Comet Elenin- Is It Really a Threat?

Today on The Truther Girls, I will be talking to Francis Walsh, amateur astronomer and Comet Elenin researcher. Francis hosts a very popular show called Collision Course every Wednesday at 8:00 pm EST on Revolution Radio, where he does a weekly astronomy update and discusses various theories on the significance of cosmic events such as asteroid and comets, especially Comet Elenin, which several people theorize will herald the end of the world.

Is it possible that Elenin is a tetrahedron protecting an alien ship, as Richard Hoagland suggests, could it be a brown dwarf star lurking in our inner solar system, waiting to pull our earth off its axis as others believe, or may it pose no threat at all?

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Second hour will be News and Commentary with Sonia.
UK social service stealing overweight kids from their parents!
This is really twisted. Social services got involved with a family based on a report made by one of the sons. Although his claims of turned out to be false, by his own admission, the social workers then started to obsessively focus on the children’s weight problems. After spending several months in a ‘big brother’-type house, where a social worker stood by and supervised meals, the parents lost their children to the system for failing to get them to lose weight. Will this lead to other obese children being placed in foster care?

New footage of 9/11 Pennsylvania crash site moments after the incident!
Will this finally put to rest conspiracy theories or will it only fuel them?
Let’s Roll! forum ” target=”_blank”>discussion on this topic mentions several suspicious things about it.

Dave Berkebile’s sister, Diane Deist, states that when Dave returned form the crash site he said all he saw was a big hole in the ground.

2 responses to “Comet Elenin- Is It Really a Threat?

  1. Hi, girls. Again, this is not your topic, but I really wanted to let you know. Did you see CNN video “With home now nothing but ashes, Texas family vows to rebuild” By Rich Phillips, CNN September 7, 2011 8:25 a.m. EDT
    In this video, I found very strange scenes. When the home owner came to see her house, she found two small oak trees just in front of her house are intact with beautiful green leaves. Her house was completely burned down to the ground. Nothing left arond her house. But still her lawn was beautifully green, too. CNN reporter showed the direction the fire came. He said the fire cross the highway which is a quarter mile away from her house. I could not see anything burned between highway and her house. All the trees and weeds are green. Even two wooden chairs were intact. I want you to check this CNN video to see this is normal. I feel this fire is manipulated, and burned places were selected rather than random. Thank you.

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