Sevan Bomar: Time For Truthers To Emerge

Now we go all the way. Many are discussing the Matrix and how its very existence has now been confirmed as part of our reality but what is Actuality? With society experiencing dream time, astral travel, and altered states of consciousness where does it all lead? Join us for an amazing show another collaboration from The Truther Girls Sonia & Natasha and The Resistance James Bomar (Sevan) in which we spearhead the most direct subjects related to daily life, spirituality, and the occult.

Topics Discussed:
The Third Eye, what does it really do?
DMT and Ayahuasca, a good idea or bad idea for spiritual progress?
Ancient occult groups in the world, what are they up to today?
E.T. Involvement – Codename Aiwass: Nazi Germany the United States and the Venusian Affair.
Top recommendations for Deprogramming Mass Hypnosis

Show Time – April 19 2012 1:00 PM CST
Call In Number – (218) – 339 – 8525
Listen to the Live Streaming of by clicking here
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Sevan is the author of ‘The Code To The Matrix’, which can be read for free on his website
He is also the host of Esoteric Radio and The 2012 Show airing Sundays at 11:00 am Central the link is

4 responses to “Sevan Bomar: Time For Truthers To Emerge

  1. Missing Flight 175 NIST FOIA photos trending up! I think this video will wake up America

  2. Saw your YouTube story on Lucis Trust being behind the Occupy movement. Can’t speak directly to your primary claim as I haven’t done the required research and, unlike you, I have more respect for the truth than to just make up things and call it the truth.
    Couple things. A five pointed star is not the sign of Satan. At least show enough concern for accuracy to go say, go to Wikipedia and type in “Five-Pointed Star”. Here you go. Wouldn’t want you to work to hard at this truth thing.
    Oh, another. Theosophy was and never has been a form of devil worship. Only some redneck ignorant simple minded retard would take something as complex as Theosophy and call it “devil worship”.
    If you want to use a form of the word truth in your name, at least have enough working brain cells to at least attempt to work from some semblance of actual facts.

  3. Regarding the DMT, lucid dreaming, the pineal gland show (which never really got around to discussing DMT, lucid dreaming, the pineal gland), it was interesting that the Truthergirl was seeking to note that certain things like chakras are not necessarily occult or Easter mysticism.
    Conversely, Sevan sought to discredit traditional Christianity. He seeks to read his particular and peculiar retake on things into “real” Christianity, which he identifies with Gnosticism, while concluding that traditional Christianity is “lower on the ladder” having not reached the lofty heights of his own spiritual attainment.
    Also, he invents things such as that the Bible states, “With one eye open you light up the whole body” which he then takes to mean “the third eye.” The Bible states no such thing but rather states, “The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great [is] that darkness!” (Matthew 6:22 and Luke 11:34). Some translate “good” as “single” because the word haplous appears to come from a word that refers to union. The reference is to simple, single, whole, sound (as in healthy).
    And so a statement of obvious fact, such as that you can tell by looking at somebody whether they are healthy or not (bags under the eyes, bloodshot eyes, glaucoma, etc. are obvious signs), we get the interpretation of “Third eye abilities” which even if the text did literally refer to “one eye open” could not be born out by the immediate nor greater context (not grammatical context, not cultural or historical context).
    He is attempting to, as noted within the show, “fit it in” yet, it does not fit.
    This is all why so may Christians shy away, at the very least, from concepts such as chakras because people such as Sevan begin with something truthful like that human bodies run on electricity and end up seeking to besmirch Christianity and elevating humanity to some form of godhood.
    Sevan notes that chakras have their “down side” but that if you just stick with it you can, essentially, engage in necromancy. This guy is big trouble particularly because he think that he knows what he is talking about because he is confident because he has had “experiences.”
    Also, there is nothing in the Bible about Eve having an “apple” but that does not stop Sevan from taking this falsity and build his fallacious point upon it.
    Moreover, there is no history of people thinking that the world is flat, this is a myth concocted by secularists to make Christians look foolish. Even the anti-Christian agnostic Stephen Jay Gould debunked the flat Earth myth.
    Humans are never born with tails. This is from a modern embryology textbook, “Rarely a caudal appendage is found at birth. Such structures are of varied origin (some are teratomata); they practically never contain skeletal elements and are in no sense ‘tails.’ Projections that contain skeletal elements are caused by a dorsal bending of the coccyx, do not contain more vertebrae than normal, and have nothing to do with ‘atavism’ [tendency to revert to ancestral type]” (O’Rahilly, R. and Müller, F., Human Embryology & Teratology, Second Edition, Wiley-Liss, 1996).
    In what language(s)? He sates that the “de” in “demon” means “divided” and also “diamond” and so “demon means divided man.” Apparently, “mon” means “man” (perhaps in Jamaican parlance). From this he determines that demons do not exist as spiritual entities which are fallen angels but are mere manifestations of unresolved human, personal, issue.
    This is just scratching the surface of a show that was in dire need of discernment and requests for quotations, citations and much more than mere assertions.

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