Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist

Autism_Puzzle_t670This is an indispensable resource for parents who are trying out different biomedical interventions with their kids who are on the spectrum. You fill out the questionnaire at baseline and then after each intervention to evaluate improvement. It is recommended that you try out and evaluate one intervention at a time to get the most accurate results.


3 responses to “Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist

  1. Hi Sonia, I commented on your situation re your son last night. My point was caution on psychiatry because I know the basic science behind the medications they use and they are blunt instruments at best, often as you have noted in your vids outright destructive influences. FYI it is interesting that youtube deleted the second half of my comment within minutes of my posting it. The second half described the DSM-5 (and about to be released after years of controversy, DSM-5). This is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental illnesses and it is the bible in getting insurance reimbursement for psychological help of any kind. On point I noted was that the DSM defines more than 50% of the people of N. American as being in need of insurance reimbursed psychiatric medication, which is outrageous. And qui bono? Who benefits? Not the patient for sure. youtube deleted this. The other point was that Dr, Mercola of is an excellent resource for cutting edge alternative approaches to treatment. He has definitely talked about food allergies and vaccinations. He may well have done an article on autism/aspergers as well.

    I did want you to know about You probably already do but just in case. And the other thing that I wanted to bring to your attention is that Big Brother is definitely watching on youtube, a subsidiary of google, and the response of deleting my comment occurred within minutes of its post. So they are watching every move we make.

    I am a long term subscriber and a huge fan. You take on the tough questions and question the conventional “wisdom” in all areas. Hooray for you. Keep it up. And my very best wishes with finding the correct path for your son. I have seen him in many vids and he seems like a terrific guy to me, which I am sure that he is. But you would not have brought this up if there were not concerning issues.

    Have fun and be well, John

    John Corbit
    Narragansett, RI

    PS. my 27 year old son is in graduate school in developmental psychology at Concordia in Montreal. I am a dual citizen. Lived for 13 years in Antigonish, NS, and on and on…

  2. Sonya, I would like to invite you to listen to USA Prepares on GCN Live. Thursday morning there will be a show that might interest you. The show will start at 10AM.
    If you want to know more just e-mail and I’ll give you some details.

  3. The listing for syndrome in Toddlers (CHAT) could be a set of diagnostic criteria that may be wont to screen youngsters at eighteen months ancient. this is often be a giant improvement over the a lot of ancient criteria as a result of it can catch ASD earlier. it’s designed to be administered by a doctor however is straightforward enough that any parent capable of being objective will administer it.
    Treatment for Autism in India

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