License to Perjure, Rob and Kill

The guardians in charge of conservatees constitute an elite guard who are essentially permitted to perjure, rob and kill with impunity. Activist and journalist Janet Phelan will be joining me at 2:00 pm EST to discuss further revelations of how guardians are being given cover by the very agencies that are supposed to be protecting the public.

Conservatorships are generally launched through court proceedings when allegations are made that a person is becoming forgetful or otherwise lacking capacity. Upon the initiation of a conservatorship, all of the alleged incapacitated person’s assets are transferred to the care and protection of the guardian. The alleged incapacitated person may also lose most of their constitutional and civil rights as the guardian will act as their stand-in.

In layman’s terms: Basically, you lose all your property and all your rights and you’re in deep trouble.

For example, a 100-year old woman who was placed under guardianship and now the courts are seeking to revoke the deed on a house that she sold thirty years ago on condition that she would continue to live in it for the rest of her life. On top of that, the person who had bought the house decades ago was not even notified that there is a hearing in which he may lose his property, namely the house that he owns and in which the conservatee is living.

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2 responses to “License to Perjure, Rob and Kill

  1. Cade willerger

    Disgusting behavior..there should always have advocate who is on the side of the person being evaluated..these jackals and vultures should be locked away where they can not hurt these vulnerable people

  2. Well, it’s off-topic but since you’re a truther what do you think of the recent rift between Henry Makow and Jeff Rense? And the subsequent between Makow and Icke?

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