Medicine Without Medicine

How can you cure illness without any drugs, herbs or other medicine whatsoever? By our understanding, this shouldn’t be possible, and yet it apparently is.
See the video below where Gregg Braden talks about using metaphysics to eliminate health problems and how this is even being done at a hospital in Japan, with success at removing even cancerous tumors.

Please also see this interesting account of a woman, Anita Moorjani, who was completely healed of end-stage lymphoma after having a near-death experience.

One author who is known for her work on metaphysical cause of disease is Louise Hay and you can see her website at

Many websites address the topic of how your mind/soul manifests illness in your body as a result of issues that are not actually physical in nature. Here is an example of a list of connections made between illnesses and metaphysical/emotional causes.

I realize that to anyone who considers themselves a Christian, the mere mention of the word ‘pagan’ might be a turn off but I remember that the renowned pastor Cindy Jacobs stated in her book ‘Women of Destiny’ that she was healed of an ovarian or uterine growth by faith, at the altar, and that as she was healed she realized that this tumor was a manifestation of negative emotions she held on to that were associated with her relationship with her father. Christians are metaphysical beings just as anyone else, and we manifest disease in the same way as everyone else.

I don’t know whether any such list as the one above is particularly accurate. It seems to me that the best way to know what is causing your illness would be to examine yourself and your life and to consider and pray about what is making you sick and ask God to remove that from you. For example, if worry has caused you to become susceptible to colds, you could turn your worry over to God, affirming that you trust in Him and in the path He is leading you on, and that you renounce your negative thoughts and emotions that are holding you back and causing disease in your body. Let go of all negative emotions such as anger, resentments, fear, and worry. They are worse for you than GMOs and vaccines. Receive everything in your life as a gift.

Disclaimer: this is neither medical nor spiritual advice, it’s for purposes of information and discussion.

4 responses to “Medicine Without Medicine

  1. This is my first time on your blog…Thanks for the list of non GMOs. I really enjoyed your video trip to the Catholic Mosque..Did or do they really have that Priests Heart on display? Those steps would be a pentence in themself..
    You have a great site..Now that I see you have a blog I will have to come back for reference on GMOs and other info..
    You and your husband are very real, and not overwhelming like a lot of other info sites..

    Keep it real..Thanks again..Alan

  2. Christians are metaphysical beings just as anyone else, and we manifest disease in the same way as everyone else.

  3. Truther Gal… What DISEASE Do Doctors SAY “There’s NO CURE FOR??????? HERPES!!! I Have The ANSWER, ITS FREE For The ASKING!! IT’S ALSO AFFORDABLE & It’s DIY!! I Just Submitted My EMAIL To Your SUBSCRIBE CGI BOX…jeanyes88 HIT ME!! Send A REAL CELL #!!! I’m That Stem Cell Guy In Dallas!! The Cure IS NOT STEM CELLS!

  4. Steven Contracted H2 At The Dallas VA Hospital NINE Times From Sitting On Toilet Seats In Rest Rooms Just Behind The Huge OT/PT GYM On 2nd Floor. They Are FILTHY At The VA!!! Go Figure!!
    Steven I Got Rid Of It In ONE DAY!!!

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