Casey Anthony: Was It Satanic Ritual Abuse?

I can’t quite figure it out and that’s no surprise since the prosecution couldn’t either. Everything I may say about Casey and what might have really happened is speculation, but I speculate that her parents were very much involved- right from the start.
Some basic facts to the story include:
– Casey tried to give Caylee up at birth but her mother, Cindy, wouldn’t let her. Normally, if a woman wants to adopt her child out, that is up to her. This tells me that Cindy had a lot of control over her daughter.
– On the original 9-1-1 call, Cindy calls to report that Casey has stolen her car and needs to be arrested. Then, when teh call is transfered, one can hear Cindy saying to Casey that she will next bring up the ‘child thing’. Casey asks for ‘one more day’ but Cindy tells her ‘I’ve given you a month’. This sounds to me like it indicates that Cindy has known all along that the child has been missing. Also, the fact that Cindy first calmly reports an auto theft, then brings up the dead body smell in her daughter’s car, and finally discloses the fact that the child is missing and breaks into hysterics on cue, tells me that this was planned, staged and theatric. Again, it leads me to suspect that Cindy was heavily involved and was the one to decide how and when they would bring this to the authorities. If your granddaughter was missing, would you first bring up other issues before reporting this on a call? And why would you break into tears only at the end of the call? If this was the first Cindy had heard of it, I would imagine she would have called in tears and immediately reported the most important part first: Caylee’s disappearance.
– During the 9-1-1 call, Cindy also states to Casey that Caylee is ‘with Zanny’, the nanny, although it later turned out that there was no zanny the Nanny. The name Zenaida Gonzales had been chosen by Casey, or more likely Cindy, for some unknown reason, and the only woman in the area with that name is now suing Casey for defamation of character. I can’t help but notice that ‘Zanny the Nanny’ is very catchy, the kind of thing one woudl remember easily. The kind of name a suspect would have in a movie. Was it Cindy who came up with this? Cindy clearly knew there was no ‘Zanny’, yet she mentioned this fabrication to Casey while waiting for their call to be transferred, as if going over their invented story to make sure Casey had it straight. Why do I think Cindy knew there was no ‘Zanny’? Because she spoke about her as if she knew this woman, calling her by her nickname and not ‘her (Caylee’s) nanny’. If Zanny didn’t exist and Cindy talked about her like she knew her, my guess is it would be because she was involved in creating the lie about her. The alternative would have been that Casey had been lying to her mother for months about a fictitious nanny. What purpose would this serve? The only purpose Zanny served was to divert the cops’ attention, so I think she was made up during the month Caylee was missing.
– During the month that Caylee was missing, Casey partied, went shopping and got a tattoo that said ‘Bella Vita’ : beautiful life. This is bizarre behavious for someone whose kid is missing or has just died.
– During the recorded conversations between Cindy and Casey while Casey was in prison, it’s obvious that Cindy is the one in control. One can clearly see Casey’s frustration at barely being able to get a word in edgewise. Cindy looks to me like the brains of the operation.
– A couple of years into the trial, Casey suddenly states that her daughter died as the result of a drowning accident. Obviously, this is very bizarre.
– The coroner had found duct tape on the child’s skull. She concluded that Caylee was the victim of a homicide and that drowning was unlikely.
– Traces of choloform were found in Casey’s car along with undetermined DNA that was either human or animal- they couldn’t tell for sure.
– A search for ‘how to make chloroform’ was found on Casey’s computer. Cindy said she was responsible for it, but that it happened accidentally with autocomplete while she was looking up chorophyll. It turned out that Cindy was at work while this Google search was done, so she had to be lying about it. Why did she lie?
– Right near the end of the trial, Casey’s lawyer stated that Casey had been sexually abused by her father from the time she was eight and that this is why she was in the habit of lying about everything.
– While in prison, Casey did not act like someone who had just lost her child. She came across very self-centered, saying that this whole affair was ‘ruining her life’, and refered to Caylee as ‘that little girl’. Later, in prison, she had a change of behaviour and started acting like she didn’t have a care in the world.

