Nibiru is Real?

There’s been a lot of talk about Nibiru for quite some time. Personally, I have thought all along that there is something to it, although I couldn’t possibly guess how it will all pan out. There is always a lot of hype and fear, so on one hand you have movies like 2012 ramping up the paranoia, and on the other hand, you have very little honest reporting about it in the MSM. We hear about Nibiru, Planet X, Marduk, and Comet Elenin, and it is still not clear to me whether these are all one and the same or whether the first three are the same and the last is another body altogether.

Here is a little summary of what I have been hearing about Nibiru. I am just noting this quickly so it may not be 100% accurate, but I will update it down the road:
– Around September 27, 2011, there will be an alignment of Nibiru, earth, and two other planets. In the past, this kind of alignment has resulted in large quakes, so many believe we will be in for another big one at that time.
– October 2011, Nibiru will pass in front of the earth and we will then go through its trail of debris. This may be nothing serious, or it may lead to us being hit by some big asteroids.
– November 11, 2011, Nibiru (or Elenin, depending who you ask) will align with earth, venus and mars. I would imagine this would mean we could have another major earthquake.
– According to Richard Hoagland, FEMA is planning something big for November 11. He also says Elenin is a spacecraft.
– According to Carl Calleman, the world will end on October 28, 2011 (so I guess FEMA shouldn’t bother about November).
– The Mayan calendar supposedly ends on December 21, 2012, but there are some who say this date is wrong because our calendar is wrong altogether.
– Some say that movies like ‘Armageddon’ and ‘Deep Impact’ are predictive programming for the coming disaster involving Nibiru/Elenin.

Russian TV recently disclosed that Nibiru is real and will cause a disaster of Biblical proportions.

CNN has also put out a report recently saying that Nibiru is real:

This is not something to which I have been devoting a lot of time because I just reason that if we really are about to be wiped out by a brown dwarf/comet/space station/other, there is really not much we can do about it and we would be better off to make the most of the time we have left than to worry about our impending doom. However, I do think it is important to be aware of this event because a major shift in consciousness is taking place on earth right now, a kind of ‘100th monkey’ phenomenon, and all these changes and events like the approach of Nibiru are part of that. Facing destruction by a rogue planet is not that much different than facing your own death from any other cause in that it serves to help you reflect on your life, the state of your spirit and soul, and it pushes you to rearrange your priorities. The Bible tells us to ‘be in this world but not of this world’ and sometimes it is only when we face a major threat that we start to perceive the unimportance of our material lives and realize our true nature as spiritual and metaphysical beings. Nibiru is just another gift that is challenging us to go beyond this world.

Or, it could be nothing but another psy-op. Either way, don’t get caught up in the far.

31 responses to “Nibiru is Real?

  1. Some kind of 100th monkey phenomenon… LOL!!!!!! You are cracking me up! :)))) I had not heard of Marduck yet……interesting. ❤ Thanks Sonia! ❤

  2. Michelle Woodman

    Please, read the book “Slave Species of god” by Michael Tellinger. It will answer all your questions and give you a new perspective.

  3. Great Post. Thanks.

  4. The Bible tells us at John 17 verse 16 Jesus saying ” they are no part of this world just as i am no part of this world” well Jesus of course was standing on this world when he said those words, so what did he mean? could he mean that since he didnt get involved in the worlds affairs , such as wars, or its political affairs, he stayed out of the worlds affairs and he said his followers would do the same. as far as the big rock and 2012 thats hilarious. As a christian, i happen to take the bible to be the inspired word of God, after all he is the almighty , if he cant protect his word and keep it from being manipulated then we all in trouble! But the bible says at Ecclesiates 1 verse 4 ” a generation is coming and a generation is going, but the earth is standing even to time indefinate.” and at Isaiah 45 verse 18 it says it was formed to be inhabited, which would make Psalms 37 verse 29 make since . which reads: ” the rightous themselves will possess the earth, and they will reside forever upon it”. so if you listen to the words of God he tells you 2012 is a joke.

  5. Some internet friend sent me a message that she channelled and told by GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT that she is going to ascend between Sept.1st and 15th before Elenin comes. I have been watching their message for a half year, too. However, they said that we will not have the destruction as we think. Therefore, I feel so confused about Elenin. Still I feel that Elenin or Nibru is wonderful encounter. They have Nibru Counsil; therefore, I feel Nibru is a spaceship. GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT said that next big day is 11-11-11. I know I cannot find a job on the Earth, but I might be able to find a job on Nibru as a janitor.

  6. If you look at the summerian texts, which predate the bible by several thousand years, you will see that nibiru has been here many times in it’s orbit. It only caused one major happening “the great deluge” the flood of Noah! Other times it has passed without event. The inhabitants are NOT lizards they are like us. Read zechariah sitchins book the 12th planet and educate yourselves.

    • Is this lite reading for you? The summerian text proves nothing, since they can only guess what it says. Sitchin was a fool! Even if they do finally all agree on what it says, it could be a freakin novel or a sci-fi read. Why does every ancient thing that is discovered have to be some great Roseta Stone? So if I scribe a bunch of useless BS on a slate and burry it, does it become the truth in 5000 years? I think not.

    “You may have noted that you have not been beset with catastrophes of a physical nature, in spite of the ancient prophecies for this period of time. We have been able to control such issues, but certain Earth changes will have to take place as part of the cleansing. Whatever happens know that we are working behind the scenes to keep damage and death to a minimum, and we will do all we can to warn you in advance of any major event. However, where your waterways and seas have been polluted, cleansing is a relatively easy task for us and will be completed in next to no time. It is your land pollution that presents more of a problem, but even so it is well within our capabilities. Whatever inconvenience you have to experience, it will be short lived and we will use our vast knowledge of your needs to ensure you are looked after.”
    From this message, I feel that we do not need to worry about anything. Just enjoy our life with GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT! If you feel that they do not exist, check to see the radar. You can see many UFOs on the radar.

