Morgellons, Chemtrails and the Zapper

Today on The Truther Girls, I will be talking to Don Croft from worldwithoutparasites about chemtrails, Morgellons disease, and the zapper.
While nobody knows exactly what Morgellons, some possibilities include parasitic disease, chronic Lyme disease, or a nanotechnology infestation. While this last option may sound far-fetched, it could be a possibility, given that lab analyses of fibers from Morgellons patients ruled out that they were hair, textiles, or any other known fiber. These fibers have also been shown to glow under UV light.
If it is a nanotech infection, where is it coming from? Possibilities may include chemtrails and GMO foods. Please see the following article on the IntelHub on chemtrails and Morgellons.
Also check out this article on the chemtrail-morgellons connect on, which shows that, under the microscope, there is a strong similarity between Morgellons fibers and those found in chemtrails.

Morgellons is known as an incurable disease, but I personally know someone who claims to have been rid of this affliction as the result of 3 months of continuous use of the zapper.

Don croft will be on with me today from 3:00-4:00pm EST. During the first hour, I will be joined by Rupert from ‘Hi, It’s Rupert!’ for news and commentary.
To listen live:
Call-in: 218-339-8525

For more information on Morgellons, or if you suffer from this disease and are seeking support, please visit the Morgellons Research Foundation.

12 responses to “Morgellons, Chemtrails and the Zapper

  1. nice show, but your guest was wrong about skies in moscow, london, paris being ‘clearer’ – they are WORSE than ever over Europe with chemtrailing, and him saying, “well they’re not doing any damage now” is bogus – they are still manipulating weather and blocking our sunlight.

  2. Can you handle the truth?

    ChemTrails and ChemClouds Debunked: (video)

  3. “Debunked Chemtrails” Yah, right! There is factual evidence obtained in CA under the FOIA and laws closed to being passed in NY against high altitude spraying of chemichals, Geoengineering documentation from government agencies. You claim its just “swamp gass” is lame and no one here is buying it!

    Another disinfo agent trolling popular sites!

  4. This Don Croft character has been around for a long time. About 6 years ago when this 1st started on a mass national scale, there was very little you could go to research online. Maybe 5 or 6 sites at most, plus Rense occasionally when he interviewed William E Smith or Cliff Carnicom.. 1 of those was a Yahoo Group called “chemtrailtrackingUSA”. Don Croft posted there all the time. Fantastic and frankly quite insane tales about his zapper, & super Underground alien base spray adventures as if he was Phil Schneider at Dulce AF Base. Maybe they weren’t that “insane”, but I was reading this in my 1st year of learning about it & I’m positive that my area was not being sprayed before 2005 on a regular basis.

    HOw am I sure? Well I’ve had 2 air filters in my home since 1999 because my daughter has asthma from cat allergies. The air filters helped immensely. As soon as the chemtrails or geoengineering started, these filters would get dirty in just 24-48 hours. In the 5-6 years before I’d owned these filters, it never took any faster than 90 days for these same air filters to get dirty and need cleaning. So in other words, even if I wasn’t noticing the lines in the skies, my filter would’ve picked up there was spraying because the ingredients are sub-micron and very small, it takes some 24 hours to fall to the ground. In any case they fall and are encased in a cob-web like filament that sometimes clumbs together. People mistake them for cobwebs or spider webs. They are not. You will find them all over bushy trees & shrubs.

    Collect if yourself and bag the specimen & have them tested. Try researching for a good independant lab because many labs are comprimised and ordered to not test for specific toxic ingredients that have been proven to be included. Poisons like massive amounts of manganese, barium, strontium, thorium, aluminum oxide, arsenic, etc. All at levels 100s & 1000’s of times higher than normal.

    • To chromelung : – you say that ” In the 5-6 years before I’d owned these filters, it never took any faster than 90 days for these same air filters to get dirty and need cleaning.” ….. HOW can your filters get dirty before you had them ??????

    • Aluminium is the most abundant metal on earth ( 8% of the earth is Aluminium ) and the third most abundant element on earth after oxygen and silicon .volcanoes spew this and other elements , metals into the air . . barium in the atmosphere is not unusual as it results from diesel combustion + burning of waste + industrial polution , and airplane kerosene …etc., strontium , since chernoble and fukushima is not unusual ….. THERE ARE NO TEST RESULTS that show 100s or 1000s of times more than normal quantities….. I’ve studied all the claims of “chem”-trail theorists and there is NO evidence of such a thing ….

      • Any how, though, you’re trying to mislead people by misused science. All a person needs to ask, based on your statement, is when was the last time a volcano erupted that spewed enough of these harmful metals into the air? Furthermore, why do trees, lakes and ponds contain elevated levels of these metals – way beyond the normal range?

        I don’t know what you’re referencing when you say “THERE ARE NO TEST RESULTS,” but I plan on conducting my own research. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH PEOPLE! Have trees, water and anything else you can think of tested! Information is controlled, especially at the scientific level! Don’t let people likeGeorge Dorn dictate what is real and unreal!

  5. Charlie Brooks (im a girl)

    Sonia, I am not able to download your 12/08/11 show with Don Croft.:16 of music will download and that is all. Any suggestions? I really want to hear what he says about the zapper

  6. Wind speed at 40 000 ft is between 50 and 100 mph so when you claim that your filters are dirty after planes pass is irrelevant and there is no correlation between your dirty filters and the passing of these planes ….

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  8. Morgellons is a radio signal is sent to the 2.6 Ghz. Morgellons active, we breeding worms. This is a radio sequence that is broadcast on the usual UHF radio and mobile. Shockingly this is the radio signal can erupt, the subcutaneous disease Morrgellons. The Military Psychophaten the dream a long time to get as Borrelia for Awakening give some of Electromagnetic pathogens. This was created by Swiss pharmaceutical company lists the frequency of each birngt to awaken the common pathogens of electromagnetic influence. The revival of Borrelia is performed at 4 Hz. The radio signals are active Morgellons create any extra good on the AM and longwave band. The FLORAKO RADAR SYSTEM IS USED TO phoenix project. The signal is broadcast on the 2.7 GHz band in a pulse width modulation. There are people trying to kill or paralyze the way. Morgellons disease is one of the Electromagnetic associated diseases that are bred artificially. This is a war against the public and the meanness that this Morgellons active signal is transmitted over the radio and Handyenze produced in those affected enrome damage. The Morgellons active signals are very good to fortuitous with long-wave receiver and slowly radiated with 3 or 4 Hz. The project service to paralyze people. The frequencies in the GHz Berreich were successfully performed with human experiments in 2010 in Switzerland, where the person concerned in concrete works “disposed of” were. The pattern in the 3Ghz Raudiobereich has an influence aud the RNA and DNA damage produced, in connection with the barium is Fully spray diligently, a more efficient Bepatterung under the skin are performed. The sometimes cruel human experiments in Switzerland are used for the conversion of the Grosspharmakonserne. The Morgellons active sequences along Natel networks to Ghz range received. This calculation Swearing peoples and against human rights, the radiation protection will still watch the next 7 years until the cruelty was vomited.

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