Restoring Vision Naturally: My Story

A couple of years ago, I posted a video called ‘Opticians Hate This Video’ which was about how glasses for myopia weaken your vision and that poor vision can be corrected with exercises. Due to popular demand, I am going to do a follow-up video. But in the meantime, I will tell you my story here.

I have had glasses for myopia since I was nine years old. After getting my first pair with a -0.50 Rx, my eyesight deteriorated over the next few years, until I eventually ended up with a prescription of -5.00 in my right eye and -4.75 in my left. I also had an astigmatism Rx and in my twenties I was given a prism in my left lens because my left eye had developed strabismus and was turning outward.

A few months after I had my son in 2007, I decided to get new glasses and chose plastic frames for the first time, on the advice of a stylish friend. I wore them for a while, but after a few months, I noticed that my eyes were hurting me a lot and it seemed to have something to do with the glasses. So, I started to leave my glasses off more and more often to ‘give my eyes a rest’. Eventually, it got ot the point where I could barely tolerate the glasses at all, so I went back to the optometrist. They said that my Rx had changed: it was lower now. They gave me a -4.75 Rx and I thought this would solve the problem, but still my eyes continued to hurt. So I went back, after again mostly not wearing my glasses for about a month, and they gave me -4.5. I went back a week later because they still hurt. I had heard the optometrist say my eyes were 4.25, so I figured the problem was that they had over-corrected. They explained that they liked to give a slightly stronger prescription to give me better even better vision, but sent me home with a -4.25 as requested. Still, the problem was not solved and I returned again. I asked if maybe the lenses were misaligned, but they assured me they were not. They thought maybe I had become diabetic as a result of my pregnancy, so I had a test, but I was not diabetic. Then the optometrist said the problem must be that my close-up vision was deteriorating with age (although I was only 38) and the solution would be progressive lenses. I got those, but they made things worse, so I got regular glasses again. You can imagine how much all this was costing me! Because of the constant pain, and since I was starting to think there was something wrong with the glasses industry, I started looking into eye exercises, to see if that would help. I found out that not only would they help eye strain, but they could also improve my vision. I started doing some exercises that I learned online and also bought a book on the Bates method. Before finding this information, I had taken to rolling my eyes around in various ways to relieve the strain, not realizing that this could actually be helpful to my vision.

At this point, seeing that my myopia prescription kept going down, I also asked the optometrist if they could just give me weaker lenses, but they would not do that. So after a while, I found another optometrist who would do this, and I got lenses that were two diopters weaker than what I supposedly needed. This doctor also noticed that my Rx was now -4.00, and tht I no longer needed a prism and my astigmatism was a lot lower than it had been. Thinking that the eye strain might be from not being able to tolerate the astigmatism prescription, he made me some lenses without it. By this time, I had been doing the exercises for a couple of months. It seemed to me that they must be working, since I no longer needed the prism, and I thought they might have helped with the myopia and astigmatism as well.

So, I wore the weaker lenses, although I left them off a lot because they still hurt. I figured this obviously could not be because of an overly strong prescription, or astigmatism correction, and I felt a bit despondent that I would never again be able to wear glasses comfortably. I thought maybe my eyes really were deteriorating because of age, and couldn’t accommodate to the lenses anymore. Still, I kept doing the exercises. About a six months of so later. I went to get some new glasses because my frames were getting old, and it turned out that my Rx had gone down to -2.75 and -3.00. I got a new pair with my ‘ideal ‘ prescription, but they hurt like hell, so I also got a cheap lens in one of my old pairs, with 1 diopter less than I needed, and no astigmatism correction. When I told them I still had pain with my newest pair, they said that might be because of the plastic frames, in which the lenses are flatter, which puts more strain on the eyes. And the fact that my frames were a bit too large for my face would have made this worse. So that was what it was! The plastic frames! That made sense, and I was amazed that no-one else had mentioned it to me, as I went through all this trouble for the past year and a half. i continued to wear plastic frames, but smaller ones and with a minimal prescription as described above, and these cause only occasional, minimal discomfort. If they bother me, I still take them off, but it doesn’t happen as often as it used to.

So, it was the plastic lenses that had been the culprit, and they had led me to go without my glasses and take up doing eye exercises, and the result was that my myopia prescription went down by two diopters, my astigmatism prescription went down to almost nothing, and I no longer needed a prism. Of course, I can’t prove that this is exactly what happened, but it sure looks like it to me.

I still wear glasses. Partly, I lost motivation to do the exercises when I finally got a pair that I could tolerate. And partly, I like my glasses as a fashion accessory. But I am happy with the improvement in my eyesight and I believe that I could make further progress if I went bakc to using the techniques that had apparently worked for me in the past.

There has been an ‘explosion of myopia’ in North America over the few decades. It used to be that only a few children and young people in a thousand were myopic, but by 1969, this figure had gone up to 10%. According to Joseph J. Kennebeck, OD, this can be attributed to excessively straining the eyes with too much close-up work and TV viewing, and the use of myopia prescription lenses, which weaken the eyes over time.

Many people have used exercises such as the Bates Method to improve their vision. You can learn about some Bates exercises here on their website There are also many videos on Youtube about using eye exercises to restore your vision.

Certain exercises are particularly helpful for specific problems, such as crossing the eyes to correct strabismus. Your vision is also a reflection of your spiritual and psychological state, and these states can be improved as you improve your eyesight. Please watch this interesting video on Vision Therapy.

Disclaimer: the content of this article is for information purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice.

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  2. I have been following your work for a few months and I largely support it. I was given glasses in grade-school and every year they gave me stronger ones. I started to take eye vitamins and my glasses gave me headaches so I quit wearing them. I went back to my eye doc and he tested my eyes and said, “they are perfect. how?” I said, “I have been taking vitamins and not wearing my glasses because they give me headaches”. He said, good for you, you can leave now but don’t tell anyone. LOL. It has been 12 years and my vision is still 20/20.

    • hello. What vitamins were those, please?

      • Both My Mom and myself have had improved visions using Astxanthin – a very powerful antioxidant form of beta-carotene form red algae.

