Disaster in Berlin June 26, 2011?

I guess what one could call an ‘Internet rumor’ is circulating at this time about Berlin being in for some kind of big false flag disaster on June 26,2011. Is it just a lot of conjecture, or have people stumbled across some predictive programming giving them clues about an upcoming event?
Here is a video that outlines most of the reasons for why people think something big and nasty is coming for Berlin.

The main ‘clues’ are the lyrics of a Leonard Cohen song in which he and Jennifer Warnes sing ‘First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin’. Here is the song:
Incidentally, I just noticed there is no option to embed these videos. I don’t know if this is anotehr clever trick to keep us from spreading information, or it’s just a fluke, but I don’t like it.

In the first video, the uploader shows you also some clips from a film, in which he takes the numbers of the pages in a book shown in a movie to hold some numerological significance. Ditto for some other numbers shown during a car crash scene. Numerology is real enough, and it works by reducing larger numbers down to basic numbers. For example, 123 would mean 1+2+3, which is 6. The numbers 11, 22 and 33 are not reduced. This person has taken 224422 and grouped the numbers and reduced them in such a way that he ends up with 2, 2+4= 6, 4+2= 6, and the last 2 is reverse-engineered, you could say, into an 11. To me this last calculation is ‘conspiracy theory’ (in its most pejorative sense) at its best.

But just because a number-loving schizophrenic has gotten involved and taken this all to a new level doesn’t mean we should throw the whole thing out the window. Maybe there is something to it? Or not.
Look, I am a big fan of reading between the lines, but there are times when it looks to me like these kinds of Internet panic rumors serve nothing but the purpose of distracting us from the things we really should be concerning ourselves with, such as that aliens will be coming for us any time now.

Just kidding. Well, maybe not. There’s a lot of overlap. But let me get back to the imminent disaster in Berlin, with a more reliable source. Here is a German blog which has been tracking everything related to the possible upcoming Berlin event:

Sure, there are a lot of strange things going on in Berlin, but does it mean they will do a false falg? i can understand someone in Germany being concerned, and I hate to sound like your Auntie, but ‘what are you going to do about it?’
Let me remind you that this kind of conjecture has come up many times. Last year, people were interpreting the clock in a Simpsons’ episode to indicate that we were bound for a nuclear false flag in America. Incidentally, this very same clock has now been re-interpreted to mean the bomb will be dropped this June on Berlin. A statement made by a character in the movie ‘2012’ was taken to indicate that a false flag would occur in Canada during the 2010 Olympics. This happens often enough and usually it turns out to be wrong.
However, the elites really do use predictive programming via movies to drop clues about what they are going to do next. Only, we usually don’t pick up properly on these clues until after the event has occurred. A couple of examples would be the WTC being hit by planes in ‘Lone Gunman’, the pamphlet in the Simpsons shwoing the numbers 9 and 11′ with a backdrop of the WTC, Neo’s ID card in the Matrix showing the date Septermber 11, 2001, and a description of 4000 lives being sacrifices in a false flag in ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight’ back in 1996.
Looking back at these, it seems they were clear indications of what was to come. But can we predict future events the same way, or do these things only become clear in retrospect with 20/20 hindsight?

I can’t say what will happen in Berlin in a few days. Hopefully, nothing will happen. Hopefully, this is all paranoia and conjecture, but I wanted to report on it anyway just in case there is something to it. Maybe I have missed something and you can help clear things up for me. Or maybe I am on the right track and you can confirm this. Either way, I will appreciate your comments and let’s just hope that this is all just paranoia and nothing more.

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