Snuff Films and Pedophiles in High Places in Arizona

The following was written by someone who wishes to remain anonymous:

I used to work in civil service for a small government research department in Phoenix, AZ

Most of the research we did was mundane and really dull. One thing we did were studies of other departments including the sheriff’s department headed by the famous Joe Arpaio, the ‘toughest sheriff in America’.

On more than one occasion when interviewing Sheriff’s Department employees allegations of misconduct would come up usually regarding drug and under age prostitution rings. In 2006, while conducting an exit (after employment) interview with a former Sheriff’s Department, similar allegation came up but with an added twist. The interview was basically normal, covering aspects of the job, benefits, compensations etc. At the end I asked interviewees if they had anything they would like to add. In this instance the respondent seemed like he had something he wanted to add but was reluctant. I assured him I would respect his confidentiality and was actually under an oath to do so and if I did violate his confidentiality he could file charges on me. He began to tell me there were ‘bad things, criminal things’ going on at the Sheriff’s Department but was reluctant to go further. I let him know I had heard things like that in the past and even prompted him by say ‘ you’re talking about the drug rings and the prostitution rings’. He then said ‘yes but that’s not all of it. They make movies in these old warehouses out in Scottsdale.’ After my somewhat blasé but friendly response he went on to say these movies were using ‘little kids’ by which he did not mean teenagers. He also mentioned a specific, highly placed person in the Sheriff’s Department.

A few months later I was visiting with an old friend and one of his buddies. During the course of the conversation I mentioned an incident where the Sheriff’s Department had given me a copy of the blueprints to the new jail to use as a map because they were tired of providing me with an armed escort when I had to go down there. I thought this was really stupid of them and joked about selling it on EBay. My friend’s buddy then began asking me what I knew about the Sheriffs Department and ‘things I heard’. When I asked for specifics he replied ‘criminal activities’ I told him about the drug and teenage prostitute rings, which were basic common knowledge on the street. He asked me if I heard anything about anything in Scottsdale and I said that I did, something about movies being shot in warehouses out there. He then said ‘did I know what kind of movies’ and I said ‘what I heard was kiddie porn but you hear all kinds of things’ and he said, really loudly ‘ it’s not just kiddie porn, it’s kiddie snuff porn. This was a bit much for me and I looked over at my friend as to say is he for real and all my friend said was ‘it’s true’. Then as he was going on about it he said ‘ do you know who’s behind it ?’ And before I could say anything, he blurted out the same name the ex-employee had.

The last reference to the kiddie porn movies came while visiting a friend of one of my neighbors. We had gone over there to ‘party’. When the neighbor’s friend found out where I worked he was at first suspicious since contraband herbal party supplies were in evidence then after awhile became more comfortable. He asked me what I knew about the Sheriff’s Department and also, the witness protection program and could I get a hold of someone for him.

Upon me asking ‘why?’ he wanted to know stuff, he then went into a long tale about how his cousin was a LEO, was involved in a case that involved law enforcement and Federal judges, and then provided some very gruesome details about special movies being made, that involved very small children and infants, grownups, strange costumes, and snuff (killing). His cousin supposedly had entered witness protection, no one ever went to trial, and he hadn’t heard from her since. He wanted to know if I could a message to his cousin. The movies, he mentioned at one point, were filmed in some old warehouses and also mentioned the name of the Sheriff’s Department employee. The details he gave me, supposedly coming from his cousin to whom he was very close, were horrific.
He had also mentioned that his cousin had been very badly affected by this and had been persuaded to stay on the case because of her ‘in’. Supposedly also this was something she stumbled on while doing undercover work investigating cocaine smuggling.

Unfortunately I was not in a position to help him. Same story from three different sources that I seriously doubt knew each other.

One of the deputies whose name came up in connection with the things described above was David Hendershott who, when he retired at full pension, was rehired the next day in a new position, at over 150 thousand dollars a year in addition to his pension. His son, by the same name is also a Sheriff’s Department employee. Hendershott was found to have been hiring friends to ‘work’ for the Sheriff’s department, without having them do much actual work.

Hendershott was fired in 2011 “based on the findings of a six-month probe, conducted by Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, into allegations including mismanagement, nepotism and obstruction of a criminal investigation. Babeu’s investigation was triggered by a 63-page internal memo detailing a long list of questionable behavior among top Sheriff’s Office employees.’
Despite his public fall from grace during this scandal, Hendershott now works as a private investigator, offering “products and services” which include, among other things, “child abduction recovery”.

Hendershott lost his job and was vilified in the press for engaging in various forms of corruption, but he was never questioned regarding his knowledge of the abuse of adults and children, and their use in snuff films. These are the crimes that go univestigated and unpunished because exposing them would expose the rotten core of the justice system itself.

99 responses to “Snuff Films and Pedophiles in High Places in Arizona

  1. Ghastly. Reminds me of the murdered women of Ciudad Juárez, a Mexican city just across the border from Texas and New Mexico. One theory for those killings is that rich American men pay large sums of money for a weekend of committing horrible crimes against women. Anyone foolish enough to think that psychopaths have no effect on history should read these things and realize that these hyenas in human clothing have been our enemies forever.

