Mayan Calendar, Frequency Attunement and Ancient Giants

mayan-pyramid_kukulcan_990x580My guests tonight on The Truther Girls radio show are Linda West and Jim Vieira.

10:00- 11:00 pm I will be joined by Linda West, author of ‘Ultimate Power: The Use of Frequency Attunement’. Linda is a contributor reporter with Infowars and you can see her own vlogs here on her youtube channel morningmayan
Please visit her website here at

‘Frequency Attunement and the Mayan Calendar 2012

On December 21, 2012 a great shift is scheduled to occur. It has been foretold throughout history by the Mayans, the Egyptians and through the I ching… But what does this mean, the end or the beginning?

One thing for certain is that we are rising in frequency and frequency controls the events of our lives….
Have you seen “The Secret” or heard of the Law of Attraction – than you are ready for Frequency Attunement – the heart spirit science that helps pull particles into form. WE are much more magical than we have ever dreamed of, and now at the new edge quantum physics is showing that Yes Consciousness does play a role in creating manipulating matter – so are you ready to create your life instead of being pushed around by circumstance?
Come along for the high frequency ride…’

from 11:00-midnight, I will be joined by Jim Vieira. Jim Vieira is a writer, researcher, stone mason and member of the Northeast Antiquities Research Association. He is a frequent contributor to the Shelburne Falls Independent and the national Publication Ancient American Magazine.

Listen live from 10:00 pm- midnight EST on Friday. December 14, 2012 at
call-in Number: 218-339-8525
Chat room:

3 responses to “Mayan Calendar, Frequency Attunement and Ancient Giants

  1. ??

    Kabbalah of the mayan style?

  2. The time has not come yet…but it is coming… nice information.
    Also please take a look at my video..Bible never lies.


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