My speculations are that not only were the grandparents heavily involved in whatever happened, but this might have involved ritual abuse. Possibly Casey had been ritually abused from the time she was a child. The accusations of molestation woudl fit in with that and it woudl explain casey’s bizarre behaviour, as people who undergo this kind of trauma often become very dissociated, sometimes to the point of splitting into two personalities. This could explain her sudden change in demeanor while in prison and her apparent lack of emotions with regards to the death of her child. I would even consider the possibility that Casey tried to give Caylee up to spare her whatever she had gone through herself. As for motive, when it comes to Casey the only motive I could imagine would be wanting to spare her daughter from the same abuse she had endured. This would explain why everyone she knew attested that she was a good mother. maybe she was. Either that or she saw the child as a burden, but the testimonies don’t point to this.
It is also possible that Casey actually had nothing to do with the murder, but that her own parents were directly or indirectly responsible for it.

Cindy comes across as a very strong figure, a mastermind, the one in control. I would suspect that she was the one who all along planned how they would turn Casey, who was not responsible, in. They would do this once the body was decomposed and would conspire in elaborate lies that would lead the police on more than one wild goose chase. Did Cindy or her husband kill Caylee as a ritual sacrifice, or did they allow someone else to sacrifice her? What did they stand to gain from it? I cannot make any accusations, I can only wonder.

But I do wonder, because this case reminds me so much of the JonBenet Ramsey case, in which mountains of circumstantial evidence pointed to the parents, yet they were exonerated. As it turned out, they were involved in a Satanic coven that included judges as well as others in high places. JonBenet had started to speak to teachers about people in robes abusing her, and she had been taken to the doctor 60 times in one year for repeated yeast infections. Her vagina was twice the size of a normal 6-year-olds.

Sexual abuse in both families, plenty of circumstantial evidence, obvious lies involving the entire family, and a verdict of ‘not guilty’ based on insufficient evidence: it is clear both cases have that much in common. But do they also have something even more sinister in common including involvement in Satanic ritual abuse? I can only speculate.

39 responses to “Casey Anthony: Was It Satanic Ritual Abuse?

  1. confirmation, thats exactly what Ive been thinking.

  2. Great Article! Did i tell you … I LOVE KAREN~!!!!

  3. Where do you come up with this nonsense??? Did you even watch the trial??

    • What do you think happened?

      • There is an air of generational serial abuse w/ this family. How the prosecution couldnt put up the facts in evidence to convict. How her lawyer brought up child abuse, which I dont doubt, but he didnt make a case. I think they ALL knew what happened and made sure the jury didnt get too much information to convict. The world is run by satanic pedophile ghouls who pretty much do what they want and get away with it.
        In Jon Benets autopsy photos somebody posted online, the little girls head looked like it was caved in by a policeman’s extra large D battery Mag-Light flashlight, was the first thing that came into my mind.
        I think you are on the right track.

  4. I never thought of it that way but I have always suspected the parents. It’s weird how the police never followed up on reports of where the body was even though two different people said they found them. Does George being an ex-cop have something to do with it?

    • If you really look at what cops do. Not much. They are basically socialist gangster bullies lapdogs for lawyers and judges. They extort you with a tonnage of nuisance violations just to shake you down for the loot. So being an ex cop probably has something to do with it. Pedophile Judges/Politicians ETC are protected by these scum. Casey might be in so deep she cant “associate” to anything except being a horrible actress. Sociopaths and narcissist are notorious for leading hidden double lives. Narcissism is epidemic in America. Lawyers are some of the worst narcissists.

  5. thank you for the interesting article

  6. Im coming to the conclusion that “sexual abuse” is generational, families know how to hide things and keep secrets. They smile for the family portraits.