        I use the Nutrex brand since I their quality control practices (I called them up in Hawaii and grilled them a bit) and I’ve also had wonderful results with their other product, Spirulina, (menstrual pain greatly diminished, etc)….it’s called Bio-Astin Astaxanthin.

        Many independent reviews online corroborating it’s benefits, so research for yourself and see what you think.

        There are also cosmetic benefits to taking Bio-Astin…it’s a natural sunscreen and I really feel my skin’s elasticity has improved since taking it maybe 6 months now. It’s also great to prevent muscle pain after exercise. I seriously would not be without it.

        I swear, I have no affiliation with these people….I’m just a woman who spent many years feeling ill and despondent…..between spirulina, bio-astin, grass-fed butter/beef, raw-food based vitamins, and many organic cleansing herbs, I’ve got my LIFE back. I also have my shiny, pretty hair back too….since for years it was falling out and turning into straw before my eyes, until I found the grass-fed butter.

        I am blessed beyond belief that the internet exists…..without my research and AWESOME people like Mike Adams, Dr. Mercola. The TRUTHER girls, and the Weston Price Foundation, EarthClinic, CureZone, I would surely be lost!!!! xoxoxoxo

        Much love and many blessings to all of you !!! 🙂

    • I agree, what are eye vitamins?

    • hi….which eye vitamins u were taking plz tell me in detail????

    • plz help me to improve my vision my eyesight is -D i want to get 20/20 eyesight plz help me. doctor is saying i cant improve my eyesight but i want to improve i dont want to wear those glasses or contact. i want to be natural

  3. Hey, good topic.
    Back in college in the ’90s, I reseached and wrote a short article on *REAL vision correction for one of my media classes. I interviewed Brian Severson of Vision Freedom, and a few customers referred by him, who say they have had dramatic improvements, as well as docs he worked with. One of them was Kennebeck, I recall. Another was Kenneth Oakley out of Oregon (now dead). I came out of it convinced. However, ironically, I myself have not undergone a total vision improvement program, so shame on me. (Chalk it up to ADD … er, “multi-attentional abilities” … and too many other things to keep track of…. and the fact that like you, I kinda like my glasses, kind of as an accessory and also “screening device” for potential dates ;))

    What I *have* done is, on my last two visits for glasses, I’ve convinced the optometrist to move my scrip down a few points at a time . The first doc in 2006 was reluctant to do this, but I prevailed, by telling him that the higher scrips were uncomfortable for reading. HE moved me from -6.00 down to -5.25, I think. The second doc, this year, was younger, and easier to convince. He moved me down to -4.00. It’s slightly fuzzy at distances, but that’s okay. I expect my eyes to adjust eventually. I really should get ahold of a proper system, however, and do some exercises.

    The explanation that you gave here, and on the air, is pretty much how it was explained to me.

    Dr. Oakley told me that in the pre=WWII days, they’d commonly recommend eye exercises rather than glasses. As you have noted, myopia is just an adaptation to the demands placed upon the eyes. You spend a lot of time in close focus and don’t do much distance work — as our ancestors did, hunting, stargazing, etc, it kind of “freezes” your eyes at that close focus. The focusing muscles are smooth muscles and are highly adaptable. Also, tension from stress can exacerbate this effect as well as lacking nutrients (probably one of them being magnesium which is necessary for muscle relaxation).

    Myopia isn’t “weak” eyes as most people suppose, since when you are focusing close, your eye muscles are actually “contracting.” They’re actually unable to relax enough to flatten out the lens to see far away.

    One of the docs also told me that myopia Rxs also cause astigmatism since the overtension in the muscles is what pulls the eyeballs out of shape.
    Presbyopia or far-sightedness, actually, is a case of muscle weakness since the eye muscles lose the strength to contract for close focus. This is actually simpler to get rid of since it’s just a matter of “working out” via close-focusing exercises. This is why people who start out myopic in their younger years can lose their myopia, and even cross over into farsightedness, as they age.

    • Hi Jay –
      You TALKED with the great Kenneth Oakley! WOW! I wrote a paper with Francis Young about prevention, and there published study, “Bifocal Control of Myopia”. This study showed that prevention (with wise wearing of a plus) would be possible for the highly motivated. This is why Severson was successful. He just intensively wore the plus (starting at 20/60) until his refractive state changed from -1.0 diopters to +1//2 diopters (necessary for 20/20). It is that great persistence that makes true-prevention possible. The science is “out there” – you just must understand it.

      • Yes, and I just dug up the article I wrote, ironically because flooding in the basement forced me to retrieve and dry out boxse full of stuff I’d packed away … and there it was. I will try to post it online soon. (I only have a hard copy so I’ll have to retype it.) It was a magazine feature-style piece, not heavy-duty research. I’d like to see your paper. Did you have any indication that it’s possible to come back from -6.0?

        • Hi JayLib –
          Out of intense curiosity, I did research with Francis Young. I personally “limit” what I suggest about “recovery” to about 20/40 to 20/60, and -0.5 to -2.0 diopters. (I refused to be “sucked into” making false claims or holding out false-hopes). The issue with “the plus” is that a child will NOT follow instructions. With a pilot like Severson, he DID DO WHAT I SUGGESTED HE DO – which was wear the plus. I don’t know if you are good with “Statistics” – but here is the data that shows that an HOEST plus-prevention effort would succeed. I truly “blame” myself for my bad habits as a child – IMO.

          The “minus” is totally DANGEROUS. But the force-of will required to wear the plus is incredible. That is then a nature of the “problem” for all of us.

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  5. Hi. I also started wearing glasses when I was about 9 and got progressively worse until mine was 9.75 in right eye and close to that in left . I became concerned I was going blind if I did not find an answer and like you found the Bates method. I am happy to say that I have done the eye exercises for 3 years and my vision has gotten better for the first time in my life. Of course the eye drs give some excuse for why they get better but I really know the answer. Close work such as reading, computer etc causes your eyes to have weaker distance muscles so use Bates method and keep your vision. I expect it to go down until it is almost normal as long as I do the eye exercises. Thanks.

