Going Up Against Pfizer

Today on The Truther Girls, I will be talking Tim Moorley, who has filed a lawsuit against Pfizer after being injured by Celebrex. Since that time, he has been subject to what can only be called a conspiracy to prevent him from being able to go through with the lawsuit as well as get medical treatment for his injuries, which included the loss of part of his foot and finger and damage to his femoral artery.
Prior to 2005, Celebrex never reported that blood clots were a serious risk incurred from using the medication. Since that time, they have now had to include a warning about this on a black box warning on the packaging, in accordance with a ruling by Health Canada. In 2006, when it was discovered that Tim had a genetic heart defect, which predisposed him to complications from blood clots, and which implicated Celebrex as a direct cause for his injuries, the doctors and hospitals immediately started to destroy his records which contained evidence of this process.
In September 17, 2011, Pzifer attempted to sneak through a proposed settlement agreement to the Supreme Court of Ontario and Quebec to get rid of the class action lawsuits that have been filed against them on behalf of those who have been injured by Celebrex and Bextra. Tim is in the process of trying to stop the settlement proposal by filing a letter in opposition to it with the courts. He is also trying to raise awareness of how the pharmaceutical companies work in conjunction with the government to handle these lawsuits in such a way that protects the interests of the corporations and not the public.
Tim is also trying to gather support in Quebec to help stop this. If you would like to offer support, please contact Tim on Facebook under the name Tim Moorley.

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3 responses to “Going Up Against Pfizer

  1. I know BIG PHARMA is selling poisons. I used to work related to Smith Kline. In Japan, they give doctors some kick backs like 20% plus occasional bonus such as Free Hawaii trip. Typically doctors in Japan prescribe as many as 10 medications to a patient. Money Money Money!

    I have found an interesting video for CIA actors acting in Occupy Wall Street. CIA is recycling the same actors over and over again. Please check it out!

    Amazing Marine Rant at Occupy EXPOSED!

  2. I want to show you how I struggle to speak English. I hope you laugh until you get abdominal pain.

  3. Myself I could not stand to see all this video. I strongly feel something wrong with this scene. What I suspect is this is set up or staged to kill this 2 year old girl. It is UNUSUAL to see her BOTH parents did not realize that their ONLY daughter has been missing from them for such a long time. If you have or had 2 year old kid, you know how they behave. You cannot keep her byherlself because not only the dangerous traffic but also she might damage any marchandize by touching everywhere. All the time, we have to watch her any moment so that we don’t need to pay extra money for the damaged items.

    Moreover, it is NOT possible for her to runover by 2 CARS in a well lit street in the middle of chain of stores. This is NOT real. It is IMPOSSIBLE! She is NOT as small as squerrels or rats. She was big enough to be seen by the drivers of the 2 cars. Those drivers were driving quite slowly, too. I strongly feel that those driver run over her ON PURPOSE. They just obeyed the order from some where. It is IMPOSSIBLE 2 drivers on the well lit street did NOT realize her unless they are blind.

    Farthermore, It is NOT normal to be ignored so many passerbys. I feel this is NOT REAL. I feel they are actors or provocateurs from CIA association in China in order to demonize China that is Satanic Globalist’s opponent. On many websites including CNN comment section about this video, you can find so many negative comments about China by many professional disinfo agents. I strongly feel this is used for POLITICAL REASON against China. As you know, China is NOT the side of the Satanic Glogalists. Those satanists want have some reason to ATTACK China.

    Any reason, I feel sorry about this girl, sacrificed by SATAN! I cannot understand so many people sell their souls to SATAN for money. I want GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT to conquor those Satanic people as soon as possible.

    Passersby ignore Chinese toddler crushed by traffic.flv

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