  7. I don’t know how much percentage of people on earth are satanists. And I don’t think all the satanists sacrifice their children. But it looks like that the satanist organizations are doing unimaginable things. They believe nobody can touch them, and they are above the laws all over the world. I hope the society is going to be changed so that no children are sacrificed anymore.

  8. I have found an interesting video, again. Please check it out. Thank you.

  9. Hi, lovely girls. This video is not related to the Casy’ s case. But this video is made by Oslo terrorist killer before he attack. Knights Templar 2083 by Anders Behring Breivik – Oslo killer

  10. I love your site. Check this site out about Casey Anthony and others who have been involved in Mind Control – MK Ultra, etc. and SRA and murdered such as Jordan van der sloot and Joan Benet Ramsey’s mom. This is Casey and her Reverse Speech which is alway authentic and either congruent or opposite what is said forward to show truth. Casey states a few odd things such as Boys did it and Porn Dealer…She also gives a name which I googled and I researced Mark Meschino- one of them works out of Las Vegas with entertainers and resembles the kind of situation Cathy Obrien mentions in her book Trance-Formation of America and Brice Taylor’s Thanks for the Memories regarding Ronald Regan and Bob Hope, etc.
    for other examples.

  11. Casey Anthony is an obvious addict,; which explains a lot of the bizarre behaviors. As for the parents, this may be a case of generational addiction (perhaps more on the father’s end). You need to study addiction to get a clear sense of what is going on here. From

    Tot Mom: Party While Your Toddler is Missing (oh, and Dead)

    The story of Casey Anthony has already permeated the news magazines, relegating it in the future to a made-for-TV movie (probably, several of them). Still, the story is fascinating from the point of view of not just its grotesque attributes, but also the lengths to which an addict will go to inflate his or her ego and the sense of invincibility an addict may feel. Casey Anthony’s daughter Caylee was reported missing on July 15, 2008 a month after her disappearance, not by Casey who had reportedly spent the month partying, but by Casey’s mother. During the preceding month, whenever the grandparents asked about Caylee, Casey told them she was too busy for a visit or that Caylee was with a nanny at theme parks, or at the beach.

    In fact, she appears to have been in the trunk of Casey’s car for much if not most of that month (but we’ll let the jury decide).

    Casey was arrested on July 16 and charged with giving false statements, child neglect and obstruction. She was released on August 21 on bail but incredibly, while being watched closely (and obviously suspected of harming her daughter) her sense of invincibility was so great during this time she apparently forged checks and used a friend’s credit cards without her permission and was re-arrested on August 29. That same sense of invincibility and “nothing is my fault-ever!” attitude apparently took over, as on September 2 she was offered limited immunity on charges of her daughter’s disappearance and didn’t take it. She was quickly released and re-arrested on September 15 on yet new charges of theft, and again released.

    Casey Anthony was finally arrested on charges of first-degree murder on October 14, 2008 and has spent the time since in prison awaiting trial. As I wrote in the November-December 2008 TAR, “The story of Casey Anthony’s hard partying after her child’s disappearance is likely a tragic example of the truism that there is no way to predict how seemingly bizarre the behaviors of a practicing addict will become, or when.” It’s also an example of trailblazing as a result of addiction, even if she’s only indirectly (and disgustingly) responsible: the trial is apparently breaking new ground regarding scientific evidence on human decomposition due to the likelihood of the toddler’s decomposing in the trunk of Casey’s car, where evidence of chloroform was found along with chemical compounds “consistent with a decompositional event.” While any future movie (or mini-series) will obviously not focus on such cutting edge science, perhaps some good will come of it if Casey Anthony is portrayed as the addict she is. It should easily get four or five stars if Lindsay Lohan plays Anthony.

    • I wouldn’t doubt if she just sold/traded her daughter to 2 pedophiles for crack, and they raped/murdered the child and dumped the body in the trunk.