  6. I just got a letter from Brian from prison, 14 years he has been in there.

  7. There’s a lot of bad information being spread around here.

    The idea that myopia is caused by not looking at distance enough, and can be cured by eye exercises is only one hypothesis at the time of writing, and its not best supported by evidence.

    Current evidence suggests that genetics play a significant part in the development of myopia, which explains why some children who live in exactly the same kind of environments develop myopia very rapidly and some don’t develop it at all.

    Most likely some genetic variation is responsible for interfering with proper emmetropization. Emmetropization is the process which by which eyeball growth is effected in response to visual signals from the brain to the eye. Nearly all animals (including humans) are born with eyes that don’t focus properly. However our brains adjusts the growth of our eyeballs axial length until it is in alignment with the focal plane coming through the lens until the eye can properly focus at infinite distance (where light is coming parallel into the eye)

    There is evidence that constantly looking at things up close and not looking into the distance enough can also interfere with emmetropization, but the evidence is mixed at the moment.

    There have been animal studies that show if monkeys or chickens are given prescription lenses from birth (either convex or concave), they become more myopic / hyperopic. However this is not evidence that wearing glasses for myopia will make your vision worse. Most animals (inc humans) lose the ability for their eyes to adjust via emmetropization very early on. Therefore even if glasses can interfere with emmetropization its only likely to be an issue for young children.

    There is even evidence that wearing glasses doesn’t interfere with childrens emmetropization.

    The early evidence that eye exercises worked came from simple random variances that weren’t corrected for in the study.

    There is evidence that squinting can cause astigmatism through the strain it puts on the eye, and not wearing glasses when you are significantly myopic will almost certainly lead to squinting,

    • Do you get paid for this? cause if you don’t u need to see a psychiatrist.
      Genetics is a hypothesis that has been unproven after the Human genome project was complete.
      35+ genes were identified destroying any hypothesis about genes and disease and race too. Humans share 99+% of genes Pigs 98% and we share 60% genes with a banana.
      If there was a gene for every disease we should have had 100K+ genes floating in our body.
      You can talk all the jargon you can and use “most likely” which does not disprove the fact that now millions of people have done these exercises and used supplements and improved their vision.
      You can only argue its not a scientific study. Yes agree but that does not disprove. If I meet 10 people who improved their vision doing exercise that have not side effects I am not stupid to fall for your argument that “10 people improving their eyesight is not a scientific study”
      Jeez are you that stuck up brainwashed/biased against anything natural. An exercise that would actually help you relax your eyes.
      You are taking the time here(unless you get paid money its fine ppl kill for money ur doing much less) to discourage everyone to do eye exercises!!
      You really need a life if you think you are doing some good here.

      • Last I heard Brian Severson of “Vision Freedom” is still in the Montana State Pen. @ Deer Lodge. he had a parol hearing about a year ago. I will write him again and get an update.

  8. Check out ‘Frauenfeld Clinic’ (Google it). They do similar stuff as what you described, and they are amazing. I had -3.75 glasses when I started, and right now I’m almost at 20/20.

  9. I wrote Brian Severson again to wish him a Merry Christmas 0n Thursday, I will let you know what he has to say when I get responce. His address is Inmate # 44383 Montana State Prison 700 Conley Lake Road, Deer Lodge, MT 59722 USA.

    • This page has the biggest amount of truthful information about eye exercises on the entire internet – yet nowhere does it say exactly what a person should do. And that’s because everyone is different. There doesn’t seem to be an exact answer – on the entire earth, fopr the 43% of us who are nearsighted.

      I am nearsighted. Myopic. But all my life I never wore glasses, except to drive. So I wouldn’t know what to say to a person who started wearing glasses as a kid. I only know about my own experiences. And that’s why there is so much ‘confusion’ on the internet.

      We had the Bates book in our house when I was a kid in the 1970s. I did the ‘palming’ exercises. I also tried the ‘shifting and swinging’ exercises. It never helped my eyesight at all. That’s my experience. But I was young when I tried those two exercises.

      When I was in high school, I bought the book ‘Sight Without Glasses’ by Harold Peppard. I did what he said to do but had no results. None. Harold Peppard took over Bates office when bates died, according to the ‘Quackwatch’ website.

      But if you want to accomplish something – never give up. About 1996, I borrowed a booklet from a family member, by Brian Severson. If what Bates does for the eyes with his relaxation techniques is a walk in the forest with birds singing, Severson gets you to run through the forest, uphill, with five ten lbs. of weight in your backpack. I took about a week one summer in the 1990s and did about two hours/day eye exercises, and I was shocked when I could see those blue street signs downtown clearly, when I never could before. Not totally clearly. Not 20/20 clearly. I don’t believe anyone can promise 20/20 is possible vision with any eye exercies. but I could see so well I was amazed. So I did what everyone would do – I stopped the eye exercies. Gradually my eyes got worse again.

      I wrote an ebook with my own program of eye exercises, which includes the ‘palming’ that Bates suggests for relaxation. My program takes forty five minutes a day. I don’t know if I will be allowed to post the link to it here. I’m thinking of just giving it away for free because I find it too difficult to get people to know it even exists. When I give it away for free, I will post the link here.

    • Hi Brent,
      I have been in touch with Brian, but have not heard from him in several years. That is the last correct address I have for him. Brian did one thing that few people will do – HE TOOK ADVICE – AND FOLLOWED IT. At 20/40 to 20/60, if you wear a plus (for all close work), you can SLOWLY get back to 20/40 or better (objectively pass the state DMV test). Once you do that – then CONTINUE with the plus and get to 20/20. The problem – most people totally lack that hard-driving motivation. This is NOT EXERCISE – never make that mistake. It is getting “rid” of that long-term “near” environment that took your vision “down” – in the first place.

    • Hi Brent –
      I also “followed” Brian Severson’s work, and his publications. I recommended to him that he be careful, as there is intense pressure against anyone who suggests that “just prevention” is possible. As he began to “get in trouble” – I recommended that he “move out of this country”, and continue his publications. He did not, and was charged with, “assault and battery” of a police officer. He is still in prison – I have no idea when or if ever, he will ever get parole. Severson is at totally tragic person.


    if anyone emails me, I’ll send the pdf ebook for free, if they agree email me how the program worked after one week, and after three weeks.