  2. Interesting jst goes to show you cannot trust anyone…

    • You mean “you cannot trust those who have been pushed up the government ladder with your kids, because it’s the parents responsibility alone and no one shall try to take away kids from their parents other than God”

  3. Where is their concious? We all have one don’t we? Is theirs defective? This is something that my brian cannot fathom, it cannot work it out as to the reason why, it cannot file it away as “solved” whenever I read stories such as this, they play over and over again in my mind like torture because my mind doesn’t know what to do with them. TAKE THE PICTURES OUT OF MY HEAD THEY HURT!!!!!!!

    • there you have learned their purpose, – control.
      for those who graduate up to that level there is no going back.
      and you do what ever your master ask, without question or complaint.
      or get turned in like micheal jackson.

  4. in addition to all this. steven segal was quick to hook up a t.v. deal and job with this sherriff, just after a female sex slave was found in his lousiana home. sex offenders and murderers working together. keeping the ones who would stop this out. there will come a time to fight them, im ready. when will everyone else be?

  5. Arizona was recently listed as one of the top porno centers in the US – almost on a par with California.

    Steven Segal used to be married to an actress who divorced him on grounds of physical abuse, as I recall.

  6. Excuse me but can I ask you something? Why did you not use appropriate chanels to report this when you first heard of it.let alone wait until you heard it from 3 different sources AND STILL DID NOTHING!!! Not reporting ANY information about child sexual assault is child abus e. WHen it comes to protecting children the motto is “if in doubt SHOUT”..worry about the consequences later.

    • Wake up. Where should you go? The police??? This is a joke, right?
      The only thing a journalist can do is to check and double check. Then make it known to the world, not just one police station. Going through appropriate channels is the last thing a good citizin should do. Dont be naieve, thats how you get killed.

    • honest policemen, and even federal judges have better things to do than die

  7. Cheryl-in-Quebec-4189636704

    Sonya, we have been in touch personally with George in Riverside, and we need to get to know you personally also – we are a 6-hr drive away from you here in Quebec. YouTube channel fishersofmenvideo. Call or email asap. We’ve been ‘aware’ for 15 years.

  8. This sounds a lot like the Franklin Cover up story. The people “running” the world are a bunch of criminal, depraved, satanist pedophiles. Do not try to understand their mentality but also do not think this does not exist at the highest levels of our government. Normal people cannot conceive of this type of behavior because it is inhuman. They count on normal people not being able to mentally process their sick behavior or just plain denying that this sort of thing can be happening. We need to get over this and HELP OUR CHILDREN.

    • Karen – absolutely correct. I have been on this subject for almost 30 years ever since I knew this girl I liked, but seemed troubled, so I cornered her younger sister and asked, “Whats following your sister around?” She freaked that I even asked her, and this is what she said, “My sister was sexually abused and she made a pact with satan when she was 13.” I didnt ask her to elaborate. So Im not sure if she did this under her own volition or if she was coerced by adults. So that put me on a path. Unfortunately I think it is epidemic. Its also not something people want to read over their morning coffee.

  9. This info meshes with most of what’s been established on the topic. This stuff is everywhere in politics and media/hollywood. It’s one of the reasons ‘they’ work so hard to keep the public in the dark. If this kind of information were made widely known, there would be rioting and lynchings of many public officials overnight. Luckily for us their time is ending and this will be slowly brought to light during the course of the year.

  10. Crippled But Free

    In NO way do I wish do dismiss or diminish the the suffering depicted in this story But – How many problem’s are the fed’s having w/ the state of Arizona?
    Confrontation w/ the gov., they are enforcing imigration law’s (don’t wag a finger I live n the SW and see the problem daily) and let’s not forget the murder’s due to ‘fast and furious’.
    I am not defending anyone here just pointing out there is motive to slander certain official’s in Az. A story so horrid and offensive deliver’s a hell of a punch and can keep a normally inquisitive mind at bay. The construction of the story, how it does not come right out and tell you the offence it ‘lube’s’ the belief system w/ 1st drug’s and prostitution 2nd drug’s and teenage prostitution now it is an easier step to the really ugly stuff.
    Again the event’s described in the story are beyond wrong they represent real evil but what would also be evil is to use something like this as a psy-op.
    Please be careful people the reason we are in this is because we have a HEART, do not think they wont use it against us.
    Do not forget to Think when faced w/the horror of thier true face!

  11. In January 2005 I reported to Nottingham [UK] Police the fact that I had over heard two paedophiles discussing a victim they “had lined up” by the name of Madeleine McCann, Praia D Lush in Portugal was also mentioned at that time.
    This was quite some time before her eventual abduction, after which I attempted to alert the authorities of that fact for some 18 months, only to be met with stony silence then outright ridicule as it apparently appeared to the authorities that an organised gang could have planned it so far in advance, or to have been so bold as to discuss it in public.
    The establishment did what it does best and formed an impenetrable wall of callous insolent hypocrisy.
    Madeleine McCann’s hometown is only some 30 or so miles from Nottingham and it also may or may not be coincidence, that the officer who I reported this to, Detective Sergeant Yvonne Scales, was also the regional Police liaison officer appointed to the Catholic Church [she changed her name to Dales soon after the recorded interview]

    So based on my own experience, I personally have no doubt that this account from Arizona is more likely true than false.

