Freemason Don Gilson on The Truther Girls

What is Freemasonry? Are Freemasons really behind the NWO? Let’s ask a Freemason about this!

My guest today is Don Gilson, a former On-Air Personality for KRTY-FM (San Jose, CA) known as “Don Adams”, and 32nd degree Freemason and Knights Templar. Don is a researcher into Comet Elenin, “Nibiru”, Brown Dwarf stated that Comet Elenin (whose closest passage to Earth is expected September 26, 2011) and an accompanying brown dwarf star expected March 22, 2012 (“3/22″) are part of a Draco Reptilian extraterrestrial invasion of Earth that whistleblower Michael Prince has stated U.S. intelligence has expected since 1964

Donny is very community oriented and comes from a background in Information Technology. the field of Psychology, Social Work, Therapy. and the Entertainment Business. An ex Sonar Technician for the Uniyed States Navy @ Anti Submurine Warfare Base in San Diego, California who then started his career in Broadcast Media in 1992. Founder of “The Message” An Investigation into the State of our own Faith first produced on the Internet in 2006 – 2007 at and now currently doing his research on Youtube and a member of the Facebook enlightened community.

Check out Don’s YouTube page at
Find him on Facebook at
Or join his FB group at http://

My 2nd Hour guest will be Scott Silver, gold broker, Youtuber and 2nd Ammendment rights activist. Topics covered will include Project Gunrunner, the Council of 13, and spiritual warfare in the NWO.


7 responses to “Freemason Don Gilson on The Truther Girls

  1. ask him to cite his oath over the air, he cant and wont do it

  2. Did any one of you gals even go view some of Mr Gillsons Videos? Although this gentleman speaks somewhat intelligent when it comes to Masons and other societies, when you watch some of his videos you will think you are listening to and 8yr old looking into the sky with binoculars. From pixels on a camera that are cube ships from space, to black dots on a sun that are caused by a camera filter and he claims its Nibiru. Please Please go see for yourself!!!

  3. Hi, lovely girls. I feel that I really need to let you know the danger. Please check the Youtube. Thank you.
    “Russia Shoots Down U.S. ICBM Minuteman 3 Missile : Obama Stirs Of War?”

  4. Freemasons who are Christians…hmmm. I see no problem with it as long as he is willing to betray his oath when one of hisilluminati luciferian “brothers”/child rapists and murderers who hide in Freemasonry and give a distress signal are not rescued when accused of this crime or others they commit. Is he loyal to man or Truth?

  5. Hi girls again. I have found another interesting Youtube video about energy drink that explain about NWO. “Energy Drink With A New World Order Message! Subliminal!”

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