Rethinking Circumcision with Maurene White

Today on The Truther Girls, my guest will be Maurene White, a nurse who has been campaigning against circumcision for four decades. Maurene is the founder of, and organization that helps to inform people about the risks of circumcision and the benefits of having a foreskin. She also helps adult men learn how to restore their foreskins and has developed an iPhone application called i4skinhealth for this purpose, which you can see and buy here at the Apple Store. 100% of proceeds from sales of the app go to research and education to assuage circumcision harms.

People tend to have strong feelings about circumcision. Some people defend it vehemently on the basis of their religious beliefs, or the beliefs that it provides health or hygiene benefits, while others oppose it just as strongly and say it is no different from female genital cutting. To me, this is a subject on a par with vaccination when it comes to the need for the public’s access to factual information on the risks versus the benefits. Just this week, two babies died as a result of circumcision at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, one from hemorrhage and the other from shock. Given that this procedure can sometimes result in such tragic consequences, I hope that my interview with Maurene today will help people make more informed decisions about circumcision, as it concerns their own bodies and those of their children. There is nothing worse than making an uninformed decision and later regretting it, saying “If only I had known!’. Regardless of whether you decide to circumcise or not, I want you to make the best, most informed decision and feel confident about it.

Today, we will be addressing questions such as:
– What are the true risks of medical complications from circumcision?
– Does circumcision traumatize the baby?
– Does it increase his sensitivity to pain in the long term?
– Does circumcision confer hygienic advantages?
– Has circumcision actually been shown to protect against HIV, certain cancers or other diseases?
– Is circumcision sometimes medically necessary, as in the case of phymosis?
– What are the benefits of not being circumcised?
– How can an adult man restore his foreskin?
– How can Jewish parents who do not want to circumcise reconcile this with their religious beliefs?
– How can Jewish parents cope with family pressure to circumcise?

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Please also watch the following documentary and visit Maurene’s website at Maurene has also developed a handy booklet called Coordimed to help you keep track of your family’s health information and is in the process of developing an iPhone application for this as well. For more information, visit

7 responses to “Rethinking Circumcision with Maurene White

  1. My mother is a nurse, she didnt allow it for me. Circumcision is another way of the pharisee medical establishment’s way of saying, “You are farm animal and we own you”

  2. It’s illegal to cut off a girl’s prepuce, or to make any incision on a girl’s genitals, even if no tissue is removed. Even a pinprick is banned. Why don’t boys get the same protection? Everyone should be able to decide for themselves whether or not they want parts of their genitals cut off. It’s *their* body.

  3. For some, circumcision is appealing because it is a kind of sacrifice. Circumcised men have been deprived of the skin that would otherwise protect the highly sensitive glans. Because this skin is excised the male can only regain that sense of protection by being enveloped in similar mucous tissue, like the inside of a mouth, vagina, or rectum. Thus the owner of the mouth, vagina, or rectum is like the foreskin that was lost at circumcision. The male is reunited with what was cut off, usually at birth and without his consent. His female partner can take pleasure in knowing the male will be faithful to her. He would not want to lose his foreskin a second time! Far fetched? Perhaps, but it does account for at least some motivation for circumcising infant males.

    • That is the most absurd justification for MGM that I’ve ever read.

    • The glans is one of the least sensitive parts of the body! Dr. John R. Taylor evaluated it as about the same sensitivity as the heel of the adult foot (very insensitive) The best mucosal tissue for the glans to be enveloped in is the inner mucosal lining of the foreskin. The foreskin is not skin – it is a 5 layer organ and nerve plexus. True, many circumcised men find their penis is only comfortable when moist – swimming, bathing included. I think circumcised males may be less inclined to be faithful as the female partners is less satisfied and less interested in sex with him and he may feel inclined to seek greener pastures!!
      he motivation for circ’ing is ignorance, compulsion and greed (by the circumci$er

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