    • Hi Perry Jones –
      Subject: I “gave up” on ODs a long time ago.
      The reason – they chronically over-prescribed a minus lens by one or two diopters – ALWAYS. They call that “Best Visual Acuity”. You can’t argue with them about it – since, in their minds – they are perfect. The legal STANDARD is 20/40, not 20/20. I am OBLIGATED to pass the 20/40 line, and exceed it – by my own checking – as you see me doing it in this video:

      All I need is some low-cost “test” lenses, and a strong will. So before you complain about an OD (as Sonia does), make yourself EXPERT do to this self-testing. I will NEVER go to an OD – unless I measure my visual acuity myself. Then when an OD PRESCRIBES a lens – I just go home and “spike it”. Then I check myself. No OD earns ANY MONEY from YOUR successful prevention. So don’t ask an OD for help doing this. Be wise, do it yourself.

    • Please email me your free ebook. I agree to let you know how the program worked after one week and also after three weeks. Thank you

    • No such site exists
      If possible send to

    • Hi Perry, I am so interested in using your exercise. Could you email the ebook? I just found this blog. Thanks in advance. Yes, I will email you the result after one and three weeks. Thanks!

  11. Hi Perry!
    Can you email me about what you did and the pdf ebook? Thanks!

    • I thought the video was silly. She has all this problems with her vision for years, then she decides she likes her glasses so much she stops. I suppose if she breaks her leg she will wish it NOT to heal for all the additional attention she would get.

      • Hi DJRosen – Sonia might get some issues wrong – but she admits that she did not use a preventive measure (Bates) when she still had 20/40 to 20/50. Today, she can probably do “close work” with no -2.0 diopter on her face. All she had to do is to take it off. That would be a start. She can’t blame that problem on anyone other than herself.

    • Hi Rachel,
      I am pleased about people who were SLIGHTLY nearsighted – and always avoided wearing a minus lens. That SAVES their distant vision. I also had some “involvement” with Brian Severson. I deeply regret what happened. Some ODs are nice, but some are arrogant. The idea is to identify the nice ones – who actually wish to help you restore your distant vision from 20/50 to 20/20 – by your own wise understanding and control.

  12. Hi Sonia – I lost contact with Brian Severson some time ago. It is my personal belief, that prevention is possible – but it does take strong resolve to do it. I believe that a person (before he even “starts” with a minus lens) should check his own Snellen chart (as Severson did). Then, assuming 20/40 he should commit to wearing a plus – for the long-term. That does work – but most people don’t understand WHY it is wise to do that. I certainly do – and this was explained to my by an optometrist. Here is a site that discusses these issues – for those who wish to learn – and have the necessary maximum motivation:

    This is all free – but it takes strong commitment to do it. No OD is involved – and the “cost” is very low. But the motivation is indeed intense.

  13. True and honest doctors – who want to “change the world”. (I support the concept – but no one can “make money” on it).
    Let me state my total support for Dr. Frauenfeld – with this statement:

    Dr. Alex> There just isn’t much money in actually fixing the problem. No money, no message. No marketing, no distribution. It’s just like there isn’t much profit in selling whole foods, so we have grocery stores full of boxes of unhealthy, complex things – that make money, so they are well represented and well promoted

    Otis> I do suggest the following. 1) Get your own Snellen chart (if you have a “weak” prescription – almost everyone is over-prescribed by about -1.0 diopters. 2) Get the courage to do your own CHECKING. 3) Get your own Snellen, for free – here:

    Click to access block_letter_eye_chart.pdf

    See if you can read the 20/40 to 20/60 line – yourself – with a bright light on that Snellen. If you CAN, then there is HOPE. I don’t care what your “prescription is” – because most of them are WRONG. But it takes read courage to commit yourself to a preventive program. As Sonia said, NO ONE HAD THE GUTS TO DO IT. Severson did – but he needed “pilot vision” from 20/60. Study as much as possible – but don’t be “wishy washy” about this choice.

  14. Eye exercises with pictures

  15. I have friends who are both ODs and MDs. They are fine people – but if I need, must-have prevention, they are not in a position to help me – at all. Personally, I always read my own Snellen, and always pass the 20/40 line (or better) as required by the DMV. I use a “anti-prescription” plus-lens to restore my distant vision – whenever it is obvious (from my Snellen) that I must do that. I always KNOW OBJECTIVELY read my Snellen BEFORE I GO TO AN OD. So when he says, “you need a -2 diopters lens”, I just take the prescription home – and stick it on a spike. (But I always pass the to 20/20 line. The OD in his office – has no interest in *ME* protecting my distant vision for life (no insult intended).

  16. Hi Sonia – I study the fundamental primate eye – and its response to, “long-term near”. Tragically, it IS the child’s nose-on-book habit that BEGIN to create negative status for the totally natural eye. In the early stage (for a child at 20/40 to 20/50) prevention (wearing a plus for close work) is indeed possible. But JUST TRY TO GET A CHILD TO WEAR A PLUS IN THAT MANNER. If the child is “older”, and the parent “smarter”, then prevention is possible. For you own child, 1) Make CERTAIN he never gets his nose closer than 13 inches from the page 2) Check his eyes on your own Snellen. 3) Avoid wearing a minus lens. The “bi-focal” studies of Young-Oakley have proven the need for doing this. But it is difficult – and must be understood if this prevention is to be effective. No OD will ever tell you this – because they know you will not do it.

  17. Hi Sonia –
    You often give the impression that “Medical People Don’t Care”. Tragically, you are ALMOST correct. They do – and here is an example of that honest caring.

    But what is almost always missed – is you need for an education about these issues. I hope this is your first step towards telling a better and more honest truth – about threshold-prevention under *YOUR* control.

