


  2. The story here about someones son, however heartbreaking it is, the unfortunate problem is that he was in dishonor with the courts. You don’t go in there demanding a thing or make statements of any kind, other than your intro.

    “I am this or that” or rejecting court appointed council… You MUST use conditional acceptances..

    Did not Jesus say “agree with thy adversaries while you are still in the way with him”?

    I sent her an email with a link, that should guide her in the right direction for her son. It will be a hard and long road, but well worth the effort to getting the knowledge, and understanding they need.

    • Really? If this is what the Court system is like, they should be put out of their misery and the government put down. No matter what you think it should be, they had no right to brutalize and assault him if what she wrote was true in describing the situation. The judges should have their pensions revoked all across the country and the government overthrown. Enough is enough. People have First Amendment Rights. At the very least they didn’t have to brutalize and torture him. They can go fuck themselves! Who the hell do these men think they are?

    • He was not in dishonor and that judge should be kicked out of office NOW. We are free and the rights we have were given by our Creator and not evil corrupt men and women, who now rule this nation.

      Jesus also stated that “ye shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”. We are considered cattle and monetary assets to the ptb and weak kneed whining jerks like you are one of the problems. You don’t have the backbone to stand your ground and lay claim to your God given rights so you don’t deserve them. I admire this poor fellow who did stand up and I hope justice will be done on his behalf. When they come to take you away to the FEMA camp maybe you will manage to wake the hell up. Grow a pair! You make me puke.

  3. Carol Roberts

    Update this Monday May 30, 2011 Memorial Day:
    This is concerning the story about my son Greg, held without bail and was beaten up and terrorized in LaGrange, GA in what is suppose to be a court of law, not rouge and and certainly not unlawful, yet as Americans are waking up to the atrocities being perpetrated across this land ! Some law enforcement persons feel it’s alright to beat, injure and in the recent incident of the 26 year old Marine in Arizona, KILL ! That young Marine had done two tours of duty in Iraq, survived them both to return home safely to be MURDERED in his own home with children and wife looking on as he died. My prayers go out to his wife, children and family.

    Per my own sons case, I had contacted the ACLU. I don’t know if my contacting them had anything to do with an investigation ensuing about the large number of arrests having been made, especially those arrests involving Interstate 85. I certainly hope so. I heard that the jail receives 85 (eighty-five) thousand dollars per year for every prisoner. Possibly this is their motivation to incarcerate in enormous figures. Apparently the ACLU’s investigation(s) has done some good, for the jail run by Sheriff Donny Turner has started cleaning up the 40 men per cell which were stuck in like sardines in a cell meant to ONLY hold 14. At least now they aren’t cramped up on the floor like animals, stepping over each other just to stand up and stretch ! Who might I ask are the criminals there, those hauled in off the streets or the barbarians which treat people inhumanely.
    I’ve heard that Georgia has filed bankruptcy, they are closing grade schools and busing these children to crowd them up with middle schools and high school students. This information came directly from my son in a phone conversation. They get the local papers and have television.
    His last court date was May 9th and they did not transport him to court to appear. The judge merely asked if he had an attorney. The DA responded no, and that was that. As for his fiancee, she was in attendance and relayed this upon her return home. They did not address her case, so again she made a senseless trip down there, which is an expense for her to bare working a minimum wage job. I do not know the outcome at this time, they are however under investigation from numerous organizations. I again thank Sonia (truthergirls) for allowing me to be on her radio program, for it has been helpful and I can only pray others and especially attorney’s will extend a hand should they come across this story. We are seeking to file a lawsuit for discrimination, infringment upon his rights, denied his civil rights, and more.
    This ordeal and the criminal activity which is being perpetrated down south, has uncovered the involvement of drug and gun running from further south of the border, money being paid under table to the Sheriff, for prisoners to get out is all being investigated. Investigative reporters from two states, as well as the country of France have called down there to speak to the Sheriff, the DA Lynda Caldwell and soon as I’ve been told, the Judge Allen Keeble who has upon investigation revealed that he loaths our Veterans.
    I will keep you posted Sonia on any upcoming news relating to down south.
    Again I and my family thank you.
    Carol Roberts

