The ITCCS and Idle No More: Holding Church and State Accountable

ITCCSTonight on Truther Girls radio from 10:00- midnight EST, we’ll be having a double-whammy of Canadian activists fighting for the rights of aboriginal people and demanding accountability from both church and state. First hour, my guest will be Kevin Annett, former minister with the United Church of Canada and one of the founders of the International Tribunal Into Crimes of Church and State, which is calling for the arrest of (now former) Pope Joseph Ratzinger and putting a lien on Vatican wealth to have it returned to the people. Please visit

The mandate of the ITCCS is to:
1. To bring to trial those persons and institutions responsible for the exploitation, torture and murder of children, past and present, and
2. To stop these and other criminal actions by church and state.

Please read the article, ‘Pope Benedict resigned to avoid arrest, seizure of church wealth by Easter‘ for more on how the ITCCS may have been the true reason for why Joseph Ratzinger resigned.

Second hour, I will be speaking to Anthony (Tony) Hall, Professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta. Tony is the author of two books, ‘Earth Into Property: Colonization, Decolonization, and Capitalism’, describing the disastrous effects of capitalism on indigenous people, and ‘ The American Empire and the Fourth World’. Tony is also a regular columnist on Veterans Today, and you can see his articles here.

Tony has been very active as an Aboriginal People’s rights activist, drawing attention to the fact that the Canadian court and government routinely violate aboriginal treaty rights. Please check out his article ‘The Canadian Ministry of Justice ‘s Anti-Aboriginal Policies Exposed’on Veterans Today here.
Some of his other priorities include the quest for 9/11 Truth and the need for appropriate international responses to the massive global catastrophe emanating from the slow bonfire of tens of thousands of tons of radioactive materials at Fukushima.

Tonight, we will be discussing the Canadian Idle No More Movement and the progress that Canadian Aboriginal people have been making in standing up to the government that has committed genocide against the First Nations people.

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4 responses to “The ITCCS and Idle No More: Holding Church and State Accountable

  1. Wow, you do remember your comments on occupy how it was an inside job by the un?

    Who do you think is running idle no more? (Occupy)

    Also, kevin annett is a con artist perhaps you should look into the truth about him if you really are into TRUTH as your moniker claims. Check out to learn the real truth and ask yourselves why a guy who’s family are tied into wcw and water war crimes would be interested in spawning tornados (according to krystalline kraus) and holding unvideotaped kangaroo court. I would warn people that kevin should arrest these people himself if he has the spine for it, see what happens.

  2. How delusional can some of you people be? Do you really believe any court consisting of one man’s twisted dementia AKA Kevin Annett could possibly be real? The ITCCS is made up of one plaintiff – Kevin Annett; the Secretary of the ITCCS common law court – Kevin Annett; the Special Advisor to the Prosecutor, and acting prosecutor – Kevin Annett; and judge and jury – Kevin Annett, can possibly be real? Obviously NOT! But hey, go ahead and invest yourself in his lies, believe in his fraudulent acts, and give him your support and money…this is what this con artist wants you to do, “to suspend your disbelief, and put your faith in what he SAYS is true…and give to him what he asks for…your donations.” Kevin Annett is a de-listed priest, at his own request who has taken up the causes of the genocide, rape, and murders of the First Nations people and its survivors, and has for over 20 years financially profited from their pain and suffering while never doing one credible act on their behalf – not one. He is a liar, a fraud and con artist who uses his intellect, his training as a priest to sermonize, and persuade you to believe in him. That is his skill as a con man. Don’t be fooled, go online and search for the truth about this man and you will discover that what I say is true.

  3. I love you guys (Truther Girls) but can’t for the life of me figure out why the alternative media has now become as bad as the MSM in expecting us to swallow crap like ‘warrants for arrest’ and de jure courts….. It’s still just the “Kevin Annett” show… don’t believe me??? Just ask the people who used to support this man who questioned his motives…. No room for truth in the truth movement these days…

  4. OMG here it is July 2013 and people are still giving Kevin Annett air time to spread his tainted message. I knew about Kevin in the 90’s, I’m a member of the United Church of Canada, B. C. and followed the hearings and subsequent delisting of Kevin. I got a shock a few weeks ago when I happened to find some press releases in May 2013 only to discover he is taking credit for Pope Benedict’s resignation and that he has now tried and convicted Benedict, Queen E. II and Stephen Harper and issued warrants for their arrest. Now the victims of priest abuse in Europe are following Kevin and this can only end in disaster for their cause. Kevin needs to stop doing this stuff and allow the real victims to find reconciliation and peace for themselves.

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