  12. This is a creepy story. It seems the mother is guilty but may have been influenced also by her parents. That I don’t know, but I feel the mother is guilty. I don’t know why someone would do something so horrible. I also don’t see why people are so involved in this story like it affects them.

    There is so much horrible stuff going on that really can impact people that I feel this story is just a distraction. Whatever happens to the mother, it is not going to affect anyone else very much.

    Is this top news because they want people to think bad of young white women? I don’t think she is typical at all. Maybe that is the perception they want people to come away with. To me, she is an anomaly that I would rather not think about.

    If the jury didn’t get her I am sure that karma will. It is not for me to worry about. God avenges innocent blood one way or another.

    That was a beautiful little baby. That is a sad shame.

  13. Maybe it was Satanic abuse as you say. I didn’t know those details about the Ramsey case, but I always felt the parents were guilty somehow.

    What a shame that this country is so full of hypocrites that this type of thing goes on and gets covered up so easily. Sometimes when you see especailly cute little kids whose parents are especially controlling, you have to wonder what is going on.

    I occasonally see very bizarre paent/child relationships that no one else seems to notice or care about, but where the child seems very troubled and disturbed. Sometimes the parents are just overwhelmed, but sometimes they try to make sure you never see their kid again if you try to empower the kid at all.

  14. Hi, lovely girls. I found another Youtube video of Casy Anthony. Please check it out!

  15. Hi, lovely girls. I hope you have not fed up my video comment. I found another interesting one. Please check it out!
    Youtube “Judge Napalotanio on Casey Anthony case”
    Funny-the judge turned reptilian on the 3 min mark

  16. If you look at Casey ANthony’s reverse speech at backwardstate dot com you will hear her say, “Boys did this” and “Porn Dealer” and she names a man’ s name tied to the “entertainment” industry. Just go to the site and find examples. She is also intergenerational from what info I have gathered. There is a fire temple down the road and she was probably used there at Daytona University Fire Temple to be the first since it had just opened and she disappeared on June 17 and was sacrifced on June 21 for the Summer Solstice. Her mother in one file mentions being nephilim blood. Go tolikegodproductions dot com and then /archives/778 and you will see the info.

  17. Another site I found was casey anthony and other exposed video made my ed chiarini which could connect her to the Pima County, AZ department which has faked much of our news and is tied to the recent shooting in Phoenix of Rep. Gif. and many others. If she said the above info such as “boys did this”, etc. IT may be because she was working on a case in reality and revealed this backward but was acting forward ,,,Hmmm…Who knows anything besides we cannot trust any of this!

    • Ed Chiarini is a nut. He thinks I am some oathkeeper’s girlfriend and that my husband got a nose job and a haircut or has a twin who got a nose job and a haircut and is actually some other oathkeeper, and we all work for Pima county and don’t live in Montreal. He takes photos of 60 year old women and says they are the girls in my videos, never mind that they look nothing like them. The guy is totally nuts. I used to give what he says some consideration but he is way, way out of reality.
      My husband is paralyzed and has a paralyzed hand. He is not an oathkeeper and doesn’t go catfish fishing. We don’t live on a movie set. My friends are neighbors are not actors who work for Pima County. And yes, the events I report on are in real time and not recorded years ago to create some elaborate hoax.

      • That’s interesting about Ed Chiarini , he seem to make some valid points and observations. But everybody is ‘suspect’ in the truth game I guess.

  18. Very interesting, and great info. I have my own thoughts too on this whole case, and they many ‘elaborate’ cases that seem to come one after another each night on Nancy Grace. I myself never watch the show, but for the past few years I have caught an episode here and their when I visit my parents, because it’s one of my moms ‘shows’.

