Rawsome Foods: Unhealthy Family Farms?

There is some information circulating that the farmer, Sarah Palmer, who was supplying Rawsome foods with eggs and milk has a criminal history and was running some kind of scam. Her son stated to investigators that she was buying regular eggs and repackaging them as organic in Health Family Farms cartons. And incidentally, it just so happens that he was arrested the next day for burglary.

This site has posted the results of all their investigations, including a PDF with Sarah Palmer’s arrest history. I’m not sure if every Sarah Palmer in each case is the same one who was involved with Rawsome, but apparently she did have prior convictions for fraud.

As far as I am concerned, this is the old ‘liberty vs security’ argument. To me, Sarah Palmer’s criminal history and whether she was scamming the Rawsome customers doesn’t change the fact that the members of this private club should have the right to make their own decisions when it comes to what they eat- and this includes to do so at their own risk, without some nanny looking after them.

The nanny, after all, is an utter hypocrite. Recently, it was found that Similac formula, made by Abbot Laboratories, was contaminated with beetles and beetle larvae, which had been sickening some of the babies who were drinking it. Abbot were subjected to a lawsuit for misleading consumers, which ended up being dismissed the judge, who ruled that although the makers of Similac had claimed their product was ‘wholesome’ and ‘nutritious’, they never actually said it was safe.

Another example is the labeling of eggs as ‘free-range’. By law, this only means the hens must have access to the outside for one hour a day. They don’t actually have to go outside, they just have to have access to it. How is that any better than Sarah Palmer taking eggs from one basket and putting them into another? Do you think that door being open at the back of the barn really makes any difference in the quality of the ‘free range’ eggs you get at the grocery store?

And NaturalNews recently reported that “current USDA regulations allow a meat production facility to pass inspection even if 49.9% of the meat is contaminated with salmonella”!

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/033283_ground_turkey_salmonella.html#ixzz1UmkpSN4C

In the end, when it comes to your food, you either have a nanny or you don’t. If you want food freedom, you make your food your own responsibility and do so at your own risk and leave no room for any corporate Mary Poppins. Rawsome was a private club and should have been left alone and all this talk about Sarah Palmer’s criminal leanings is doing nothing other than serving as a way to manipulate the public back into believing that they do need the state to rule over them and their food with a white-gloved iron fist.

2 responses to “Rawsome Foods: Unhealthy Family Farms?

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