Your Great Youtube Channels Pt.2

Essential Oils, prepping and Pet prepping, healing cancer naturally, moringa trees, Beauty in Darkness and more. Here is my second post about my Youtube viewers’ own great channels. Below you will find everything from News and Politics to Natural Health Info, and even a channel that teaches you how to Prep for your pets!

christie Christie Aphrodite is the host of Soul Journey’s Radio on americanfreedomradio. Christie is a gifted healer and Earth Mother extraordinaire. Visit her channel for lots of great info an though-provoking vlogs.
Click her for channel SoulJourneysRadio

demcad DEMCAD
Libertarian Reginald Kaigler discusses current events, politics, the Fed, the U.S. constitution and the economy.

pets Pet Prepper’s Channel
Prepping for pets before a disaster hits. I am a groomer of over 20 years, and I am just here to share what I can with other people prepping for their pets.

plottEric Plott Moringa trees and cancer cures. Come check out this channel for lots of great info on healing cancer naturally. Website:

aileenBeauty in Darkness Aileen Collo Amparo’s channel.
Subscribe to my channel to get updated on the release of my free movie and other inspirational videos that hopefully can lift our consciousness as my small contribution. Collectively, we can re-create a whole new world that is more beautiful and one that we deserve to live in. Simply because we are all naturally beautiful. Some remember, some just had amnesia 🙂

jenniferJennifer Knotsmed Please visit Jennifer’s channel for some great playlists on topics such as chemtrails. GMOs, orgonite, astrotheology, fracking, sovereigns/freemen, ancient aliens, the Crowhouse, Coast to Coast, and much more.
Click here to see her channel.

3 responses to “Your Great Youtube Channels Pt.2

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