Rhesus Negative Conspiracy Theory!

I have O- blood, otherwise known as ‘pure blood’ or ‘universal donor blood’, which according to some makes me either an alien, a Nephilim, a Neanderthal, or even a descendant of Jesus himself. Here I was, going along in life, thinking I was just a normal human being (well, normal may not be quite the right word, but human in any case) when I was introduced to the world of Negative Blood Conspiracy Theory. And it’s a fascinating world, indeed!

Today, my guest 1st hour will be Mike Dammann, Rh negative humanoid and blogger, with whom I will be discussing the meaning of Rh- status, common traits of Rh- people, and various theories on the origins of Rh- blood.
Mike’s news and conspiracy theory website is firetown.com and his Rh negative website is rhesusnegative.net

Second hour, we will be joined by ‘E’, the founder of the first Rh- Internet chat group, ‘Rh Negative BLood Types’, which has swelled to a membership of 4000 since its creation in 2001. The group, which contains highly sensitive documents that are no longer freely available to the public and has been targeted by some who believe O- people are alien hybrids and should be eliminated from the planet, is no longer accepting new members.

‘E’ will be discussing O- mysteries such as why O- people cannot get AIDS, why they were targeted by the church of Claire Prophet, and why every body in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier belonged to someone with O- blood.

To listen in, click ‘Listen Live’ from 2:00-4:00 pm EST at http://americanfreedomradio.com
Download the archive at http://americanfreedomradio.com/TrutherGirls_11
Join us in the chat room at http://truthergirls.chatango.com
Or call in at 402-237-2525

Thumbnail image is from the following article on the possible alien origins of O- blood type:


21 responses to “Rhesus Negative Conspiracy Theory!

  1. This is a very interesting article.
    In the 1980s, Swiss scientist with the so-called primitive code have researched.
    Unfortunately, I’ve never heard anything about it in English.
    The understanding of natural genetic engineering is the knowledge about it.
    As you master the German language, I recommend this old video from the 1980s:
    Urzeitcode / UrcodeTeil1/2 (Urweizen, Urmais)

    Urzeitcode / UrcodeTeil2/2 (Urfische)

    It means that the genes do not have all the time specified encoding.
    The genes can chance the form with electrostatic fields and other waves…

    I / We have been researching in the field of primitive code (Urzeitcode/Urcode) and our results were very impressive:

    This article is giving you much to think about… 😉
    Sie leben


  2. Hi girls. You have O- blood type? You must be an Annunaki decendant. I am sorry this is not your topic again. But I want you to look these CNN videoes.
    “Wildfire victim returns to what was home ”

    Two small oak trees in front of her house were still intact with beautiful green leaves. The bricks with house number were not blacken at all. Her house was completely burned down to the ground. Then the CNN reporter showed the direction the fire came from. At 1:30, he was standing in front of the two red wooden chairs. Now you cannot see anything burned toward the highway where the fire crossed and came to her house. The highway looked like at least one mile away. Then he pointed toward her house. All the trees and her lawn were so beautifully green except her house had completely burned down. At 2:15, you can see the small plants intact. What kind of fire jumed from one mile away and did not burn anything until her house. Isn’t it strange? At 0:28, she said “My heart is pounding…”, I felt strange. I could not see her emotional pain for the lost house. Then at 1:50, she said “I am the luckest person in the world. My family is safe….” It looked like she was reading a line as an actress. Can you say “I am the luckest person in the world’ after you lose your house with everything?
    Then I want you to looks another CNN video. “There’s Nothing Left of These Houses:” Fierce Texas wildfire destroys 300 homes

    Again almost only houses were burning surrounded by intact trees. And did you see the same two red wooden chairs you saw in the previous CNN video? Look at 0:40 on this video. The exact the same two red wooden chairs just in front of the burning house. Isn’t it creepy?

    Tapestry in the tap blog agreed this is strange!

  3. Hi girls! A huge earthquake is coming for 10 year anniversary of 9/11? Please check these sites.

  4. Hi girls! I am the person who sent the Texan wild fire info. I mentioned about the use of laser weapon for these house fire which burned to the ground only selected targets. I want you to look at the Youtube video showed the proof that the Laser weapon was used for 9/11. This video showed that the laser weapon were used more frequently in some wars more than we thought. Please check it out. Thank you. We have Part 1 to 3.
    “9/11 Proof Of Used Laser Weapons Part 1”

  5. Two minor facts about this article:
    – Jesus Christ never existed;
    – nobody can get AIDS, since HIV is a complete fiction.
    Just saying.

  6. CNN = Christian News Network! CNN wants people to go back to a church and read the bible! CNN is propaganding Christian News religiously.
    Wildfire Stops at Statue of Virgin Mary in Texas – As Seen On CNN

    They had another version of Christian Propaganda that showed that the house has gone except a huge wooden cross just beside the burnt house. But CNN mysteriously removed that video!

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  8. hey guys(girls) if you got a minute I’d ‘preciate it if you could check out my comic book blog http://besidetopsecret.blogspot.com/


  9. This is definetly a silly and crazy site, so if your into strange pics check out this site http://www.photobucket.com/benspointandshoot you won’t be disapointed.

  10. Oh and I forgot to mention Mike got his information from Tia in the first place, as she is from one of the bloodline families. His inside ‘contact’ as he calls her in the interview.

  11. Reblogged this on redboar71 and commented:
    That makes me an alien too!

  12. robert valderaz

    It is a shame they are not taking new members. as a B neg I can do things u won’t believe. we are immune to certain if not all cancer, immune to the hepititus a, b, and c. diabetes, etc can heal ourselves with thought.

    • You are correct, we can heal ourselves with thought and in other ways as well. When my daughter (we are both A-) hurts herself, I put my mouth over the wound and literally “suck the pain” out of her body. She’s fine instantly. She’s six, we read each others emotions constantly. My father is as well and we have always done the same. I short circuit electricity alone. But when we are together sometimes it goes haywire. Too much stuff to even touch on.

  13. ASCP Board Certified Blood Banker

    Rh negative is a misused term. The antigen is actually called D (big D), and it is not the same antigen possessed by Rhesus monkeys. The researchers who discovered it simply nicknamed it after the species they used to discover it. Blood incompatibilities and fetal disease of the newborn can happen in any species, and with any of a number of blood antigen/antibody complexes. There have been over 600 red blood cell antigens found in humans, the ABO & “Rh” are simply the most frequently tested for in compatibility testing. People who are transfused often develop multiple antibodies that subsequently limit the red blood cells they can be transfused with.

  14. I would just like to reply to the statement above about how some people think o negative people should be eliminated. So basically you are approving the genocide of a race because of fear. How stupid can you be. Nevermind I realised just how stupid you are if you think genocide is okay.

  15. What is the name of this Rh- chat group? Is it still around?

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