  12. Organize a group of trusted friends who believe as you do,and target one who you believe is involved in the crime or the cover-up,..plan& execute a kidnapping of this person,and while filming,beat/torture the TRUTH out of him..,use the evidence gained this way to target other guilty parties until you get an over all picture of the extent of the criminal network,and use that information to take them all down..,It will take using just as ruthless an approach as the criminals to fight this…

    • Mike… are we at war? Even if we were, we wouldn’t go so far. They might. But that is them.

      And no, you will not be able to take down his system using the psychopaths methodology.

  13. Next thing would be, inform the military.
    Not the officers, but the real men.

    • You must be joking. All the high-ranking officers are homosexual pedophiles and even the rank-and-file are kept in line because of homosexual “hazing” which has been recorded.

  14. What do they do with pedophiles in prison ?

  15. “What do they do with pedophiles in prison ?” They kill you or beat you to a pulp, and rightfully so.


  16. Although I do believe there are some very bad people in law enforcement, and in other places too, snuff rumors run rampant everywhere. It is possible for 3 people who don’t know each other to hear the same rumor and then retell it. I’m not saying it isn’t true, I just would want more solid evidence before spreading this and perhaps giving the perpetrators a “heads up” before they can get caught.

  17. of course its real…. this whole planet needs remodeled

  18. to be honest the cia and the fbi and many others are involved this sickness and the pope and the queen of england remember the massacre of mohawks in canada and the queen left with ten children to never be heard from again and this accusation is coming from where right now a sheriff commited suicide on december 5th 2011 and there is nothing being said except he died here in lea county nm there is a chief of police who is involved in slave trade here a green card a north korean
    every thing is this drugs and slaves from red china for panda restaurants
    fro the bohemain grove san francisco and denver colarado and many other spots in america where satanist dwell not tsionist but satanist and the vatican pagan church of lucifer

  19. Really? This sounds completely made up. Either you are making this up yourself or you are too gullible to notice when someone is “pulling your leg.” Just because you add links that line up with bits and pieces of your story, doesn’t make the rest of it true.

    • Jon rightstone

      Smarten up,this shits very real all u gotta do is research it,start wth frankiln cover up,the dutroux affair,mcmartin daycare,presidio daycae

  20. Sadly, the inmates are running the asylum.

    • The world is run by a sexually deviant pedophile elite, who have so much power, the cops, lawyers, judges, and courts protect them. If you examine everything from banking, Hollywood to war, I believe this is the underlying constant of their motivations; the sexual predation of weak and broken children people. Period.

  21. … Humans huh? Just stumbled by… Merely confirming something. Why don’t they just hang them already? Hmph. How do these syndicates get away with it anyway? What the heck is government doing about it? … Guess I already know the answer to that one…

  22. Does Any one Know If Any of the Victim’s that never got put on Film Are Around to be Questioned? I can tell You The Answer to That!!!! They are Around!!! I Know of at Least 5 as of a Year Ago! I am One!!!!!! Kiss My A$$ if You Don’t Believe the Reality of The Bastards Who Hurt Children For They’re Sick Sexual Desire’s!!! The Cop’s Knew And Made Money From it!!! We could Not Go To Them! I Hate The Non Believer’s Who Ridicule Those Who Survived!!!!!!

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  25. why don’t you all save your urine,and bottle it,add a log of shit,then spray your body with pee and poo or bathe in it,dry off and have some smelly EIO SEX.

  26. try chris spivey in the UK.

  27. My experience with these kinds of allegations is that the claims made are not specific enough to investigate. I’ve looked into a few, but the leads evaporate or the claims are disqualified by the facts. The vast majority of people in law enforcement are decent, honest, courageous men and women. If someone comes forward with hard leads, law enforcement will pursue them. If anyone has such hard evidence and cannot find someone to investigate, contact me at and I’ll help you find someone to look into it.

    • I agree that there are some people in law enforcement that are as you describe, although sadly, not the majority. Hard leads? Hard Evidence? That is the problem!! In a case where the ONLY people who know it’s happening are the victim(s) & the perpetrator(s). The perpetrators are usually MASTERS at hiding their “secret lives” (in which they are capable of UNTHINKABLE/UNSPEAKABLE acts, as well as MURDER or whatever it takes to cover their tracks) and the victims have been BRAINWASHED, ABUSED, & THREATENED (usually not with their own lives because they don’t even care about themselves anymore, but with the lives of THEIR LOVED ONES.) By someone who OBVIOUSLY has the CAPABILITY of DOING IT!!!! When he tells you NO ONE WILL BELIEVE YOU (usually because he’s such a “well known” and “valuable” member of society) and that NO ONE will be able to PROTECT YOUR FAMILY, certainly not FOREVER, especially with you gone, it’s REAL hard NOT to believe. Not to mention the fact that those that are closest to the victim are almost ALWAYS in DENIAL, as the idea that, say,
      THAT GUY!!!!
      ALL THIS TIME!!!!!!!! (Whether it be a week, month, year, decade(s) etc.)
      BEHIND YOUR BACK (Possibly in your own home or BED)

