John Kusumi on The Truther Girls

Today my guest is John Kusumi, founder of the China Support Network and former independent US presidential candidate (1984). John and I will be discussing the decline and fall of America and China on both an economic and political level. Is China any better off than the USA or does the USA have the advantage? Is the USA facing total economic collapse? As the largest holder of American debt, where does this leave China?

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Second hour: News and Commentary with Sonia

6 responses to “John Kusumi on The Truther Girls

  1. Hi girls, this time your topic sounds more difficult for me to catch up. This can show your intelligence. I have an interesting Youtube video that is showing how some other countries interprete their history. Please check it up.

  2. Is this a real Illumiinati guy??? He is talking about DUMBs (US military underground bases and tunnels) explosion in Washington DC and Colorado with the big earthquakes. Please check it out.
    Youtube “The Illuminati: The Virginia Earthquake ”

  3. The largest holder of US debt is the Federal Reserve.

  4. Hello every one, only just imagined I would tell you howdy as well as present my own self.

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