  8. I just found this video about Nibiru and the dates this year. I find it scary. The thing is, this first encounter will be in September when Rosh Hoshannah is. That is the Feast of the Trumpets. This could be the Trumpets of Christ when he takes his people to Jeruslaem before the disasters hit the earth.

    Harrold Caomping pushed his date for the end of the world up to the fall. It could be at one of these times that Elenin is due to make trouble. Maybe it is the Sept. 21 date that he mentioned.

    I do believe that this year is the 2012 year because there is no year zero in our calendar, so we really lost a year.

    I am not sure why they need 40 million people detained when there are 300 million people in our country. I guess maybe they expect 40 million rioters who they will want to control?

    I find this very very scary. The only comfort is in the tabernacle of Christ. How can you expect to prepare for this? Stock up water and food for two weeks and have some sort of toilet storage? Then wait for the next catastophe? And where will the flood sand earthquakes and comets hit? It is all so much, who can humanly prepare?

    As the Bible says, seek the face of the Lord while there is still time.

  9. Elenin is not Nibiru!

    • So Nutter?, How did you silly beliefs pan out, did the world end in 2011 like you xtian nuts thought, did youy need all you stocked up water and food??

      You pathetic sheeple. You live in a world of magic sky man, nonexistant planets, the babble, when are you going to pull your pathetic religious heads out of your asses and figure out that your make believe, murderous, baby gutting, pregnant woman stomach sword slitting, virgin raping, baby killing, snake talking, donkey talking, genocidal, racist, homophobic man in the sky is not there??????????????? You nutters disgust me and I wish you were off this Earth more than you do.

  10. Hi,

    I believe there is something affecting our planet that can be explained by a large object close to Earth. There are just too many things going on right now like earth quakes and solar storms. Japan just hit again and check this out:

    Hope ya get to read this today cause maybe tomorrow ya can’t.

    Keep yer stick on the ice and have a good one.

  11. Isn’t Dec. 21, 2012 a warning from the Mayan about the end of the rule of man and the beginning of the rule of alien?

    • Actually, Dec 21 2012 was the last date the scribe had chiseled into the stone before the spanish came thru and killed them all. Or the guy just got old and croaked! just kidding! Who really knows, aye!

  12. Elenin is not consistent with the Niburu/Marduk “planet of the gods” in any version of the legend i am aware of. Some say it is a ship, and it does have an interesting orbit/trajectory, but has not exibited any ship-like behaviour. It is possible Elenin is a ship, probe or weapon. It is also possible i will win Powerball this year!

  13. mike leo BISHE'S



  15. I’m not sure where I sit on this Nibiru topic. My whole world made sense until a year ago when Jesse Ventura aired the police state conspiracy on his show, and I have woken up to a world that is not familiar to me anymore. The more research I look into the worse the picture gets. I wish that I never woke up sometimes. It seems there is turmoil and pain around every corner. Now if you consider FEMA preparations, US military movemements, the curious unlimited war in Iraq (ancient Sumer), economic crisis worldwide, unpredictable weather unlike anything we have experienced in our lifetime as of yet, nutricide, Pharmacide, political corruption and unknown exo-planetary threats then it is very obvious that something potentially bad is going to happen very soon. I agree with you Sonia, I think there is something to this Nibiru thing I’m just not sure to what extent that the story is true. The idea that I look up in the sky and see a huge red planet fixing to block out the sun is cool yet almost gives me a panic attack when I think about it, but on the other side of the coin I would rather have a clue about something like this than get caught by surprise. Do you know what is the saddest part of armageddon? No more Truther Girls videos!!!

    • I hear you Claudio, I use to think that Jesse and Alex where these hero’s of truth, but now I see that they are just part of the phsy-op. Do you really think that they would let these guys live if they actually knew who was pulling the strings? Hell no! They would be dead immediatly. They are either “useful idiots” or they are plants.

  16. You should know that something has been nailing the outer and inner solar system with gamma rays. The gamma rays have also hit the earth this year. FYI the sun is not the object that has been sending these gamma rays. The sun itself has been having a war with this star like object. It’s probably either a brown dwarf star or white dwarf star. It’s possible this object is the rumored Nibiru. But who knows it could be something we have yet to discover.

  17. I actually don’t particularly trust Ed Dames because he has done remote viewing for the US military, but someone sent me this link which i am sharing just FYI.Seems like fear mongering to me, and my thought was that this disaster scenario re: solar flares could be used by our governments to justify massive chemtrail spraying, e.g. to ‘protect the earth from heating up due to bombardment by solar energies’ when in fact chemtrails are really all about depopulation…

    Anyway, here’s Ed Dames.

  18. This is yet another distraction. There is no killer planet on a colision coarse with us. There are no reptilians, no giants, no Anunauki, no aliens from Zeta Reticuli. Sitchen was full of shit and was probably on the Mosad’s payroll. His methods and conclusions were flawed. No serious researcher would ever refer to his work accept to debunk it. You people listen to Art Bell/George Noory to much. While the show is entertaining, it is utter BS. It is no more than “The World Wrestling Federation” of the Twilight Zone. There is a bunch of real shit we need to be concerned about and that is the NWO shit that is comming down the pike.

  19. the boring bullshit girls strike again

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