      My experience with these kinds of allegations are similar to yours,
      LEADS EVAPORATE – (people aren’t really sure anymore if they REALLY saw what they thought they saw), (the victim is INFORMED that they will HAVE TO FACE their ATTACKER/FAMILY FRIEND IN PERSON in court & SAY OUT LOUD in front of GOD & EVERYONE EXACTLY what he made you do & JUST CAN’T DO IT, charges are dropped)
      “CLAIMS ARE DISQUALIFIED BY THE FACTS” – (TRAUMATIZED VICTIMS get the date wrong or forget some detail & remember it later (must be lying). But more often then not a decent, honest, courageous individual that THINKS he or she “KNOWS” the ACCUSED (that’s only if this person is not ACTUALLY, IN ON IT AS WELL) will give a FALSE ALIBI or witness statement to cover “George’s” a** because “George” is a good man and COULDN’T POSSIBLY! ( “Besides, I KNOW George was lying about being home that night but it’s only because…… He told me so.”)

      I was the 4 year old VICTIM. Frightened, with no voice and no power. It had been going on for as long as I could remember, I was only now starting to see that other dads weren’t the same as mine. Didn’t “love” their daughters in the same way. My Dad paid more attention to me than anybody. He was nicer to me too, most of the time. Everyone loved him! He couldn’t possibly!! So it went on…

      I’m just wondering, EXACTLY what kind of HARD EVIDENCE would have made my “story” BELIEVABLE?!?
      Maybe I should have thought to pick up and hide one of the dirty socks he used to clean me up with when he was done with me. No, he would have noticed it missing, and he had made it clear long ago that if I ever put him at risk for being found out he would just kill me and make it look like an accident. Besides, a dirty sock with c*m on it, what kinda proof is that?
      I’m sorry, it’s nothing personal, most people think the same way that you do. It’s just UNFORTUNATE that for the VICTIMS/CHILDREN that means there is NO HOPE!

      • I was commenting on the investigation of snuff films. Your case is an entirely different issue and many such cases are brought successfully to trial. But just because something happened doesn’t mean that law enforcement can prove it.

        What are you looking for? Do you want your father convicted? Do you want financial compensation? Are you looking for recovery? Justice? Do you seek to demonize the police for failing to make the case? Do you want to make things better for children growing up today? What?

        This is a fact: law enforcement will never be able to investigate, arrest and convict any more than a tiny fraction of the child sexual predators active today. The only hope for the next generation is for enough adults to learn how to spot the predators and keep they away from our children. it’s not that hard to learn how to spot them. The problem is that most of us don’t want to. We would rather pretend that what people say is more important than what people do. Most adults today would prefer to be willfully ignorant.

        What happened to you is not your fault. It doesn’t sound to me that the police are to blame either. Your father is. To the extent that adults around you turned a blind eye to what was going on, they, too, share responsibility. You sound like a victim and as a child you couldn’t do anything about it. But as an adult, now, you have to decide how you are going to handle it, how you’re going to deal with it, how you are going to turn that experience into a strength. Or do you want to stay a victim?

    • Mr. Hampson, perhaps there are decent law enforcement officers in other parts of the country; however, here in Arizona there is ONLY corruption. In 2004 I took enough “hard” evidence to convict 5 states politicians to the DOJ in Utah. I was told to not speak of it to anyone. Two weeks later, Rick Romley up and resigned for no reason, mid-term, the computers of the Mayor of Glendale & Mayor of Mayor were confiscated and a huge IA investigation (which is still on-going) began at MCSO for the El Mirage files. and 1/3 of PhxPD were retired, resigned or fired suddenly, butt no charges were ever pressed on any of them. They have the evidence and still do nothing. Now, in 2013 many of those people have suddenly returned to their positions and I would assume have begun re-establishing their immoral activities. If you think this type of thing is stoppable then you haven’t been to Phoenix, AZ.

      • Incidentally, you are all wrong about Arpaio. Of all the officials involved, he was one the few NOT on that list. Why do you suppose Romley hates him so much. Phoenix, will have no one left to defend it “behind it all” when he retires.

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  29. I live in Phoenix, Az. Have my whole life. Almost everyone knows about the corrupt Sherriff’s Posse, but there isn’t anything that can be done… Unless of course six feet under isn’t a problem to you. I saw one of those snuff films when I was 18. I shrugged it off as fake, even though something about it was different. I couldn’t forget it, and I should have downloaded it, but couldn’t find it again. I was thinking I had imagined it or placed a false memory in my head, until recently. A friend of a friend from Northern AZ confirmed the types of snuff films him and his brothers had stumbled upon and stated that what I saw matches what they found. It was a snuff ring in Northern AZ ran by their sheriff and men. He took an axe to the head for it, but survived; now it’s more of a stalemate. Nobody will touch him, but he won’t open his mouth about it unless he absolutely believes you don’t have a connection. Even then, it’s very limited as to what he will tell you. The walls have ears everywhere.

