Lawyer Alan Phillips on Vaccine Rights and Exemptions

Back-to-school time is here and many people are concerned because they are under the impression that they will have to allow their kids to be vaccinated in order for them to return to school, or else be dragged through beaurocratic mud and maybe even have the CPS show up at their door. Fortunately, nearly all of the US states allow for vaccine exemptions: 48 allow for religious exemptions and 18 also allow for philosophical exemptions. Today, I will be talking to Alan Phillips, who is an attorney specializing in vaccine waiver and exemption law.

According to Alan, “The vaccine push is becoming more aggressive. I’ve gotten calls from new categories. A pharmacist recently complained that he’s required now to get vaccinated, to give vaccines, and to say “would you like fries with that?”, only he has to push vaccines, and not fries. I also heard from an airline pilot for the first time about required vaccination. There’s no end to this!”

If you have concerns about mandatory vaccinations for yourself or your children, listen in today by clicking ‘listen live’ at from 3:00-4:00 pm EST (I will be covering news alone from 2:00-3:00) or download the archived episode at
Feel free to call in with your questions for Alan. The number is 402-237-2525
You can also send question through the chat room:

Alan Phillips contact inforamtion:
Alan Phillips, J.D.
Attorney and Counselor at Law
P.O. Box 3473
Chapel Hill, NC 27515-3473

8 responses to “Lawyer Alan Phillips on Vaccine Rights and Exemptions

  1. “I object!” Vaccines are assault! Its not about religious/philosophical exemptions. Its about being poisoned. I don’t trust lawyers, EVER. They beat around the bush, and make work for themselves. If he isn’t saying vaccines are assault, and should be prosecuted, he is another disingenuous BS artist, period.

  2. I wondered if there was a difference between the rules for public schools and private schools. Public schools seem like they would have to follow the law, but would private schools say they can just admit whoever they want?

    What if you are already admitted to a college and they tell you there are no exemptions? Can they refuse to allow you to attend classes? If you ask them before you apply to a school, will they hold it against you or just tell you no, you can’t opt out?

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  6. May I ask where your photo comes from and if there are any copyrights to it? I would like to ask permission to use the photo of the infant with the needles in a recent blog article I’m writing for my blog, , titled, “Are Vaccinations Right for Your Child”.

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