Supersoldier/Channeler/TI Anya Briggs on The Truther Girls

My guest today is Anya Briggs, professional channeller/medium, CIA-programmed SuperSoldier, and Targeted Individual.
When I first spoke to Anya on the phone, I was quite surprised. I suppose I expected a programmed ‘Satanic Supersoldier’ to be dark, scary, and probably half-incoherent, but Anya is warm, friendly, charming, outgoing, and has a good sense off humor to boot. Come listen in today and hear how Anya was programmed as a child through trauma and post-hypnotic suggestions and then used as a SuperSoldier without her conscious knowledge. She learned of this and ‘broke programming’ when her programmer himself came out in remorse and confessed to her what he had done. Anya now works as a medium and is still recovering memories of her own past. You can visit her blog here:

Listening to Anya’s story, one might be inclined to write her story off as hokey, the imaginings of an unstable woman. However, there is not only corroboration from other people involved, but physical evidence as well. This May, Anya testified before a US Congressional hearing on Targeting, in which she presented as evidence the existence of a dental implant in her mouth, discovered by a dentist and consisting of technology that is unknown in the field of dentistry and in the scientific community in general.

Those of you who know me know that even though I aim to always keep an open mind, I do not practice the occult in any form and shy away from things like channeling. However, Anya’s psychic experiences are part of who she is and part of her experience as a programmed and targeted individual and I intend to let her freely share of them. I am not here to judge her.

You can listen live at : today at 2:00 pm EST or download the archived link tomorrow at

13 responses to “Supersoldier/Channeler/TI Anya Briggs on The Truther Girls

  1. Anya Briggs tells a story that might be hard to believe is real.

    Just so everyone knows, I’ve done a series of psychic sessions with Anya, and she’s the real deal.

    The stuff she’s shared with me was really impressive, there is no way she would know about certain life experiences – but she was amazingly accurate.

    Mike C

  2. Great show you did Sonia I loved it.

  3. Janice Powell

    Can’t get enough of this information, soon enough. Thank You, Sonia —- I love the TRUTHER GIRLS !

  4. There is a desperate attempt to locate children with psychic pre-dispositions and lure them into the occult/channeling of possessing entities

    My experience with Karen Lange Brickey of Boerne, Texas in June 2009 confirms that this is already happening

  5. Anya is definitely an amazing channeler and have worked with her in the past. She also helped me to uncover some things that really affected my life such as my traumatic experience in the Army where I was abducted for certain milab experiment. Hypnotherapy has really helped in overcoming the programming. Thanks to Anya, she has really helped me to move forward in dealing with this. 🙂 Druanna Johnston

  6. Sonia,
    That was a good interview. I think that it is very important for your listeners to know that even though Anya believes she is working on behalf of the forces of light, she still walks in darkness. Satan comes as an angel of light. I do not blame Anya; I pray for her and fully believe she will come out of her deception. She has been gravely harmed by the rulers of this world (Satan, his demons, and his slaves who hold the reins of government). I think they yet use her and they are doing so by trying to get people to accept her “ministry” and experience with “aliens,” ie demons, as legitimate. They would like to fool you, me and others into voluntarily getting involved with their weird and nefarious practices.

    There is a way of truth, but her way is not it. I urge your listeners to check out my web sites for some morsels of God’s infinite truth. and

    Bless you in Jesus’ Name.

  7. Be wary of this lady named Anya. The deception grows deeper.

  8. Here’s the link to a new series I just wrote about the issues raised by Anya.

    Much love!

  9. Hi, Glen- thanks for at least calling me a lady! I guess I am to be further victimized by what’s happened to me then by not talking about it? Would you rather I just “shut up and take it?” Many blessings to you and yours, I am no more a fan of Satan than you are. It seems like a one-size-fits-all solution to simply drop everything and just accept Jesus into my heart doesn’t seem to be stopping the marks on my body, weird visitations, and other strange things that keep happening to me. I have already accepted Jesus, Buddha, Vishnu, Lord Sananda, Durga, Kali, Abraham, and many others into my heart. I love them all. But that doesn’t seem to be stopping anything. Your information is incorrect about me, and it seems that you have piggybacked on to my story to promote yourself? Not very Christian of you, methinks!