    The one thing that amazes me is as I said how there always seems to be one elaborate, intricate, unbelievable, and ear/eye catching murder mystery story after another. Each one seeming to last a few months, is plastered all over the media, and then boom it’s done, erased from the headlines a few weeks later, and as fast as it had blown up into a nationally covered story is forgotten as a brand new ‘Omg what happened now? Who’s dead? Who killed who??’ story takes it’s place.

    I had actually never even noticed these fact until a few months ago even thought I had first seen Nancy Grace years ago. It was after I asked my mom ‘so whatever happened with that one case?’ I forget what case it actually was I had asked about, and my mom replied ‘oh I don’t remember, but you should see who their talking about now on that show’ and then she told me about whatever murder case was being covered at that time. Of course then my conspiracy brain started ticking…

    Now I am not saying all there trials are fake in the media, but a lot of know now things heavily reported on CNN, Fox, NBC, etc tends to be false flag info, fear mongering, or celebrity scoops all to keep us distracted, so could stories like Casey Anthony been fabricated too? As I said there aways seems to be one murder mystery court case after another like clock work, each taking months, is never heard of one week and the next is being covered on every major broadcasting outlet. It all seems a little too perfect how that all works out. The one thing that really stuck out in mind that I had heard was from a couple weeks ago where Entertainment Tonight was covering a story on what the cost will be for Casey Anthony’s plastic surgery as she is apparently getting a new face, and relocating after the trial. To me that says an actress could have very played the role of Casey Antony(or anyone in these huge court cases), and when it’s done be given a new face as part of their pay off.

    I mean of course this all just a possible thought that popped into my head, but the more I see these huge murder mystery cases popping up one after the other the more I am leaning towards the idea. There is no disputing though the fact that these cases/stories end up becoming almost like nightly soap operas for those tunning into TV land. Of course this is just a theory I came up with, although I have heard much crazier conspiracies, and In the words of my mom ‘oh I don’t remember, but you should see who their talking about now…’

  19. They can fake anything on TV and they do all the time, in varying degrees. They faked the moon landings. Its just not physically possible. No jets were used that day on 911. I have proven this to myself conclusively Tim McVeigh was not executed, Susan Carlson witnessed him still breathing. I also dont believe that Bernie Madoff’s son committed suicide, as he was “cremated” the next day. I dont believe Bernie is in jail. I dont believe Giffords was shot in the head, maybe a rubber bullet. Some say the 9 year old who was killed didnt exist and her funeral was faked, all for “theater and drama” and propaganda purposes. There are many other false history events that reported as stone fact when it a blatant lie. Even reality shows like The Bachelor are probably “scripted” and sports are definitely fixed. All the famous rock and rollers who overdose, are probably murdered or maybe fake their deaths, like Morrison. This is how much contempt they have for American people. Americans are just not that smart. So yes it is very possible that Anthony is an MK actress, blurring the lines of reality and fantasy. Im always incredulous, proving things are another matter until you have enough evidence.

  20. We got rid of television 3 years ago. I highly recommend all truth seekers do the same. Yes, it’s horrific what happened to Caylee Anthony, Jon Benet Ramsey, Madeline McCann and other adorable little caucasion girls. But there are untold child murders going on all over the planet, often in the name of “democracy & human rights”, paid for with western nation’s taxes! Most of those unknown children are actually loved and mourned by normal parents, who will never see justice. A Global Crime Syndicate rules us all and keeps us conveniently distracted. Sheeple are kept spinning in speculative circles & at each others throats, addicted to vicarious thrills from “reality” crime porn instead of recognizing the big picture & going after the truly big time criminal elite. A sick society, filled with empty vanity & blatant hypocricy, generating continuous cognitive dissonance produces SOCIOPATHIC BORDERLINE PERSONALITIES like Casey Anthony. Her poem was actually a perfect existential expression. The most Satanic activity is opportunistic, pornographic exploitation. Nancy Grace is Media Pimping Whore.

  21. I’m now going to tell you how your “facts” aren’t true. Not to attack, but seriously, get your facts straight before you start this kind of stuff.