  30. Whoever wrote this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me. I have more info regarding this. I NEED to speak with you. This is extremely urgent.

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  34. / I moved here 4 yrs ago for a better life….. HAHAHAHA was that a the first year was good, I had a good job my family my home. I was at that time actively trying to get my son from his father,who had 2yrs prior taken my son without permission to WYOMING. I lost my job and was on unemployment and coluld no longer pay my rent. low and behold I got an email that I had 10 days to get my son. He was in a mental home due to physical and sexual abuse done by his own father. I had no car no money and no family that believed hm and hated me, no help. So I went to the 27th ave in Phoenix Az to be a lady of the night I mean anything right to get to my son. Well a “friend” of mine came to me on the 9th day and told me that she had a ride for me. I went to this house knocked on the door a scary fat Hispanic man answered the door. Crying almost unable to speak I told him my real name and said ” are you really going to help me are you really going to take me to get my son?” he said yes to come inside so he could pack a few things and drink a beer. I said ok. We walked past an elderly lady who was sitting in a rocking chair. I remember thinking of whistlers mother. he closed is bedroom door and I sat on the bed he offered me a beer i said no he bent down I thought to get his beer and came up with a knife he put it to my throat and sad did i want to do this the nice way or did i wnt to make him mad then he proceeded to pull my pants off. I just cried and yelled no he put the knife to my throat again and i shut up. he moved to the side I pushed him off of me and ran out thedoor pantless screaming and crying through two apartment complexes and to my own apt I ran upstairs and straight to the shower where i cryed and showered the evil off. I dried my tears and proceeded to the truck stop on 51st and mcdowell to hitch hike with the truckers to get my son after all he needed me I was just going to have to forget about the horrible thing that had happened. Finally after what seemed like all night of walking I made it . I finally found a ride he took me all the way to denver colorado. where he gave me 1000 cash and sad get my son home safely I thanked him kissed his cheek got my son bought 600 worth of bus tickets. once home my son overherd me telling this to a friend and wanted me to tell the police. so I did. the police went as far as bringingthe previously convicted mans picture up on their screen in the car and a report on the same night that showed a report of a woman running through the apt parking lot with no pants screeming. the officers said they had to talk to their sargent who came down andsaid he didnt believe me because I didnt report it that night. little was I to know that was only begining of my story. Next I experienced being forced out of my home. ending up in the hospital. my son being taken and my rights severed they say abandonment even have charged me with it. To my rights being severed. To being stalked and pictures being taken of me by ladies. to being falsely charged of drug felonies to being rapped and beaten,beaten drugged and jailed by officers. when i woke up in jail i collapsed the nurse came and got me screaming tostand up but when i stood up i fell to the ground i was so woosie and week she kept screaming at me about being tired of these herroin users and how i was a the oppiomy of nasty. Did i forget to mention i never used herroin. she trird o give me a hand full of pills and i refused dhe told me i would be inthere longer so i took them the next five days im told i only woke up for med call. i dont recall but the fifth day i woke up a girl ran to me she said omg i have prayed and prayed for you I thought you were dead a few times.When i got in the shower I remember my privates both front and back hurting and I was badly ripped bet ween the two.But the nurse would not even look or give antibiotics. I guess I was just pale and sickly for the remainder of my stay i slept and slept and took their pills to get off herroin. To this date i do not know even what herroin looks likes nthe only witness to the rape in the back of a police cruiser was a homeless man who slept on the corner of the place I was rapped and arrested. was scared for his life.I will never forget him telling me. I saw the police hurt you I said well go with me to tell the police and i stopped he looked at me said who do you tell the police on?>?>?> he said “THE POLICE” and has since disappered. I could go into much greater detail but im scared for my life and my freedom. Now that they have labeled me as a drug addicted prostitute and felon no one will even listen to me. But most recently I waspicked up on 27th ave by two men nice looking clean cutt they drove me to a house 91st ave and it looked normal but once inside i knew it was not The first thing i noticed was all the doors and windows were boarded up not to mention it was covered with plastic from ceiling to floor Their was a tv and an old barber chair in the room they zipp tied me down and began playing these horrible dvds of wemon being kidnapped from right around here and being rapped and killed they taunted me I have no idea how long it went on it seemed like forever then one mans phone rang he answered it told the other man he would be right back he instucted the second man to not mess this up. Once the first man left the second sat onthe floor mocking the other man he put a needle in his arm and just like that passed out, went to sleep died hell i dont know, i just twisted my wrist and until finally one ziptie snapped the other soon followed and i was able to free my feet soon after i Ran out that door and ran all the way to 27th ave to my boy friend who earlier that night had pleeded with me not to go out but i did. I think it was this midnight productions but not certain. Ok im certain .

