The Truther Professor

My guest today will be Anthony Hall, professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta and author of “Earth Into Property’ on the disastrous effects of capitalism on aboriginal peoples. He is also the author of ‘The American Empire and the Fourth World’. In addition, he is a 9/11 truth seeker.
You can see Professor Hall’s bio here:
And check out his San Francisco presentation here:

Today, we will be discussing globalization, capitalism and the effects on aboriginal populations, and also touching on Dick Cheney’s decision not to speak in Toronto because of the reception citizen jurists gave him at the Vancouver Club.

Listen live at 2:00 pm EST at

3 responses to “The Truther Professor

  1. I think that it is beyond wonderful that neither George W. Bush nor Dick Cheney can just travel anywhere abroad any more.

    It is very encouraging for those of us who hate warmongers that some nations seem to be more civilized than the USA, and are willing to call a spade a spade, or even arrest one.

    Aboriginal peoples are always murdered, and subjugated, and the first to go is always their Shamans.

    The issue is that the Western Mind is something that values its own EGO above all else. Aboriginal cultures value the collective, and have such “wild” ideas about things…such as “the Earth can not be owned.”

    This is why we kill them!!!! They are threats to our egos with all of that damned collective ideology.

    It is exactly the same thing as Paul’s war “between the flesh and the spirit.”

    What is going on now in Brazil with the Natives and the hideous Belo Monte Dam project…is horrific.

  2. 911wasAnOutsideJob

    10 years later and no evidence at all to support any of your nonsense. It was a terrorist attack. There was no CD. Thermite has been trounced. Your surrounded by anti-semite holocaust deniers, whack jobs, and failed strip mall architects suffering from midlife crisis’ con’ing you out of your money to support them jet setting around the world. AE911T is nothing more than Tricky Dick Gage’s piggy bank since he never could make it as an architect. Time to grow up girls.

  3. The more titles they have, the more stupid they are.

    The word “Kapitalism” is invented in the 1800 in order to address Calvinism, and produces that people go attack their own freedom and possiblities. This is published by Samuel Blumenfeld, in a very important article on education. I’ll have a look whether I can find a version, I saw it censored some time ago…
    The article is titled, Why the schools went public

    I have lots of sources, that give additional information. I am not sure whether you will understand it as I do, but I understand who these intellectuals are, where there money is from, what their motives are. But it is the reason why America is dumbed down.

    In reaction to 911 was an outside Job:
    Ground Zero was the definibtion of a place where a nuclear explosion took place, a russian miliatry scientists has explained the technique used, Dimitri Khalezov. Jesuits always use Jews as a front for their scemes, this is how the Cathiolics succeeded in killing 9 million Jews half a centiry ago. Most Jews are found in de USA today. The Catholics want to kill them all, because they are the friends and family of Jesus Christ. Easy. Catholics do this every sunday, drink the blood. Vampies with a Counter Reformation, making them immortel. They believe. A Faith. Don’t want to make this comment to long, have to hack in order to be able to comment on wordpress for years already, wordpress is the most dangerous censoring tools of blogs I know off. Please support young starting companies!

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