Janet Phelan on Conservatorships

Today I will be talking to investigative journalist Janet Phelan about conservatorships in the USA.
A fascinating thing is going on right now in terms of Judiciary Committee meeting in DC with regards to guardianships. The Office on Aging in conjunction with some other federal agencies is advocating removing privacy protections so that Social Security and the VA can provide lists of beneficiaires who have “incapacity declarations” on file with those federal agencies, to provide these names to the local courts. This is a sure fire conveyor belt for more conservatorships, courtesy of what is now illegal information sharing by these federal agencies. They are trying to change the laws so that they can legally report this hitherto private info to the local state courts.

Janet’s wesite is janetphelan.com

Janet will be on from 3:00-4:00 pm EST today and the lines will be open if anyone would like to talk to her about cnservatorship issues. Call 402-237-2525.

First hour: New film about the Children’s Aid Society! Find out why the CAS is known as Child Abduction Services. TrutherGirl Vickie gives tips on how to deal with CAS.

“The statistics are that there are more children in care now then the whole history of the residential schools.” http://t.co/ar0OLvzJ

Listen live today from 2:00-4:00 pm EST at http://americanfreedmradio.com
Download the archive at http://americanfreedomradio.com/TrutherGirls_11
Join us in the chat room at http://truthergirls.chatango.com
Or call in at 402-237-2525


7 responses to “Janet Phelan on Conservatorships

  1. Glad you’re doing this Sonia… I just got a letter from the VA that I have 60 days to contest my fathers’ conservatorship (I’ve been taking care of him for several years now) … what’s the satanic government got to do in my fathers personal business??

  2. Excellent segment thank Vicki for us. were streaming this thru freedomslips )

  3. Childrens Aid really boils down to the individuals locally using the loopholes to hassle people. deff out of touch with reality, had an eoisode myself…

  4. good work on the secret bio labs!!! THANKS!

  5. Hi girls! Comet Elenin is tardy or absent?

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