  35. Midnight Productions is Lisa AKA “Bigblock” just north of 72nd ave and Thomas Rd in Phoenix Arizona Maryvale. Known associates ; Vaughn, Tommy Gunn, Russ who owns house near north of 72nd ave & Thomas, Cowboy, etc. Not an urban legend, supposed bodys in back yard, first room in Galway of house is the coffin room. Send a forensic team there and you’ll find out! Any one who’s had the balls to speak out against these punks has disappeared. Fuck Midnight Productions and it’s supporters. May they suffer worse deaths than their victims. To Bigblock your nothing but a traitor to those who we’re close to you through deception like, RIP Boone and others. My you die a slow death and burn in hell! Those afraid to speak out against these punks, grow some balls and speak up or your just as guilty as these fucks. Either be part of the solution or condone their actions through silence.

    • I am one of the girls in the picture…I am very afraid…the things I went through I wouldnt wish on my worst enemy….I need to go about this the right way….please help me to do so

      • The place in question is W Merrell St. Just two blocks north of Thomas Rd. The front door faces south and it’s the 3rd house in the north sid of Merrell. Russ owns the home /torture hotel. Lisa “aka” Bigblock runs the show. If you could try to get this information to the right people, cops, news, whoever.

      • Jeanette Lewis martin

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      • Jeanette Lewis martin

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    • Im pretty sure the Midnight Productions is true! Why in this day and age is this still happening?? I will be doing a investigation on this.

  36. I will blow them up today that house will be left not standing

  37. Regina Jennings

    How can I contact you? Obviously you are no longer in Arizona…otherwise you wouldn’t be alive. EVERYONE is touchable so why wasn’t the information you have given to an “appropriate outsource”? I’m born & raised in Phoenix & I know exactly what all this is about…I rescued kids!!! WHATEVER IT TOOK!! It’s commendable that a person has guys enough to actually POST any information relating to this, BUT KNOW THIS…This is not something new happening in Arizona or started happening at the time information shared brought it to light for you. I honestly believed “MIDNIGHT PRODUCTIONS” had been irreparably disassembled in spite of the so called “good guys”. I know the parties who anonomousy sat in the hierarchy of that food chain exist no more….sooool if this information shared here is reliable (I personally…no doubt) this means…a Sheriff’s Department employee gathered the remnants/ashes/information/details/evidence/financial records, etc….etc…raked the evil from the ashes like a demonic Phoenix Bird and made it their own!!!! WTF!!!

    • y do you think its over? most of the bikers r dead but what about the copy cats that spawned from the family members of those bikers.

  38. My sister has been trying to leave Phoenix for a year now, she’s from Ohio and went out there to start fresh with only a bag of clothes and a little money. She had a chance to finally come home, but the day of she was robbed, beaten, and violated AGAIN. She did some “work” for a production company called Midnight Productions recently, and ever since she has been harassed, threatened, and beaten. She tried to report the incidents to the police again yesterday, but this time they told her she doesn’t exist in their system. Like not anywhere. How is that possible when she has made numerous reports to their department??? I’m terrified for her. I don’t know how to help her!!!!

    • I’m in az and I know a lot of people and heard a lot of rumors, covered up murders ect. I’m homeless and know a lot of people here, who’s your sister

  39. If at all possible I would like to talk, learn share theories and what not with anybody who not affiliated with these people.

  40. So first she writes this:

    “I assured him I would respect his confidentiality and was actually under an oath to do so and if I did violate his confidentiality he could file charges on me. ”

    Then, in the very next paragraph, she writes:

    “My friend’s buddy then began asking me what I knew about the Sheriffs Department and ‘things I heard’… He asked me if I heard anything about anything in Scottsdale and I said that I did, something about movies being shot in warehouses out there. ”

    Seriously, wtf? She openly admits that she broke her oath without any thought or hesitation whatsoever. To her friend’s “buddy”, no less? A guy she didn’t even know?? Is she really a trustworthy source?

  41. mickelle biggs taken video raped then murdered by mesa cop body buried in back yard of Dobson ranch home over looking jr.high on guadelupe in the shadow of the catholic cross. look at mesa p.d. matt driver, Edward clair riesch, fbi protecting him changed eye color in wanted poster to hazel they are really bright blue might still be living in east tempe under assumed name. Tempe judge Fred Ackel sodemised my high school sweetheart while baby sitting for him at 13 years old. he later let the person who tried to murder me go o.r. after rioting busting out windows at the old jail the judge was paid off with drug money from his uncles, Had a bar in Queen Creek, there is a mine shaft porthole goes straight down 14 seconds deep before you hear anything then continues on I know there is bodies down there, a place Satanists and dirty cops hide tier bodies. there is rumored for many, many years there is a home in Phoenix were there is a back yard well that is so deep you never hear it land I have that address, its goes all the way to the white house look up jeff ganon. I know were all the bodies are buried but get threatened off by the cops, plus much more, tweeken decon aka cameraman, pig pen, The movie sinsimllia street kids video tape found children murdered but one, another child killed by mistaken identity I know the loan survivor,as well as the location of a C.D. taken from midnight productions. Are you ready??? spankerbone