  18. Hi Sonia,
    Subject: Telling your child about plus-prevention – and getting a child to “sit up”, and wear a preventive plus.
    You seek the truth. But would you take it seriously for your own child? The OD is not going to “volunteer” any of this information. He will just put your child into a strong minus lens – and keep his mouth shut. You have complained about this fact – in your video. But the alternative, is that you truly understand the alternative.

    We all talk about it. But EVERYONE evades all responsibility to do anything – at all.

  19. Hi Sonia – Your video and complaint against “opticians”. You have one totally valid complaint – they WILL NOT TELL YOU THAT THAT ‘FIRST’ MINUS LENS – is profoundly BAD FOR YOU. 100 yeas ago, Bates complained. Your mother suggested prevention. Today and tomorrow it will be the “plus” worn for prevention, and results confirmed by the parent.

    There are ODs who are successful with plus-prevention – because they know the true disaster of ANY wearing of a minus lens. What do they do? They INSIST that 1) The child SIT UP and 2) Put on a plus for all close work. Your child could well grow up, and refuse to do this (when you check him at 20/40. But now, you can’t blame the optometrist any more. Your child – I well know the “resistance” a child will have to wearing the plus (or ANY preventive measure.) The “cost” of helping your child do this – under your control? Virtually no cost. My nephew did it – from age 14. But they NEVER go into an OD-office, because they personally VERIFY their visual acuity on their own Snellen. An OD will charge you $250 for the exam and $150 for minus-lens glasses (that only make matters far worse). By having the courage to pass the 20/40 line (and do much better) you avoid this expensive disaster.

  20. Hi Sonia –
    For those who have not seen your video:

    I think it is EXCELLENT. But you should always “understand” the perspective of an OD in his office. He has a minus lens that works – INSTANTLY – and no ability to converse with you INTELLIGENTLY. Until you develop your own preventive understanding, your railing against ODs – simply pisses them off – and accomplishes very almost nothing. There are ODs who “figured out” that prevention is possible (wear a plus for near). Here is the statement about this issue, for your understanding:

    This is accurate. What this MD advocates – WORKS. But it is not a “quick fix”, and like “weight control” requires a person with strong fortitude – as you can imagine. NO OD WILL TELL YOU THIS – when your child is at 20/40 to 20/50. Yet you should “know about it”. This is not “exercise” – but intelligent prevention. There is great SCIENCE behind it – but you must, “do it yourself”.

  21. Error – In posting your video (Two posts above).
    Please delete them – if you wish. I attempted to post YOUR video – and got the wrong one. Here is your video (I hope).

  22. Hi Sonia –
    Special suggestion – that I could not post on your video text. You have what looks like a -2.0 diopter prescription – that you are wearing. You will need this for DISTANCE – we agree. But I would bet that, with some effort, you could read, with no glasses, at between 12 to 20 inches. You should take those minus glasses OFF for all close work. That is the most PROTECTIVE thing you could do at this point. But that is your “TRUTH” indeed. If it were *ME* – I would certainly do it. But no one can tell you to do it. People who have done this – SLOWLY clear their Snellen – to exceed the 20/60 line. If you have a lot of fortitude – it MIGHT be effective for you. This is not Bates-exercise – it is just TRUTH-SCIENCE common sense. I get all *MY* glasses on-line from – because I can not stand to “argue” with an OD about this issue.

  23. Hi Sonia,
    It is one thing to “complain”. It is quite something else – to take complete control of yourself – and institute plus-prevention. The OD’s will tell you they are “perfect”, and that you should always “go to them” and get your strong minus lens – and wear it all the time. Here is one that is posting on your video – and my response:

    But the real question is this – has ANYONE been wise enough to 1) Monitor their Snellen (at 20/50), 2) Wear the plus for the long-term, and 3) Pass the DMV and much better. Here is one person who did it.

    But you can’t be a whimp about this – it does take a lot of self-interest and motivation to do it. I personally “limit” what I say to about 20/40 to 20/60. If you have not figured it out by then – you never will figure it out.

    We should have a discussion about how to “deal” with an arrogant OD in his office. I do it by personally reading my Snellen at home – at 20/20.

  24. Dear Sonia,

    Regarding: Intellectual blindness of “medical people”. I have encountered this from an “early age”. The misconceptions and arrogance are incredible. But perhaps if you listen – you will understand.

    I rely on medicine – as we all do – for some problems. Yet I judge that they
    make a mistake about true-prevention on some visual health issues.

    But still, I like to look them in the eye and LISTEN to them. My personal
    opinion is that some words are a “mistake” to start with.

    I measure the eye as having refractive STATES – positive (meaning 20/20 by
    self-test), and negative (meaning 20/40 to 20/60). Thus I describe so-called
    nearsightedness as a “negative state of the natural eye”. If you start out with
    “wrong words” you will only wind up totally confused. Here are some quotes to
    clarify this issue:

    Errors, like straws, upon the surface flow; He who would search for pearls must
    dive below.

    -John Dryden

    Truth comes out of error more readily than out of confusion.

    – Francis Bacon

    It is one thing, to show a man that he is in an error, and another, to put him
    in possession of truth.

    – John Locke

    The ill and unfit choice of words wonderfully obstructs the understanding.

    – Francis Bacon

    By calling the refractive STATES of all natural eye’s “errors” you can only make matters worse. Yet that is what the “medical mind” calls EARLY negative states of the natural eye. But listen to the doctor himself.

    Subject: I consider “negative status” for my natural eyes to be totally

    Regarding: Now I need to be told the truth – that if I do this “nose on book”
    routine, then the resultant “negative status” – is my own fault. But please tell me the truth on a scientific level.

    Here are two videos that discuss these issues for your interest.

    Thus, if I have a medical issues or problem, I indeed go to a medical doctor, and insist that all interested in prevention (at 20/40) do so.

    But when a minus lens is presented, I know that I have to do recovery myself – because no medical person is in a position to help me.

    First video — What is a negative refractive state of the natural eye – in
    objective science?

    Second Video — “Does wearing a minus lens (intended to “fix” your distant vision) only accelerate the natural eye’s response to both long-term near, compounded by a strong minus lens?”

    In an office, it is very easy to demonstrate the effect of minus lens on the
    natural eye.

