Fort Calhoun False Flag?

Alright, I was starting to see a pattern and it was looking more and more like this was turning out to be the Year of the Nuclear Disaster, just like last year was the Year of the Oil Disaster, but it was just a hunch- no real evidence to back it up. Just a feeling. If there was a smoking gun, I didn’t expect they’d be sticking it in our face on the news quite so soon, but then I was catching up on the situation at Fort Calhoun and something struck me.

On June 28, we were receiving reports from the MSM that although the flood waters had risen and some safety measures had failed, there were others in place that would prevent the facility from experiencing a major disaster. According to the following article from CNN, the AquaBerm that had been placed around the plant had accidentally been punctured and deflated, but:
“He said the chances of floodwater getting into the building where the core is kept are almost zero.
The plant is designed to withstand waters up to 1,014 feet above mean sea level, according to the OPPD. The river currently stands at 1,006.3 feet and is not expected to exceed 1,008 feet, the OPPD said.”

Personally, it was not very reassuring to me that it would take a mere 6 extra feet of water, beyond the upper limit of what is expected, to cause a major catastrophe. Given that Scott from Believer’s Underground had just told me that there were another 3 months of spring melt on the way, I didn’t see how the plant representative could boldly state the risk of flooding getting into sensitive areas was almost zero.

Be that as it may, I didn’t think much more of it until the subject of the AquaBerm came up again. Maybe it was in the way it was phrased in this article in
“Like it was a good idea to make a water berm out of a giant Hefty garbage bag. Some machinery at night puntured the dang thing and it deflated leaving 2 ft of water all over the place, and the plant was on emergency backup power for a while because water got to another connection, but it’s back to offsite power again.”
This had this ‘aw shucks folks, we dunno what happened’ tone to it that seems to always pop up when there is something sinister afoot. Like on 9/11 when they couldn’t scramble the fighter jets to intercept the planes, or when the Undie Bomber somehow made it through security with no Visa or passport, or when Haliburton ordered drilling mud to be replaced with seawater, or when BP had boons placed in the Gulf in entirely the wrong way.

Uh…d-uh… we put up an inflated hefty bag then we let sharp equipment get near it and, uh, it busted. Nevermind that that is what those things are designed for, to contain flood waters and that it’s a little more high-tech than a Hefty bag. Looks like someone is pulling the incompetence card.

But here is the real smoking gun, James Acton from the Carneghie Endowment for International Peace stating on MSNBC News:
“This is not business as usual. You don’t build these AquaBerms and then order to have them destroyed. That said, I think the prospect of a significant release of radiation into the environment is still very slim.”

Is that suspicious enough for you? Who ordered to have it destroyed and why? To push the ‘green agenda’ for deindustrialization? I’m no big fan of nuclear energy myself, but how far will they go to have all our power replaced with biofuels? Far enough to sacrifice lives for the ‘greater good’? And let’s not forget to ask the quintessential conspiracy theory question: ‘who benefits?’ Is it a coincidence that Bill Gates and the Rockefellers are putting all their chips on biofuels? If false flag history tells us anything, probably not.

4 responses to “Fort Calhoun False Flag?

  1. 1/ I loved the ‘aw shucks folks, we dunno what happened’ Paragraph.

    2/ As for 2nd guessing a motive for a FF. what about simply distracting from Fukushima. Then the message is: “Look this can happen anywhere”, “Don’t suspect anything”.

    Towards the end of the Gulf oil spill, there suddenly were other leaks happening, and being discovered (in the Gulf).

    Also Chaos and fear is the greatest ally of our rulers. If millions of people needed to be relocated in the US – this would be a marvellous distraction from all that is going on.

  2. Just read this- re fire at los alamos:
    “The anti-nuclear watchdog group Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety said the fire appeared to be about 3.5 miles from a dumpsite where as many as 30,000 55-gallon drums of plutonium-contaminated waste were stored in fabric tents above ground. The group said the drums were awaiting transport to a low-level radiation dump site in southern New Mexico.”

    From Rense’s site

  3. It’s only a little radiation, go back to enjoying your television programs, the government say’s there is nothing to worry about, and that they’ll sort it. Trust Uncle Sam, he’s here with his soldiers and machine guns to help you!-Ts

  4. I dont believe any of it. Its all hocus pocus mind control. Staged events. Thing is nobody here is going to wanna get close enough to a nuke plant to find out. They say and do anything they want on TV .

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