Conspiracy of Killing Seniors for Profit?

Today on The Truther Girls, I will be talking to ivestigative reporter Janet Phelan about the murder of people who have been put under conservatorship. See Janet’s website at

We will be discussing the issue in general, but we will focus on the coroner coverup of a suspicious death of a conservatee, Raymond Horspool, who died at age 90 in in Riverside County, California.
His son, J. David Horspool, is a powerful probate attorney in So Cal and put his own father under conservatorship- apparently to loot his own family’s estate. Janet got the coroner report and it is full of discrepancies. She has also have interviewed folks at the Sheriff/Coroner and also at Adult Protective services and it seems that there is a very serious problem going on with the report which reeks of a cover up.

Tthe salient issues about the coroner report:
1) there is no weight listed. coroners reports always list the weight and this one carefully avoided it. The family tells Janet that the six foot man weighed 136 when he showed up at the coroner’s office. However, the coroner’s report says the body appeared “well nourished”–hardly describing a 136 lb corpse. When Janet asked the deputy sheriff if it was protocol for the coroner report to list weight, he REFUSED to answer the question.
2) The report lists Horspool as taking morphine and ativan. These two medications are generally contraindicated and there is no reason given why Horspool would have been on morphine, as he had no cancer or other pain-causing illness.

Given the fact that he was on these two medicines which could cause death if mixed, it was incumbent on that office to do a toxicology exam and the office refused to do so. Looks bad….looks real bad.

When a person, often a senior, is put under conservatorship, they are known as a probate and lose all their rights. The person who is appointed as their conservator, or guardian, becomes responsible for making all decisions in their stead, and also administers their estate. Often, this person takes advantage of the situation by appropriating all of the conservatee’s funds and sticking them into a nursing home, where they often die quickly and suddenly under suspicious circumstances. What’s worse is that the courts seems to be involved in this conspiracy to get old people out of the way so that others can benefit from their estate.

Moreover, anyone can be put under conservatorship- not only a senior citizen of advanced age, but anyone who someone has brought to the attention of the courts for being ‘not of sound mind’. This has opened the door to people using this process on others for revenge, such as in divorce proceedings or simply because they have it in for them. The person proposed as incompetent is then evaluated by a court-appointed psychiatrist- who almost invariably finds them to be indeed incompetent. That a person is evaluated by independant psychiatrists who find them to be competent has no effect: the courts rely on the court-appointed psychiatrist. Do you smell conspiracy here? I sure do.

Please also see Janet’s article ‘Why I Am An Abolitionist’ on why she thinks the only solution is abolishing guardianship, not reforming the process.

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NB The thumbnail is not Mr Horspool.


7 responses to “Conspiracy of Killing Seniors for Profit?

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  5. It is hard to believe that they would kill people just for money, and their own family no less. It has to have another component, like that the old people do things the old way, which is the right way, and it threatens the self esteem of the younger people who lie and cheat their way to the top.

    They probably starved Mr. Horspool and then gave him a big dose of morphine with the ativan to multiply the effect. It was a murder but they don’t want to answer for it. Hospitals tend to do that for a living.

    I see old people get bullied, and it is usually the ones who stand out as good people who help others and are humble and unpretentious. They get hounded like prey. If they have no one to fight for them, they fall apart mentally and then it is very easy to pick them off.

    The system is essentially performing contract hits. It is a serious racket. Just because someone is old and different doesn’t mean they are sick. Respect is needed to understand people, but some people only respect their own desires.

  6. I believe you are right completely.

  7. Andrew Wielawski

    I saw this happen. The Trustee of the Estate, appointed by themselves to ‘manage’ the assets, also held a health proxy. The skid pads were removed from under the rugs of the house in which the elder lived alone. The elder fell, and died, possibly with the same aid of morphine and ativan. The Trustee became rich in a minute, and immediately had the body cremated. The crime was reported, but was never investigated because the elder was 90. At that age, things like this just happen, and the incentive for any branch of our government to look into it is softened by the elder’s non-use of their own money. They also cost through medicare and Social Security. Inject that money back into the system! Sick, isn’t it? You don’t have a prayer of getting justice or even journalistic coverage..

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