    There are a number of reasons to believe that while necessary for the “short term”, the minus should not be worn if the person still can read the 20/40 line or better.

    This becomes a matter of, “informed choice”, to personally choose to wear the plus (by your wisdom and long-term control), or not.

    I can not say that a lot of “recovery” is possible.

    But I do say we should be able to “change our mind”, when our refractive STATE is still at -1 to -1.5 diopters (about 20/40 to 20/60) and with systematic
    dedication slowly get out of it.

  25. Hi Sonia,
    Subject: Optometrists who tell the truth about the need for plus-prevention – at 20/40.

    Yes they make that strong suggestion. But is ALWAYS up to the person to actually wear the plus in a systematic manner. The resultant effect, is that you do not “enter into” myopia. Here is the video:

    From the study of the natural primate eye – our eyes always “go down” from long-term near. The rate is -1/2 diopter per year. I you wear the plus correctly (through the school years), you simply never go below the DMV requirement of 20/40 or better. Most people do not have the motivation for it – tragically. But we should never “blame” the OD for this self-induced issue.

  26. Subject: Do not throw rocks at optometrists in their office.
    Regarding: What a prevention-minded OD says about the public’s resistance to change. (Preventive Bates and Preventive plus.)

    There is on “magic pill”. There is no “cure”. There are ODs who realized that “long-term near” (child’s habits) create negative status for their eyes. But just try to explain this issue to a parent – for harder still – get a person to actually WEAR a plus when his vision is 20/40 to 20/50. Is successful prevention, “medical practice” – or is it YOUR RESPONSIBILITY? Successful prevention depends on you not thinking of yourself as a “patient” – but as a wise person who will accept the personal responsibility to wear the plus for all close work. Pilots will do it – but since you can’t “prescribe it” – it is not a medical issue. Be wise. Optometry is a ‘default’ profession. Prevention will ALWAYS depend on the wisdom and fortitude of the person himself.

  27. Hi “Truther Girl”
    Subject: Telling the painful truth – and refusing to take it seriously – when you must.
    Here is a statement that I was able to confirm as fundamental science. As Dr. Prentice states, return to 20/20 is possible (by wearing a plus for near) IF THE PERSON HAS THE MOTIVATION FOR IT – and will actually “work” the issue under HIS CONTROL. This is a very accurate statement:

    The complete TRUTH can be in *you* – if you understand it. The OD will fix you with a strong minus – assuming you have NO INTEREST in protecting your distant vision for life. That is obvious. NOT fixing the obvious (with a minus lens) but PREVENTING is far more difficult – for the reasons stated. This is not “combat” with an OD – it is just personal wisdom and judgment.

  28. Subject: Kick-back from Optometrists, i.e., many a truth – is said in jest.

    Hi Sonia – Here is the humerous “plight” of an optometrist. He needs to pay-off a $250,000 student loan. Do you think he has time to be concerned about your own long-term visual future – if you are not concerned?

    The “plus” has been used for prevention. But given “public ignorance” and for that matter, hostility towards ANY deviation from “standard minus lens practice” – you will never hear about it in an OD’s office. Here is an OD’s judgment about this issue.

    No OD can “prescribe prevention”, when the “parents will not stand for it”. It takes a wise person to realize that when you ask an OD for “help” – you are beating your head against a STONE-WALL.

    I know you like to “bad mouth” ODs – but sometimes it helps to listen them as they “bad mouth” us.


  29. Your “third” OD, and recent extreme OD arrogance. Here an OD thinks the minus lens is “safe” and he is “perfect” to prescribe it. Your vision is slowly destroyed by that FIRST over-prescribed minus lens. Here is your video:

    I would read this “Floolopy OD” remarks. These ODs ALWAYS over-prescribe by 1, 2 and 3 diopters. They are in a HURRY, and have no time for you (see the precious OD video.) I report an over-prescription of -4 diopters. This OD think I am lying. I will post the case – here – in due course.

    I have retyped this letter from the original and changed the names. Jeanie’s daughter started out (at age six) with 20/50. She received a strong minus lens — even though 20/50 is acceptable for most children. After years of receiving minus lenses stronger than necessary, she received a lens increase from -6.0 to -10.0 diopters. Jeanie’s suspicion and response is described in the following paragraphs.

    Here are copies of my daughter’s eye records and
    prescriptions. You will never know how grateful I am for you and
    Mr. Severson. When I stop and think of what could have happened
    to Shanna had I not found you — my blood starts to boil. I have
    come to realize that people never question eye doctors as they do
    medical doctors. We are all at their mercy and do not even know
    it. You have my permission to give my telephone number to anyone
    who you feel needs it.
    Shanna received the new contacts on August 5. She puts in
    -10.0 Diopter and is able to see — she says one mile down the
    road. I immediately told her to take them out. After begging my
    optometrist to please give me information to stabilize her vision,
    he becomes EXTREMELY UPSET. I then went to the libraries and book
    stores looking for information but I found only William Bates’
    name. I then ordered his book. Next I found Mr. Severson and
    finally you in the back of his book. After reading your books I
    immediately knew I had the wrong optometrist — so I nicely asked
    his assistance in obtaining a -6 Diopter lens for studying. The
    doctor reluctantly gave them to Shanna, telling us to use them for
    STUDYING ONLY. I then confirmed the focal status of Shanna’s
    eye’s, by assisting her in checking her vision against the eye
    chart — both inside and outside.

    8/26/95 20/20 -8.0 RE -7.5 LE
    8/26/95 20/100 -6.0 RE -6.0 LE (Provided for reading)
    8/31/95 20/40 -6.0 RE -6.0 LE
    9/26/95 20/20 -6.0 RE -6.0 LE (See the -10.0 D prescription below)

    [ The objectively PROVES her refractive status was -6 diotpers, NOT -10 diopters. This is why Sonia was able to reduce HER prescription from -5 to -2.75 diotpers. The amount of damage this does to the normal eye – is incredible. OSB 5/17/13 ]

    Since she was seeing so well on 9/26/95, I told her to remove
    her contacts and then come back outside. Without ANYTHING on she
    stood 20 feet away and could focus on the 20/70 and 20/50 line for
    about 2 or 3 seconds — then she said it would flash or float

    An Excessive -10 D Prescription?
    Prescription by Dr. Bob Smyeth, Optometrist, Dated 8/5/95:
    Patient: Shanna Brave, Birth Date, 3/2/82:
    8/5/85 20/20 -10.0 RE -9.5 LE (Prescription)

    In subsequent conversations with Jeanie, she stated that her nine year-old son was just starting into nearsightedness, and that she would do everything in her power to help her son with the proper use of the plus lens — to avoid the catastrophic situation that had developed with her daughter. Jeanie wondered why this knowledge is not made generally available to the parents of young children.