    1: Casey wanted to give Caylee up; not true, Casey said ‘I’m not going to carry this child for 9 months just to give it up’

    2 Cindy knew about it because of what she said in the transfer of the call; not true, Cindy said ‘And my next thing will be down to child… thing, and we’ll have a court order to get her. If that’s the way you wanna play, we’ll do it’. She’s talking about how she will report a possible missing child because Casey wouldn’t take Cindy to Caylee. And about that if Casey doesn’t wanna take her, she’ll get a court order to get Caylee. Also, she had already given Casey a month to take her to Caylee and constantly Casey would say; Mom she’s fine, she’s with the nanny.

    3 “Cindy first calmly reports an auto theft, then brings up the dead body smell in her daughter’s car, and finally discloses the fact that the child is missing and breaks into hysterics on cue, tells me that this was planned, staged and theatric.” Completely false, Cindy reports auto theft and money stolen, then says the stuff from the transfer, then she calls from home where she wants and officer to arrest Casey for the car and money and that she has a possible missing child because Casey is not telling her where Caylee is. Then Cindy calls again, completely frantic and crying, that Casey finally ‘admitted’ that the babysitter took Caylee. In this call she also says ‘There’s something wrong, I found my daughters car today and it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car’.

    4 ” Cindy clearly knew there was no ‘Zanny’, yet she mentioned this fabrication to Casey while waiting for their call to be transferred” Also not true, Casey came up with Zenaida shortly after Caylee was born. She had been the nanny for about 2 years according to Casey. What purpose would this serve? There are things being said as that Casey didn’t want her mother to get to close with Caylee so she didn’t want them to always babysit. So she maybe knocked Caylee out with Chloroform to get her to sleep, put her in the trunk and then go partying. And when Cindy talks about Zanny, this is because George just came home and Cindy says: (First softly ‘George’ cause he walks in) Caylee’s missing! Casey says Zanny took her a month ago! So this is NOT said to Casey.
    Also I’d like to say that then Cindy says to Casey: It’s the police department, they wanna talk to you. And Casey replies AND THIS IS IMPORTANT: I don’t have anything to talk to them about.
    To me the weird behavior she’s showing by shopping is just because she doesn’t care. She’s a sociopathic liar. This sentence clearly shows how little she cares, in my opinion. Like you explain in your last point, she never ever acted as if she was terrified for her daughers life. She only cared about herself and about how everyone was paying so much attention to Caylee.

    5 I believe the reason why Cindy was so pushy during the jailhouse phone calls because she really wanted to find Caylee. Casey mostly talks to her father and when she talks to her mother she usually sounds aggravated. I think she doubted her daughter for a second and just wanted to push for answers. All I heared during the phone calls from Casey was me, me, me, me, me. She’s obviously very self centered and wants attention and she’s mostly talking to her father.

    Now the drowning story I do not buy at all. There are also rumors that she copied that story from another inmate who son drowned in the family pool and I think, like the sexual abuse, it’s just another lie to get the pointing finger away from her.

    I think Cindy lied about making the chloroform search to protect her daughter just like she eventually lied about the smell from the trunk, trying to take back her statement and say it was rotting pizza that had been there for weeks that made the smell. Even though George is an ex cop and he even said it smelled like a dead body. He stated during trial I believe, that when he walked to the Pontiac at the impound he smelled the smell and started thinking: Please don’t let this be my Caylee.

    I personally believe that Casey was jealous of all the attention Caylee got, especially from her grandparents, which may explain her irrational behavior. She even said to some guy she was chatting with: Should I bring the little snothead? < Snothead referring to Caylee. They were talking about Casey coming over to his house.
    I believe her mother just can't accept the truth and is trying to cover up what she can so her daughter wouldn't go to prison.

