The Gladiator Code Project: One Heart, One Love, One US

Today, my guest will be Bee MacGuire. Bee is an award-winning journalist, editor, and author, and a charter member of the Humanism, Management, and Globalization Centre at HEC Montréal at the University of Montréal. She has had a long career as a journalist and editor working for the Montreal Star, the Montreal Gazette, CBC radio and many other publications and media outlets. While working at the Montreal Gazette, Bea blew the lid off the Pesticides-Cancer link. She revealed solid evidence that 20 years of studies had clearly established a causal connection between pesticides and several types of cancer and she demonstrated that the medical establishment had suppressed this information for 20 years. Not one M.D. was willing to speak out in the column. Following that series of columns, Bee MacGuire was invited to a dinner by Governor General at Government House to dine with Prince Charles.

Bee is now working, in a university setting, on an urgent peace project titled ‘The Unifying Factor: One Heart, One Love, One US!’ where she:
“demonstrates humbly and respectfully, in a ‘beyond reasonable doubt” fashion, that: All of our deepest solution work on our core problem of conflict, as a well-meaning human family, its cause, its nature, and how best to resolve it, (values-based, conceptual, and even theological), has been based on a small but core erratum that she labels the Gladiator Error. ”

A lesser-known fact about Bee is that she was raised in a Vatican (Satanic) cult and now speaks out against ritual abuse.

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5 responses to “The Gladiator Code Project: One Heart, One Love, One US

  1. “Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we’re looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power.”

    P. J. O’Rourke

    Good show ladies!

  2. Hi, girls! Please watch the following videoes. Benjamin Fulford is explaining everything about the Satanist Illuminati’s criminals and what they did and what their plans are. First, he explained in Japanese, and then he explained in English. He explained that 3/11 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan was made by NUKES planted under the seabed. And Now Prime Minister, Nakasone and Koizumi ordered Chikyumaru Ship to plant NUKES under the seabed beside Chiba Prefecture to create another Earthquake and Tsunami around Tokyo. They want to make Tokyo vacant land by the Earthquake to make big money for the construction.

  3. thank-you, truther girls. i thank-you for having BEA. let’s have her back.

  4. I just listened to the show with Bea. She is awesome and right on. So many times you here about the feminine principle and mother earth. It is nice to hear someone actually say something. You were talking about the North Korean leader, Kim Joung-eun. I actually live an hour bike ride away from his ancestral burial grounds at the base of Moak Mountain outside of Jeonju South Korea.

  5. Wow, we could really sense the tension in Sonias’ voice at the beginning of the interview. What a horrible cult experience. I’ve been severely spirit channel raped but I think Bee was referring to material conscious experience of exposed to murder by her father. More dangerous than the toys of cruelty are the psychopaths that create spirit channels that destroy. Her father was a freak made by psychopaths with a thicker veneer of normal material behaviour. My experience was similar in that channels insisted on an enemy and “who do want to destroy?”. As sensible as it may seem to destroy the psychopath, it isn’t as valuable as a combination of resistance, retaliation, and public exposure. As a compromise I still offer permission to spirit channels to blind Silvio Berlusconis’ anatomy and channel identity using my identity in an effort to create some humility in THE freak. The greater goal is to expose the HIStoric policies that created the mess. There is always a problem of demented interpretation. The most recent insight into Berluism was “why.destroy it if it isn’t fixed yet” typical of the 180 degree turn of interpretations of those certain of the security of secrecy of thought. Bees’ description of Universe sounded quite sensibly accurate. It’s also my experience that the division conquest of psychopaths separating men and women is very fundamental along with spirit channel cannibalism. Also my experience was very Catholic and those working for Catholic for about a year before the 4 years of battling Berlusconi. Well,,, battling as much as a no see em, or gnat or mosquito can. Truthergirls Rock! Keep on keep’n on.

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