Rh Negative Conspiracy Theory and the 27 Club

I am very pleased to say that today I will be joined once again by Mike Dammann, Rh negative researcher, blogger on rhesusnegative.net and host of the popular conspiracy-theory website firetown.com . Today we will be talking about the the meaning and possible origins of Rhesus-negative blood and the significance of the high prevalence of Rh- status among politicians and music industry celebs.

Did you know that every US President since Eisenhauer has been Rh negative, as well as the British Royal family, the top pop stars of the hippie era and the most prominent member of the so-called ’27 Club’? Given that only 15% of the Western population is Rh-, could this be attributed to mere coincidence? Plus, what is the ’27 Club’ and did the members ‘join’ voluntarily or were they sacrificed as part of some kind of Satanic ritual?
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15 responses to “Rh Negative Conspiracy Theory and the 27 Club

  1. Once again this idiot steals other people’s work and palms it off as his own. I’m sick of hearing my research coming from his mouth, even repeats my intentional errors.


    All Rh- artists leave their little piece to of the Da Vinci Code, they may not know it at first but it ends up killing them in the end, there are dark forces at work

  2. BTW – the 27 is linked to the age Jesus died (according to the Kolbrin Bible) The music myth started with Robert Johnston who sold his soul to the devil for mastery of the guitar at the crossroads. Songs like Tenacious D – Tribute and The Charlie Daniels Band – The Devil went down to Georgia are about this. Kurt Cobain wanted to die at 27 to be immortalised rather than fade away. You may know of the connection with Rh- and Schizophrenia so a good album to listen to is Fun by Daniel Johnston who was a friend of Cobains. The album is from the 80’s and is about God, the Devil & Little Green Men, if you know about all the Annunaki bloodlines stuff then you’ll understand the album. I remember one of the songs on the album talking about the Beatles singing to him on a different level, of course all the Beatles were Rh-, Charles Manson of course picked up the same smoke signals.

    Daniel Johnston influenced Kurt Cobain, Territorial Pissing (Nirvana) is a must to listen to, basically about the civilisation that existed on Earth before this one which was almost wiped out, knocked us back to the stone age but there are still structures all over the planet that we mark as ‘unexplained’, and when what ever has nearly wiped out life on this planet before, eg dinosaurs, past civilisations happens again, this planet resembles hell, if you didn’t already know your in hell, then take a look around you, its clearly signposted everywhere.

    Art is the lie that helps us to realise the truth – Pablo Picasso

  3. KrinolineAppetite

    this seems pretty absurd. i believe satanic ritual abuse happens. but i am Rh- and was never subjected to such a thing.

  4. LW is Lee Watts, a UFO propagandist infiltrating rh negative groups for the longest claiming we come from some other galaxy and the same people are about to come back to earth to rescue us from the reptilians amongst us.

    • I think you will find I was part of groups & running groups and even making video’s on the net before you ever knew about any of this and was still at home knocking your woman about, do you remember those days ?

    • looking forward to any proof to substantiate your claims

    • everything is propaganda; education, media, literature, music, film and so on. Propaganda can be used for negative or positive means for influencing the behaviour and minds of a nation.

      learn what the big words mean before you use them.

      ps I’m a member of an Rh- group that has been going for years and has over 1500 members, you won’t find it in search engines and its invitation only but don’t be expecting one as your type are not welcome

  5. Mr Dammann, that is the most ridiculous thing i have ever read.

  6. Google search:
    “Michael Dammann chris flowers”

    For just one example of Michael Dammann’s behaviour.

    Do not give him a voice

    Do not trust him

  7. Michael Dammann is a fucking knob ! anyone who is Rh- and has done there own research knows he is full of shit !

  8. censorship


  9. hey zeus, its me ,christo, corpus christi, la luciferia, faze, coocoocachoo, deuces niggas!!!

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