    • Anya, it’s no wonder you still have problems since you have “accepted Jesus, Buddha, Vishnu, Lord Sananda, Durga, Kali, Abraham, and many others into [your] heart.” THIS IS THE ROOT OF YOUR PROBLEM! You listen to every lying spirit who comes to you hoping that this one is the truth. Jesus said, “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE. NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER [NO ONE COMES TO GOD] UNLESS HE COMES THROUGH ME!”

      I believe you when you say that you are no fan of Satan. I did not sense that you love evil. I think that you do want the truth. But, you have to rid yourself of these demons who continue to use you and deceive you. Jesus is either who he said he was, or he is a liar. No one can say the things he said and still be a liar. I believe him. I am betting everything on this belief, everything.

      If you would like to talk to me in private go to my website and send me a message with your email. I will contact you. I want you to be free, as I am. I believe you can be free.


  10. Wow…Thank you! Anya’s testimony resonnated with me completely. Although I have had my phone tapped for over a decade and been targeted and have even shapeshifted in the past and had strange experiences; RV,claire-everything/telepathy, recently targeted and given a dental implant, then later chipped from a distance at walmart, Anya is helping me to see my connection and what they are trying to show me/tell me. A month ago a G-man showed up at kinko’s with his crazy shades right after me. He was printing his manuscript about his life as a CIA agent and black ops assassin. I “knew” I was being followed and set up before I got in there and his presence confirmed it. Perhaps I need to tune in better? Anyway, I have been tempted to call him and my husband is encouraging me. My most recent ordeals started after I began researching again with aliens and abductions,CE4 and stopping these abductions, nephilim/hybrids, demons, SRA/MK Ultra,Philadephia Experiment/Mars Records/Montauk/Al Bilek/Stewart Swerdlow, Demonic/Alien/Nazi connection,PSY ops, John Todd, William Cooper/Majestic 12, Remote Viewing (which my most recent was God showing me a man who was about to die during a hurricane and was telling me to pray and intercede for him/I saw him proceed and he ended up dead), 9/11, other truths laughed off as conspiracies, etc.
    After this, strange things began and they made themselves known. Someone appeared invisably cloaked in my house that was present and I would feel and hear him standing behind me. I finally got tired of this harassment and command it to leave my house and don’t come back. I have a dental implant which I received from a dentist who was sent to this town just to tag me. He came because of my testimony of miraculous, spontaneous healing (hiv/aids) and my knowledge and gifts. He used his affiliation with Bob Jones, the Kansas City Prophets, Todd Bentley “revival” asking what I thought of it all. I told him it was lies and deception that I used to fall for.
    I also had a chip shot at me in Walmart and it left a hole like the size of a grain of rice in the back of my neck and burned down my arm as it entered shortly after I had told someone one the web that I may have an alien implant. My husband is always right and warned me about sharing.I am resistent and want nothing to do with any of this!

  11. Glenn is correct about the father of lies who comes as an angel of light or a good spirit. In reverse speech, peoples backward message either confirms and is complimentary to what is said forward or it shows they are lying. Many speak of reptilians, owls, snakes, web, net, The One, Eve, in reverse when they may be preaching or singing forward. Eminem mentions this in his song, I’m not Afraid. Many who claim to be “Christian”, especially in the prosperity gospel speak of this in reverse and when you dig deeper you find that these people are connected to larger ministries that are connected to Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Vatican. Some are aware of these evil entities and perhaps are just saying they are aware of the enemy. Others seem to still be afraid and controlled by them.
    Folks these are demons. I was chocked by an entity who called my name and tried to kill me but I could not speak and from my heart cried out, “Jesus”. This is the only name that has been researched and shown to stop “Alien” abductions. These nephilim of Genisis 6 is them. They were the “sons of God” who came down and bred with daughter of men who were foolish and weak. Don’t allow them to deceive you. They need no sympathy or entertaining. All are liars. This is the great deception that will deceived the entire earth and that even the ELECT could be decieved. The will use many secret technological advances such as Holograms and other Tesla and Wilhelm Reich technology to deceive All.

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