    [ People who actually CHECK their Snellen and have a -2.5 diopter prescription MIGHT find they have 20/40 actual vision – passes the DMV test. But they NEVER CHECK. This is how and why Brian Severson made himself successful. You have to be smart enough to avoid this extreme OD arrogance and excessive prescriptions. I will never trust an OD measurement in and office – ever again. I do my own checking. Prevention, at 20/40 to 20/60 will never be easy – but you are certain to never be told about it by an OD sitting in his office. That is FOR CERTAIN. ]

  31. An excessive minus – that is “standard” for these arrogant ODs – basically kills the natural eye. But if you want proof of this, read Sonia’s posted video and commentary. I stated that I have 20/20 vision – self-measured, because I can never trust an OD to make this measurement. Then this OD-jerk says, “only 20/20”. This is the jerk who will over-prescribe a child by -4.0 diopters. Then he will tell you, “… we don’t over-prescribe”. I don’t bother with them anymore.

  32. Here is an interview with this type of arrogant OD. You are expected to convince HIM that he should support second-opinion prevention. Here is the interview.
    I think this is in part why Sonia objects to these arrogant ODs. I am certain that Dr. Bates was objecting in his way also. They are a “lost cause”.

  33. Why *I* do not trust and OD. Why *I* confirm 20/40 or better – and I report and OBJECTIVELYL MEAURE 20/20, with slight positive status – measured with trial lens – officially. Here is why YOU will wind up with a strong minus lens, or “astigmatic” lens – when you PASS ALL LEGAL REQUIREMENTS. This jerk-OD wants to SELL YOU GLASSES, and “examp”. $260 for exam, $150 for glasses – even when you have 20/20 vision. Example:

    Otis> Hi Flollopy – Arrogant – in that you refuse to understand that some Ophthalmologists and Optometrists argue that threshold-prevention is possible. In your total arrogance you refuse to acknowledge that truth. I check my own vision myself (20/20) and avoid you. Thanks for your opinion.
    Only 20/20 (6/6)? Shame …if you saw an optometrist or an ophthalmologist they’d probably get you to 6/4.

    20/20 (6/6) is below average corrected vision in someone with no pathology.

    And you still haven’t answered the question I posed you below, please answer soon…as my 6 year old patient is getting some cracking headaches and I’m counting on you to give me the answer as the expert..

    Or maybe you do have some pathology? and that’s why you only get to 6/6…so maybe you’d better check your own fundii for pathology…..maybe you could learn to turn yourself inside out too…seeing as that’s the only way you’d know without seeing an Optometrist or an Ophthalmologist..
    Otis> Personally – I see a Ophthalmologist – to make CERTAIN I HAVE NO “PATHOLOGY”,

    Be wise – check your Snellen yourself.

    • It is not my purpose to give any OD a “hard time”. Far from it. I would just like and OD to sit down and offer me the second-opinion, when I have 20/40 vision (-1.0 diopter) and could, with his support and my self-interest, slowly get out of it. I believe this was Dr. Bates purpose, and should be the purpose of all medical people. Thanks!

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  35. I don’t get it! You did so good with the exercises and improved your vision masive. Why do you want to wear glasses then? If for fashion reasons you can wear fashion glasses without the strain. Check out Walmart and Target.

    You can do it! But you need to want to get a even more better vision. Your story should tell you that your eyes did really all the job. A good job. Not the glasses, but you and your eyes did improve your own vision. Trust in yourself!

  36. Wowsa. You had me excited until I watched the video at the bottom.

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  47. Arghhh….. wonderful post!! thank you for telling us the methods to recover our eyesight vision naturally

  48. Thank you for sharing! But it seem like not easy to do all…. poor my eyesight~

  49. Asking questions are in fact good thing if you are not
    understanding anything completely, except this article offers fastidious understanding yet.

  50. What do optometrist do – for their own children??

    If you wish prevention, then an optometrist who tells you that “prevention is impossible”, is not a man who will help you with true prevention (while you can still read the 20/40 line, on your “home Snellen”. )

    I am sorry, that I must disagree. With both the assumption (that the natural eye is not dynamic), and that you must “give up”, and go to an optometrist for a strong minus lens.

    But there is no way you can “argue” with an OD who puts even his own child into a strong minus lens. I honor the man – but I disagree with the presumed science, that he believes ENDS the possibility of “just prevention”, when your refractive states is a self-measured -1 diopter.

    Bates was correct, but he said, “prevention was limited to about 20/70. But for true-prevention to “exist”, you must do that – yourself.

  51. Hi,
    I am now learning about the bates method. Its nice to read something by someone that is real. I’m wondering if you could tell me the name of the book that you purchased, and also if you could tell me any of the specific exercises that you did the most, or that helped you the most.

    Thank you so much.

  52. My dream is join in merchant navy
    But problem is myopia please reply me
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  53. i belongs to india. my eye vision is not normal and i don’t want to wear eye glasses. i want to improve my vision as soon as possible. i did online research many times. i found bates method that says entire eye care industry is making fool to create money ( you too say this). please tell me which website should i visit to know the true facts about eye vision restoration. plz reply on email id. plz need your help

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  55. Great post! Wearing eyeglasses should be with an extra cautions along with healthy foods and activities that can help the eye heal. Eyeglasses doesn’t need to be that expensive, Marvel optics can make your eyeglasses at a very low cost with the highest quality you can get.

