Spotting Earthquakes Before They Happen.

Today on The Truther Girls, I will be talking to Prof/pastor Scott Owen of Believer’s Underground about post-glacial rebound theory, earthquakes and how to spot them before they happen, and much more. Scott has successfully predicted several major quakes himself.

Scott is a certified addiction specialist in the state of California and a Biblical Domino Scientist. He started college at the age of 12 at Occidental College and been a taught all grades from elementary school to college. He has also worked in transportation field, business field, and addiction recovery field, has given 1000’s of bible classes for many people and has given over 700 work shops on many fields in 6 different colleges.

Scott is well-known in the online truth-seeker community for his Youtube channel believersunderground and his radio show on the Intel Hub, Oracle Broadcasting, Friday nights at 6:00 p. m. PST. He is also part of the Global infopowerment project at

Listen live from 2:00-4:00 pm EST at
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3 responses to “Spotting Earthquakes Before They Happen.

  1. You are exposing the smoking gun of HAARP The heat signature and Electric discharge would be the shock from a microwave transmission and ozone discharge would be from HARRPS weapon bouncing there signal of the Stratosphere bringing ozone from the Stratosphere it self… They don’t listen to you guys because USA Military is doing it all!

    • haarp slow the earth too? what a joke. at the end of this vid. I’ll show you I have the deepest contact’s on tech.from Military contacts. haarp hahaha that was 1947 act of congress old tech. BUG. Earth Slowed 24 Seconds The Ice Skater Principle of Post Glacial Rebound Effect

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