  4. Carol Roberts

    Further I wish it known that since all this began I am being stalked continually from my street as well as behind my house at a motel. They want me to know they are there, as they flash their lights and honk their horn, sitting there starring at me when I let my dog out the back door. Just thought I’d post this part in case I’m murdered too, though I’m certain they’ll make it all look accidental or possibly a self inflicted wound !
    I can assure you, I would NEVER harm myself. I am not a give up type person no matter how much SHTF, I’ve been an injured worker’s advocate for 6 years, taught myself the workers comp laws in Kentucky and practiced them the past 11 years. When I sent my son Georgia’s own codes, that’s when the stalking began again. Also what I had sent they stole, part of what was stolen was the pages (175 to be exact) sent registered mail, had Georgia’s own Supreme Court case cited wherein that very case was an issue of infringment on the persons CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. THE COURT UPHELD THEM ! They didn’t want my son to read that. So I read it to him over the phone. Then he’s had dropped calls, WHICH WE ARE PAYING FOR OURSELVES at both ends. OR they decide to not allow him to purchase a phone card but once a week now, or dole them out once purchased but once per week also, preventing him from calling home.
    Carol Roberts

  5. I am so sorry Carol, The power truly is in Him, I do admire Him for his bravery, and steadfastness,
    He…and You..are not alone,
    I was myself at that crossroad, I chose, this time a different path,
    I am that I am

  6. Hello,

    What was Carol’s son charged with to be detained like that in the first place?

  7. Shamballah Aghaarta

    They do not care if we claim our rights! the only way to overcome these evil tyrant forces is by keeping away from their wicked buildings…when you enter into they gates of hell you give them the opportunity to do as they want…these institutions are based on the esoteric teachings,numerology, astrology, astronomy,geometry,architect, magic, sorcery…this is how they evoke the spell on humanity there hole system is based on the number 12…12hrs on the clock, 12 months of the year and 12 jurors and a judge which makes up 13 which gives them the power to make the final decision…do not have to go to there gates of hell ! And if they come to your sacred gates and try to remove you by force and cause harm to you…then it is your duty and your rights to defend and protect yourself to the fullest extent…Martin Luther king said let freedom ring, bob Marley said get up stand up for your right, don’t give up the fight…Malcolm X said by any means necessary…John F Kennedy said…the cost of freedom is always high and one path we shall never choose is the path of surrender and submission. Remember the magic the voodoo the first witch doctors was you…us, we have been raped from our original way of life and teachings, but these tyrants use the ancient teachings to control the masses…the time is now ! To remember your traditional, cultural, spiritual, supernatural, mystical, magical way of life !…only then we can begin to take back our freedom and power ! And chant down this nefarious system like the walls of Jericho ! Peace and blessings to you and your son.
    May our ancient ancestors continue to guide you through this and protect you and yours. The eye of sha;video on YouTube . Eye of sha design for the Times

  8. Shamballah Aghaarta

    Oh yea can’t forget about the 12 zodiacal signs and symbols also…this is what the system is based on !

    • I responded a few years back and didn’t know there were attorneys present who have been practicing law and giving legal advice till the email about the radio show came to my in box then I read all those hypocritical comments. whaaaaa…? lol

      I personally have a LOT of court room experience. Carol knows this as well as she and I have spoken on MANY occasions. I graciously helped her on her own foreclosure case. So yes I know Carol, and she knows me.

      First let me start by saying this. I am asking EVERYONE can you prove anything? NO – ego will not let this go because we all feel like we can prove something. Well let go the ego because facts are on the moon. Can’t prove shit.

      Now you can go right ahead and try claiming you are god in a court room and they have the right to shoot you, to see if you are going to return from the grave. That’s a fact there is no need in trying to prove. Her son had his ass beat for that, and should be lucky they didn’t try to kill him.

      Carols son did not remain in honor back in the day. And if someone who quoted scripture would care to use the rest of the bible instead of trying to twist the meanings they would also have known you can not even be there (in court) without being in dishonor.

      It’s all about accounting, and balancing the ledger. We fail to assert our rights the moment we hand over anything to a cop who has no jurisdiction to begin with. Unless the one they pulled over is a servant and not a king who stands as-king the questions.

      Did the Christ not as a question any time they asked him of a thing? That’s called counter offer or conditional acceptance. And LAWFUL.

      Love you Carol… we haven’t spoken in a few weeks… been busy . .

  9. This woman is a scammer!! Sorry to tell you . She is a bum who is always looking for a free ride!!

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