  42. Breyon Johnson

    Blood Imma Nigga (Blaxk Gang member) That Live With These People && Have Been Livin Here For A Few Months My Whole Fuxkin Family Lives In This House && Have Seen No Indixation Of Any Of This Ridixulous Shit That Is Being Said About Them The People You Guys Are Axxusing Of Doin This Weird Shit Are Very Karin && Lovin “Big Bloxk” && Her Family Took My Family In When Nobody Else Would Ive Had My Kids && Nephews Here Being Shown Nothin But Love && Respext && Didnt Kare About My Skin Kolor && Brought No Harm To Me My Kids Or My Other Family Members SO EVERYBODY THAT SAYIN THIS SHIT ABOUT THEM KAN STFUP && GET A LIFE ON PIIIIRU THESE MY PEOPLE && THEY SOLID ASFUXK LISA IS A WONDERFUL KARIN KID LOVIN LADY YALL BITXH AS NIGGAS STOP HATIN && AXTIN LIKE SHES A FUXKIN KRAZY KHOMO THE ONLY KHOMO IN HERE IN MY BROTHER SHAWN (Just Kidding) Hes A Little Desert Dixk Hand Fuxkin Fag (Just Kidding Kinda) My Name Breyon Johnson 23Years Old Anybody Got Another False Komment Get At ME FUXKIN FAGGOT ASS PUSSIES

  43. Jose Angel Garcia Villarreal

    I just read the article posted regarding higher ups in the justice system and the sheriff’s office, during arpaio’s reign of corruption, is there anything that’s being done by the sheriff’s office today to investigate on this matter and bring justice to the victims.

  44. Pingback: Even worse than what you are currently hearing in the news about politicians & sex! | United States Marijuana Party in Vermont

  45. IDK about you or anyone but my neighbor TOM DIZDUL at 313 W Taro Ln has been involved in CHILD PORN, MIDNIGHT PRODUCTION, IS AN ADDMITTED SEX OFFENDER BUT NOT IN ANY REGISTRY, IN CAHOOTS WITH TELIA AB (sweden), SPOTIFY Sweden), molested the girl across the street directly, is into SERIOUS drug smuggling, stalking, rape and murder and GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT. He sent me (his neighbor) to JAIL Based on LIES!!! WTF, IDK if anyone out there cares ABOUT ANY OF THESE ISSUES – HELP this guy needs to be taught a big f-ing lesson.

  46. Shelley north

    My name shelley. North .im back in texas i was rape druged .my nice truck stolen and almost sold to theses people the police did nothing to help me thay harass me threting me and let me on the streets by the time i got back to texas i was put in ice i will neve go near Arizona again. My truck now setes in Glendale the police are worse then the trafficking people .bad state

  47. Hello. This information, if true, and not some weird tactic to try and psychologically entice or draw out some member or cadre of villains of said despicable goings ons, is astoundingly important. I am a sincere and quite potent whistleblower and actuary for public change and public or political office governance. So, if you would like, please, how might I make a proper acclimation to your office of intellectual college, that is obviously your standing, or rather, your circumstantial imprecation?

  48. 3 palms hotel in south scottsdale. Midnight production’s

  49. Why is it that not one “vigil-ante” hasn’t taken this on on there own existing the corrupt justice system is not as horrific as small children or INFANTS suffering or dying at the hands of these glitches of society? (not good enough to be considered human in my opinion)

  50. It is extremely unlikely that all the events and allegations mentioned in this discussion are 100% true as described. There is no shortage of people on the internet who sincerely believe that all sorts of things are true (or not true) even though they don’t actually have enough knowledge or information to reliably make that call. Reading a bunch of stuff other people said and picking out weird anomalies, contradictions etc. is not proof or evidence…the same goes for having a hunch or “a feeling” that this that or another thing happened/did not happen.

    (A quick thought experiment: Imagine there exists an omniscient Godlike being that knows absolutely everything that has ever happened. There is no lying to, or fooling, this creature because it knows everything and can prove it with hard irrefutable evidence. Would you, in its presence, still trust that you know exactly what happened at an event that you did not personally participate in or witness firsthand? How about if it offered to show you the proof…but if the truth contradicts your unsubstantiated belief, the creature will then inflict great harm on a loved one you hold dear. Would you still confidently claim you are 100% absolutely certain about something you have no way of verifying objectively? Exactly.)

    That bad things, terrible things, unspeakably horrible and cruel things happen in the world is of course true. Most of them are “hidden” in plain sight. There are also countless cruel, sadistic and depraved individuals, with not a shred of human decency, compassion or empathy whatsoever, who delight in causing harm and suffering. Many of them are leaders and respected authority figures in government, law enforcement and business and very often they get away with their crimes. They too are “hidden” in plain sight. All this is true and everyone who isn’t incredibly naive or willfully lying to themselves knows it. Certainly everyone who sincerely posted in this thread knows it.

    As a wise man once noted “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Anyone who truly, sincerely gives a crap about making the world a better place and showing people who have been, or are being, cruelty degraded and dehumanized that not every human being is a devious, duplicitous monster who only cares about their own satisfaction must start by making changes in their own lives, in their own communities, families, friendships and relationships. Stop giving a pass to evil when you encounter it and examine your own hypocrisy and indifference. In a sick society that worships greed, narcissistic self-obsession, nihilistic individualism and instant gratification this is hard and (initially) often thankless work. But if you are serious, you will do it and make the necessary changes.

