Transhumanism and the NWO Agenda

My guest today on the radio is Max Igan, author of ‘Earth’s Forbidden Secrets Part One- Searching For The Past’ and producer of the documentary film Trance-Formation on transhumanism and the NWO agenda. Our entire system, from the way we are educated to the currency system we use, is geared toward drawing us further away from our own humanity and our connection with all life around us. Transhumanism is touted as the next logical step in our evolution. But will it improve us as human beings, or will it only serve to further dehumanize and enslave us?

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6 responses to “Transhumanism and the NWO Agenda

  1. Hey Sonja~really enjoyed some of your vids and something U said on the weekend conf.made me look you up…until it effects u personally.That’s how it happened for me.Here is a link for lots of Dr.Hildegarde Staninger’s work.Info/vids/etc on Morgellon’s and chems.and treatments and do not treat with…Since you were making c.silver thought u might want to take a look.I know info overload sometimes,but I have been effected by this and still am and I am looking for help. I w/ ck.out this blog when I have more time.Just found you.Loved your teeth and eye exercise vids.My teeth have been very effected as well as my general health the past decade…
    Thank you for all your work!!!

    • i went to your site and thought about what you are saying. the reason why I think you are missing something is that if computers are slowely going to outwit us and be better than us because of our lack of preparing and organizing our society to benefit the evolution and blossoming of mankind then i think there is something fundamentaly wrong with your base theory of worshipping hte computer/machine. the machine must be programed. it is linear, and masculine, even if we program a feminine masculine computer that reflects the two aspects of the brain it cannot percieve the mystical womb of the female, becuase by law the computer is linear and masculine.the problem with our society is that er have stopped using our feminine brain we no longer build buildings or appreciate art that observes our natural organic spiraling earth structure. we live in 2D now, slowly our brains are turning into bad computers becuase of this linear based society that does not accept the subconcious mind that is like giving birth to genius and being able to fish in the darkness and pull out from the ethers something that we in our society have not discoverd before. look at the ancient buildings of the past, they are build organically with female qualities of brain consciousness. electricity is based on the tension space between the positive and negative charge, not the positive aspect itself, that void is where the power comes from the computer cannot receive that infinite void.YOur theory is the threat mankind has to look forward to if we continue to mask the female aspect of our world and for that it is brilliant, but we cannot continue to forget that we are not linear nor can the computer its its linear grid break free of the grid.

  2. This is one “amazing” website! But how can it be otherwise when the world has become a complete insane asylum! And I mean that in a very scientific way. I got into the “truther” business about 40 years ago. Followed a lot of dead ends truth hunting. But! I got lucky. So, the result is now in 2 books. It took 1400 pages to just get the story going. So, I put a lot of sections on a website so people can skim through it.

    Relating to this transhumanism post, there is actually “some” truth to it, if taken with a lot of salt. The problem is, to stay in truthful bounds, some words need to be understood very precisely. It says, “Our entire system … IS GEARED toward drawing us further away from our own humanity…” I don’t agree. This statement sounds like there is a conscious effort to do this. And that’s what I thought when I started my quest. But it never panned out.

    The REAL problem is actually much worse. Human psychology has some VERY TRAGIC FAULTS. When you put a lot of humans together, and most of them have these faults, you get the chaos we see. It’s tragic because it isn’t being steered. It’s like 7 billion bacteria on the outside of a marble. If humanity doesn’t wake up soon, and I mean very soon, it’s dinosaur time for us. And, to be sure, it’s already much too late to prevent the collapse. The question is: does humanity go to zero or not?

    Back to transhumanism, again, remember, the process is NOT being logically steered. My best guess is that a world of MACHINES, not robots, but complex machines will very soon take over. I go through the details of this on my website under the EVOLUTION tab – Rise of the Machines. What they will decide to do with us is anyone’s guess. And why do I say this is going to happen “very soon”? Because I have also presented a new theory of human consciousness on the web site and a prescription for how to build a conscious computer. Once that happens, it could be just like the movie “The Forbin Project”. Maybe we’ll luck out and the machines will take sympathy on us.

    Keep up the good work with your web project.

  3. Enslavement is inscribed in human existences, young people this much I fear, especially those who do not know.

  4. For your information folks, EVOLUTION IS A LIE

    Okay, okay. You will think whatever. But I also only just discovered this in 2012. I decided to look in to this, after I would learn that Dr. Kent Hovind is in jail for 10 years. He was put there because he did not return a tax bill. He offered to pay it, but this was refused, they want him in jail. This is very damaging to society, because he has been a high school teacher for 15 years, has a great sense of humor, and is the most dangerous treath to the romanist NWO on the scientific level that I know.

    He proves that evolution is a lie in his discussions on several universities in the USA. These are put on Youtube, that are easy to find after typing “Kent Hovind” in search at a Youtube tab. These movies are two hours long, but I can guarantee you they will make you laugh.

    And for better understanding:
    I don’t know whether creation is the way Dr. Hovind puts this hypothesis as an example for it being just as plausible as evoltion, but without lying. Our children are learned lies at school, that have been disproved by scientists since the 1800’s. Universities professors have lost their job when they would understand this, and decided to teach the truth, so be careful in talking about it to other people.

    Have fun LoL

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