Love Police and Saturn Worship on The Truther Girls

Today, my guest in the 1st hour will be activist Eric Bouthillette from the Montreal Love Police. Eric aims to raise the human consciousness and help people realize that they are more than just workers and consumers. Today, we will talk about lowering the fear, raising the love and spreading the truth.
Eric is the of the ‘Everything is OK’ show with co-hosts Marc Larame and Adam Richard Mon-Fri from 3:00pm to 4:00 pm EST at
Facebook page

My guest in the second hour will be my husband, Arron, knows as BarbarianRebellion on Youtube and we will be discussing Saturn Worship, the little-known root of all world religions. Check out Arron’s Youtube channel at

You can listen to the show live at
or download the archived show later at


2 responses to “Love Police and Saturn Worship on The Truther Girls

  1. New listener…I am reviewing Lenon Honors material and he refers Saturn to a level which he says there are three types of entities: gods (aka Saturn), Evil and the Creator. Just as humors are manipulated by Evil so are the gods. Evil is creative or tries to be because his ultimate goal is to one day be the Creator. The gods (Jesus, Allah, Jehavoah, Zeus, etc.) are selfish and powerless but desire the food of humanity. A hellva prospective. I’m still researching.
    Curtis in Virginia

  2. If Saturn is the Roman name for Chronos, he is still just one of many gods/demons around. Why would the world worship only him? I thought Zeus was the major Greek god that they worshipped. Wasn’t he known as the king of all gods? I think his son Apollo was pretty major also.

    I saw the hexagon in the clouds on Saturn in a space photo but I didn’t see a cube. Are there any pictures of this cube? A lot of this material is unfamiliar to me and I don’t have any references on it.

    In the interview you spoke of Horus/the all seeing eye. So is this the same as Saturn? I am wondering how all this ties in together.

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