    But if your “concern” begins and ends with obsessing online over conspiracies (like on this page) that may or may not be true and expressing outrage at shadowy pedophile gangs (e.g. Epstein) that you learned about from the media while virtue signaling your righteous disgust and how you’d kill or punish the perps if you could…well, that just makes you a poser with unresolved psychological, and possibly sexual, issues who’s all talk and no action.

    Then there are the people who’ve never shown any concern for abuse victims or bothered calling out predatory/abusive behavior when they encounter it in their own circles suddenly deciding to do something narcissistic, like forming a vigilante gang and filming themselves attempting to entrap and punish alleged pedophiles (real and imagined) on the streets or on social media. People who’s idea of “doing something” is primarily showy, violent or self-righteous are often battling with their own psychology and illicit urges more than anything else. (It’s like the stereotype of the anti-porn/anti-prostitution/anti-drugs activist who gets busted partying in a hotel room with underage hookers and blow while porno plays in the background or a Harvey Weinstein type “positive role model” being outed as a sociopath who practices the very things he claims to oppose.)

    My point is that if the depraved nihilism and abject cruelty so prevalent in our sick society bothers you, instead of just passively sitting behind a screen and impotently shaking a fist at horrible events that have already happened, and/or endlessly expressing outrage over things you have no influence over, and/or trying way too hard to conspicuously signal a fake moral superiority, it’s much more effective and genuine to counter evil and bad behavior in yourself and in the people with whom you interact on a daily basis.

    That is, if making a positive difference in real people’s lives is what matters to you instead of just partaking in a solipsistic charade or overcompensating for unaddressed shame and guilt issues.

  51. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a colleague who had been doing a little research on this. And he actually ordered me breakfast simply because I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending some time to talk about this issue here on your website.

  52. Jeanette Lewis martin

    I am the loud mouth chic who won’t shut up and reason each of u were all shut down in the first placed stupid girls trying to enact an dead issue that ruined my family and destroyed my life u r more insulting to think I would b so easily put out by our failed attempts to make urselves gods or try to control them whatever ur edge is it was proved in 2007 that the very photo used at the top of this post of the two women gaged n bond were not true victims of snuff B’s but active participants in the witch game females play on their own family’s selling their own babies vomiting crimes against humanity crying wolf screaming rape make shifting events and solicitation of bogus suport blaming club affiations and OFFICALS OF THE state Of Arizona as funding founders of what was refered to as ur midnight productions…the make up and background were all part of the bad acting script 68 people were charged for violations of the Rico act in conducting an criminal enterprise 38 of them have been participating in cooperating plea agreements under witness protections in the state of new Mexico under confidential informant contracts with the bernilillo county district court ran by man haters & satanic feminist infiltrating male associations & child protective agengies for”cash for kids” scheme & to entrap military family’s and real men who would eliminate them…I helped change policy in Arizona ten years ago and the females I CALL COURT PROSTITUTES trying to set up the mafia & mc clubs as perpetrators and criminals were found guilty of these hanious acts as HAS BEEN REPORTED FALSLY&had depicted MALICIOUSLY to authorities of their own crimes it’s not discussed b cuz it should never b repeated it’s not prosecuted cuz all the real powers already know how sadistic these mental cases of women can b I HAVE NOT FOLLOWED UP ON THIS ISSUE I WAS MADE TO SUFFER BY THE HANDS OF THESE WITCHES UNTIL I AM NOW BEING TARGETED AGAIN A DECADE LATER BY THE SAME FEMALES WHO BEGGED FOR FREEDOMS THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN AFFORDED…IVE TAKEN SCREEN SHOTS OF ALL THE INCRIMINATING REPLIES MADE BY U DRAMATIC LIEING PERVERTED WITCHES AND PLAN TO FORWARD UR CONTINUED AFFLICTIONS ON UNWITTING INNOCENCE TO THE FEDS AS SOON AS I LET U KNOW THIS ONE LAST TIME THE ONLY MERCY U R GIVEN IS THE FACT THAT U HAVE SURVIVED TO READ MY LAST WORDS…I WILL HAVE U OVER POPULATING THE JAILS U HAVE FILLED WITH THE MEN U HAVE TURNED AGAINST AND I WILL B UR COMMANDING OFFICER IN CHARGE U WILL NOT GET OFF WITHOUT A DECADE OF HARD SOLID TIME OF MY LECTURING AND PROGRAMING OF WHAT IT MEANS TO B A GOOD WOMEN MOTHER AND WIFE DAILY UNTIL U R CAPABLE OF a BETTER REASONING THEN I AM MYSELF U WILL NOT B LET GO…U WILL NOT B MADE VICTIMS AND U WILL HAVE ANY MORE VICTIMS…THATS MY WORD AGAINST URS lets do this again I am Jeanette Lewis Martin

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