Illuminati Formula For Total Mind Control

Today, my guest on the radio will be Dr. Alfred Adams, author of ‘Illuminati Formula for Total Mind Control’. Topics will include how the Elites use the media and religion to brainwash people, and how they engage in things like organ trafficking and ritual child abuse to further their Satanic Agenda.
Dr. Adams has authored several books, has produced a video documentary called ‘Are We Living in the End Times?’, and is the host of the Nearing Midnight Show.

Enter for a chance to win a free copy of Dr Adam’s book:

21 responses to “Illuminati Formula For Total Mind Control

  1. Just read this and I wonder: why are so many people so obsessed with the Illuminati scheme? Is it more obvious in the US (I’m an old worlder)? Is it the under influence of books like those of Dan Brown (not so accurate btw) or is it something else? It baffles me completely. Conspiracy theories have always existed but why are so many people convinced that there is actually an Antichrist running around? Has anyone actually seen him/her?

  2. Hi, Truther Girls. I cannot stop admiring your courage and intelligence plus your beauty! You are waking up almost everybody. I believe that I encoutered you in some chat room. I was so happy and excited. Your radio show is a dynamo. The each one of your show or blog is so interesting. I saw some disinfo agents doing their jobs, but they might be admiring you secretly.

  3. Hi, Truther Girls again. I saw all the videos of the interview. It was impressive. I have never seen a shocking videos like these about the Illuminati. I tell you that these are bombshells. However, I have a question. What is lucifer? Is lucifer a powerful reptilian in Doraco? I have been wondering so long time, and I googled many times. But still I cannot find the right answer. Lucifer, satan, devil or bufformet should be real, other wise I cannot imagine they worship something is not real.
    I cannot agree with Dr. Adams about the alien part. I was wondering whether Galactic Federation was real or not for quite long time, too. I was scared that it was just the Illuminati Blue Holograph project for a while. However, now I believe they are real, and they are comming to change the world from the dark side to light side by 2012. But my own conclusion why they are comming to earth is that Galactic society found that Illuminati and reptilians on earth have become increasingly dangerous to them so that they want get rid of them from earth before they come to damage their planets.

  4. Hi, girls, again. I found an interesting website page. (
    Mr. Koshimizu who is a blogger in Japan has revieved a threat from some organization call CJA. A high official in CJA sent him a letter that drew my attention very much (Letter from CJA dated 3/30/2006). What was interesting is that he was telling that high ranking jewish officials drink blood wine. What is blood wine? If it is true, we have to think about what is Red Cross? Red Cross for blood wine? All the Japanese Royals (probably reptilians) are belong to Red Cross Now because they need to drink blood? This is a really mystery. Stil I believe that most of jewish people respect 10 commandments. You know drinking blood is prohibited by 10 commandments. Or he mentioned about the reptilians who needs blood?

  5. I want to mention about the blogger, Mr. Koshimizu who sometimes works with Benjamin Fulford. Some of people might be offended by his website because he uses too many words, “Stealth jew”. I believe that he really wants to point out is “Nazi”, insted of general nice jewish people. He has his issues that he might not able to read very much English so that he has limited information. In addition to that, he has his policy that if he does not have the concreat proof, or if he cannot understand the difficult high technology subjects, he thinks those stuff are not existed. That is why he thinks that HAARP, weather modification, chemtrails, and even Illuminati do not exist in this world. Whenever some people talked about those topics in his website, those people were kicked out from his site. Because his limitation of his brain and information he has, the word, “Stealth jew” is the best condition he can think about. But what he really wants to discuss is “Nazi” or “Illuminati”.

  6. Awesome radio show – this guy sounds genuine (as much as one can tell of someone they do not know) – keep up the good work!

  7. The videos are no longer available.

    Please post a new link to the videos.


  8. Hi, girls. I want you to investigate about fluoride. When I looked the Tap website, I run into the very interesting video. Please check it out. Fluoride Deception Part 1 to Part 3. In this video, award-winning journalist Christopher Bryson examines horiffic reality of fluoride. Fluoride is clearly used for depopulation!

  9. After you agree that fluoride in your tap water might be killing you, please go to petition site that you can say that you do not need fluoride poison for you and your family. Act now!

  10. Hi, girls. Today I listened your radio program with Thomas Sheridan on April 7. I was so interesting that I checked his Youtube videoes. Then I found the interesting one. I believe that psychopath is a reptilian. The exact title of his video was “Reptilian Psychopaths” Bingo! In addition to that, I have found an alien looking man at 25:00 on his video. Who is he? He does not look like a human at all! He exactly looks like Oxicarian Reptilian Alien! Is he an important person in Illuminati? Please look this Thomas Sheridan video.

  11. To compare to the guy appearing at 25:00 on Mr. Sheridan’s video with Oxicarian Reptilian Alien, I post the Youtube video of Oxicarian reptilian Alien.

  12. Hi, girls. I hope you are not fed up with my postings. I have one more Youtube video about 911 I want to show you. I saw many websites or Youtube videos, but this video is the most scarely. Please check it out.

  13. What happened to the videos?

  14. Hi, lovely girls. I have found an interesting Youtube video about Reptilian.
    Please check it out. Thank you.

  15. Hi, Truther Girls. Recently you have not posted any radio program or articles. I am very worry about you. Are you OK?
    I have found an interesting YouTube. “Please give me the purple pills, Dr. because TV hypnotized me to get them!”

  16. The Philadelphia Vampire forecloses Well Fargo! Look at his teeth. This is the first time I saw a real vampire!

  17. Hi, girls. I hope you are fine. I have found an interesting video about the King of mind control, Mr. Murdoch. Now many people are critisizing his Faux Fraudcasting (FOX).

  18. Svali went public with info as Illuminati insider. She states the base began in Pittsburgh, PA from Germany. This explains why Bush went their immediately after his election to speak to Freemasons and why G-20 was staged their. I am from there and we had children missing all of the time, Cops dressed like they were at G-20 in the early 1980’s and horror films getting their beginnings there…
    She is worth listening to.
    free booklet here and

  19. Thanks for sharing..

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