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  57. punit kumar choubey

    My left eye’s power is -2.50 and my right eye’s power is can I recover it.please guide me.please….

  58. I am 15 years old, I have glasses with -0.5 rx, I study too much, but im sitting on pc too much as well, I see that my vision is going worse and worse, and I want to ask: Is there any way to get rid of my glasses and to restore my vision ? I will not sit in front of pc anymore, but how can I restore my vision before it is not too late ?
    Thanks in advance :)i

  59. I agree Plus lenses can prevent and reverse myopia, but be careful following instructions from Otis and his myopia website on these many comments, he posts the same rhetoric multiple times on various websites, and not giving you the full story. Bitter ranting and blaming.

    Plus glasses can make you children’s myopia worse, not better, depending on how you use them. Reading closer than 40cm with pluses, using pluses to look at the school board and using the wrong strength pluses can all cause worsening myopia. Don’t use add 3 for all closeup work, it’s just too strong and won’t allow their eyes to do any work.

    Due to neurological cortex problems that are caused by blurry vision (auras, migraine) a child with myopia who is not wearing a minimal corrective lens for distance work will suffer other medical problems triggered by the brain. Imagine you vision constantly blurry, squinting and straining, your brain gives up and goes haywire.

    The solution is to follow Alex’s website and and taper down the reliance on corrective glasses with an ever weakening minus prescription, together with an add 1.5 reading prescription. Having 2 pairs is inconvenient for a child, so bifocals are the best option. Every 3 months shift the prescriptions 0.5 in the positive direction.

    Just like myopia gradually develops, you can gradually reverse it and make the eyes healthy again. Whatever you do, do not accept a fully correct 20/20 or 20/10 prescription from your optometrist, this will tighten their eyes and weaken them into disability.

    • I read your post from Feb 7, 2016. You mention “to follow Alex’s website”. I looked on this blog, but cannot see where this website was posted. Can you please post the link to Alex’s website? Thank-you

  60. While this post was good I could not help but be shocked by your ….I don’t know what to call it ?!? I like my glasses as a fashion accessory…What For that you don’t want your vision to be perfect. You can wear fashion glasses instead of prescription one that is what people who have not eye problems do. Ever heard of a rayban…they are exactly that!.
    I have seen some people who like glasses wear frames without the glass cause the glass is not comfortable to them and they like the wind to blow in their eyes.
    You just prove that someone can search the internet and get all the information they want and be informed…But being informed is very different being intelligent. 😉

  61. My eye sight is weak from 5 class I did not wear glasses
    In 8 th class my eyes become very weak I did see cricket score from 30 – 40 cm
    What should I do please help me
    I wear glasses or not

  62. I am also suffering from myopia for the past three years. I have also noticed a tremendous increase in the number of my glasses. I never realized that my glasses were the reason behind it. I will definitely try this out.

  63. Thanks for sharing your experience! I had no idea that plastic frames would cause problems more than metal frames, or that the lenses in them have to be different. Any glasses actually cause you to have your best vision in the very center of the lenses only, so over time your eyes are encouraged to stop moving and start staring out the center only.

  64. They do not use different lenses because the frames are plastic, that is ridiculous, they use different lenses because either the curve of the frame is different or because you are getting aspheric designed lenses. The first has no affect on your vision, the second has a big affect on your vision.

    Aspheric lenses cause migraine and aura and various other problems, they are not spherical in shape but instead use a complex pattern to simulate spheric lenses. They are advertised as “thinner” and most people think they are just the same as traditional lenses, but they are not.

    Aspheric do place strain on your eyes, this is the cause of your problems. You may use plastic frames but make sure you get 1.50 or 1.57 spherical lenses, which may look “thicker” on some strong prescriptions, if you can put up with this they are way more comfortable.

  65. I have no idea that glasses, which supposed to be helping us restoring our vision, turns out to be the one which making it worse. I have been wearing glasses for the past 4 years. And along those 4 years, I have changed my prescription twice. So I am actually thinking that this is totally making sense! There were one time that I opted for LASIK, but well I need to be tested whether or not I could be a LASIK candidate.

  66. Mohd Shahrukh Siddiqui

    Can you please help me … i want to become a fighter pilot in IAF so my manifest myopia should be nill as per their visual standards … but i have myopia of -0.25 D in my left eye and my right eye vision is 20/20 …i cleared the written exam and i have to go through the medical (after SSB) in the the starting of NOVEMBER ….. plsss tell me how can i cure it ? Plsss it’s my childhood dream plsss i don’t wanna miss this opportunity
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  69. Alisha Premanand

    I’m a 14 year old girl and my vision is really bad. I have myopia with R:-6.50 and L:-6.75. I have an old pair of prescription glasses. The power for those is R: -5.50 and L: -5.75. If I wear my old glasses, will my vision get worse? Should I wear my old prescription or just not wear glasses at all? Not wearing glasses would be hard because I am in school now. I really want to, at least, get to the power of R: -5.50 and L: -5.75 and wear my old glasses. If I use this method how long do you think it would take to get better for my eyes, and is this really safe for developing eyes? Please respond as soon as you possibly can because I need the answer urgently, so if it is safe I can start right away!!
    Thank you!

    • Wearing your old glasses would be a good start. I always try to get glasses that at least let me see 20/40 on a snellen chart as that is what the dmv requires. Once my eyes develope and i can see 20/20 with those same glasses i will lower my prescription about half a diopter. Btw I went from 20/300 to now 20/5 vision using this method. And always wear plus lenses for close work if your myopia is low range

  70. In your recent Video regarding the Las Vegas shooting, I see that you are back to wearing strong minus glasses for myopia.

  71. i haven’t tried exercises I have to do this but since I have become a raw vegan my eye sight has gone from +5.50 to +4.25 and it has never gone down prior in my life like this and I am 35 and was born with bad eyes wearing +5.50 as soon as they could tell I needed glasses. I can feel it constantly improving now that I am eating raw fruits and vegetables and nothing else. I really want it to go down to 20/20 and I believe it will.

  72. Hello,
    This is a very thought full blog. this is very useful…
    Thank you for sharing us

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