Mahdi Nazemroaya on Lybia

Last Thursday, September 29, I had Mahdi Nazemroaya on as my guest on The Truther Girls. Mahdi is a journalist working for, who has traveled to Lybia during the current war and has been reporting on what he has witnessed. You can hear download our interview from the archive here.

The interview has also been uploaded to Youtube here:

Here is some footage of Mahdi speaking on Lybia at the Montreal conference, ‘After 9/11: Ten Years of War’.

Madhi’s articles are available in many languages at

These are Mahdi’s articles in English, German, Italian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Portugese, and Arabic and Global Research: Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

These are his articles in French: Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya (en francais)

These are his articles on the Voltaire Network in English, Russian, Spanish, French, and Italian:
Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya (Reseau Voltaire)


One response to “Mahdi Nazemroaya on Lybia

  1. Libya is such a monstrous crime against humanity I am ashamed of my government’s involvement. There is good news though. The NATO thug gangsters are being defeated soundly by the Libyan people and there is a plan to prosecute Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama. We can hope.

    Here is another story by a serious journalist, Yoichi Shumatsu that people need to read before they kill him. Read what they did to Jim Stone when he broke the story.

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