Caylee Anthony: The Nanny Did Take Her!

Today when I opened my email, I found the following article saying that Casey Anthony’s father is now saying that he believes Caylee died from an accidental overdose, possibly of Xanax.

This comes as no surprise to me, as this is what I have been saying on the radio for the last two weeks. When Casey and her mother initially reported Caylee’s disappearance to police, they said that she was with ‘Zanny the Nanny’- that the nanny took her. They afterwards said that ‘Zanny the Nanny’ was Zenaida Gonzales, a woman who had nothing to do with any of this but had once applied for an apartment in Casey’s building. I later discovered that ‘Zanny the Nanny’ is a slang term for using Xanax to drug your kid. So, if this is what happened, then what Cindy and Casey said was quite litrally true, the ‘nanny’ did take her.

In addition, an inmate who was in jail with Casey stated in an interview that Casey had told her she was in the habit of sedating Caylee with chloroform so that she could go out an party while her little one was knocked out.

This would explain a lot. It could account for why the duct tape was not used to suffocate the child, but to hold her jaw in place, and for why Casey had been googling chloroform and why traces of it were found in her car. It would even explain why she went out to party and get a tattoo saying ‘La Bella Vida’ after Caylee’s death- finally she was free to party, and maybe she thought she would get away with what she had done.

What this also confirms to me is that Cindy was involved with the coverup, as she was the one who stated to police that Caylee was with ‘Zanny’. I’m sure she knew there was no Zanny. I suspect that Casey told her early on what had happened, because when Casey said to her mother, “give me one more day”. Cindy answered ” I’ve given you a month”, which implies that she had known for the whole month.

I think Caylee did die form a drug overdose, and that Casey turned to her mother for help covering it up. Cindy has always stricken me as the ‘brains of the operation’. But why would Casey drug her child in the first place, why would Cindy help her cover it up, why did Casey display such bizarre behaviour, apparently switching from one personality to another, and why did the police not find her responsible in at least the burial of her daughter? There is more to this story, possibly involving some kind of ritual abuse, but for now I am satisfied with the explanation that Caylee died of an overdose.

As Casey said all along, Zanny the Nanny took her.

8 responses to “Caylee Anthony: The Nanny Did Take Her!

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  6. 1. Casey is a sociopath. Her personality seems to change because at her core, she has no personality. She can effectively mimic emotions she observes in others only for limited periods of time.
    2. Cindy was not involved in Caylee’s death or the immediate aftermath. She realized one month later that her daughter may have accidentally killed her granddaughter, and has been frantically lying and dissembling ever since in an effort to save her daughter from herself. She may actually be in denial over the severity of her daughter’s mental issues.

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