    Even Casey's job was a lie. She supposedly worked at Universal for 2 yaers, turned out she only worked there for a short period of time and was fired. Yet she still pretended to go to work each day. She's just a complete liar and it doesn't have to have a certain satanic cause. Some people are just like that. Next thing you know you're gonna tell me all criminals were ritually abused and that's the reason why they do stuff like this.

    • The fact is NOBODY here knows the truth or what happened. The jury found her innocent because there wasn’t enough material evidence to convict her on. Or the trial was rigged for “entertainment” purposes. People do this all day, everyday, all the time; run with media hearsay as if it the gospel truth and talk like they can testify under oath in a valid court of law. Its disingenuous BS. I’M TIRED OF IT.

      • Honey, I’ve done more research then what the media told me. Trust me I know my facts. At least I know my facts better then who wrote this article. Now, I know and believe that satanic ritual abuse is going on. I just don’t think it was the case with Casey. She’s a liar who will lie about anything to save her own ass. Ofcourse we can’t know for sure what happened until Casey tells us, but considering all the evidence, I believe she’s a murderer. The only 2 reasons she wasn’t convicted is because 1, they wanted the death penalty. If they would’ve just asked for maybe 25 to life I think she wouldn’t have gotten off. 2. There wasn’t this one hard piece of evidence that the jury wanted. Instead there were more pieces but not one piece could show them what had EXACTLY happened. But all pieces together, for me, spelled out guilty as hell.
        Btw, the jury found her NOT GUILTY, that doesn’t mean innocent.

        • And where do you get your facts ? Do you have personal first hand knowledge ? And you saying you have the “facts” does not make it so. Can you testify under oath of these “facts in evidence” ? No. So get off it. Nobody here knows anything of value about the case. Its all speculation and theories from hearsay media.

  22. On the video called, “Casey Anthony Mind Control” at 4:16 her one eye looks non human. In my opinion, she and her parents are demonically possessed. Casey’s eye (at 4:16) looks like that of a demon surfacing.
    If anyone wants more information read Russ Dizdar’s book, “The Black Awakening”. JonBenet Ramsey and a whole host of other nameless victims, (mostly children) are being turned from human into soldiers for satan. Why did they wait 31 days to report Caylee missing? In nursing we worked with cadavers – 30 is the magical number of days it takes for a human body to decompose (in a swampy, warm & moist environment to erase all signs of sexual (intercourse abuse). So, I believe Caylee’s grandfather (a policeman and knew this) was sexually abusing Caylee and may have abused Casey. In reply to lucifer: your name says it all. You probably, like the Anthony’s and millions of others are part of “the chosen ones” (again read Russ Dizdar’s book, “The Black Awakening”.

    Folks, get ready – you are going to see a lot more children abused, murdered (sacrificed) and cannibalism as well as other distasteful, evil stuff.

    But, lucifer and his stooges have but a short time and once the Good Lord has had enough, He will put an end to all this horrific atrocities.

    Russ has a good site: ShatterTheDarkness dot net. Time to choose sides on this cosmic chessboard, suit up and prepare for battle.

    Sad, but the goons working for lucifer, the fallen one, think they will be rewarded. The devil lies and those who follow him will get what is coming to them. Justice will be served, but not by man – by God.

    • “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” <> Capiche ?
      Call them what they are, Satanists. Your Judeo-Christian religious leaders have been lying to you. Jesus is Lucifer. I despise pedophiles/child rapists and will see them made desolate in the end. Feel better ? You are bordering on the reptilian theories, and start to lose credibility at that point, good post otherwise.
      “Be wiser than the serpent, Lady”

  23. At the same time I’m confused at the way this works , thanks for sharing it nevertheless.

  24. Whomever would take on the name ‘Lucifer’ should not be taken seriuously by anyone…

    • The occult mystery schools said Jesus and Lucifer are one in the same. I cant take so called “Christians” seriously; they have no political will or force to do anything right. They are luke warm sellouts, who conspire with their enemies. They are complete fools.

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