Poorly Designed Meta-Analysis on Homeopathy Fails to Prove Anything

IMG_0337I recently found my friends posting the following article about a meta-analysis ‘proving’ that homeopathy doesn’t work. This was followed by comments like ‘I love science’ and ‘surprise, surprise’, and equating a degree in homeopathy with a degree in baloney. But what has this meta-analysis really proven and where is the real baloney?

The conclusions of the meta-analysis were that:

“No good-quality, well-designed studies with enough participants for a meaningful result reported either that homeopathy caused greater health improvements than a substance with no effect on the health condition (placebo), or that homeopathy caused health improvements equal to those of another treatment,” the report’s summary states.
Read more at http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/meta-study-confirms-homeopathy-doesnt-work#JbvdfGJSQxZ17fMD.99

HP versus Pharma: Two Very Different Approaches to Medicine

One key issue here may be what the allopathic scientific community considers to be ‘good quality, well designed studies’. The standard one-size-fits-all methodology used for testing pharmaceutical drugs would inherently be inadequate for a study on any homeopathic drug except for commercial preparations sold for specific ailments, which are known to be the least effective homeopathic treatments.

This is because homeopathy is an entirely different system of medicine, with an approach that is opposite to that of chemical pharmaceutical treatments. Confused? I will try to explain.

In standard clinical trials with pharmaceutical agents, a specific chemical drug is tested in a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study. This is necessary to determine the specific effectiveness of that product for any given ailment, while eliminating bias in the recipients and those administering the drug. It must be tested against a placebo because the simple act of believing you are taking a remedy can have an effect on your physical condition, so that aspect has to be factored in for consideration. The person administering the drug and studying its effects must not know who has taken it and who has taken a placebo, or they may be subject to biased reporting. It is understood that each drug is being studied for a specific desired effect which, if it is effective, it should have on a substantial proportion of recipients. Everyone gets the same drug for the same illness. It’s a one-size-fits-all approach.

Homeopathy is fundamentally different in that treatment takes into consideration not only a specific, targeted ailment, but also the person as a whole: their constitution, their  life and medical history, physical traits, personality, temperament, habits and tendencies and anything else that can be used to build as complete a picture of the individual as possible. There are thousands of remedies to choose from, made from everything in nature from minerals, to plant materials, to animal sources. Many remedies can be used to address a specific ailment such as a skin problem or anxiety, but the homeopath chooses the one that is best matched to the person as a whole. For example, a person whose anxiety comes on with dizziness would receive a different remedy than a person whose attacks come on with sweating. A person with a social, sanguine disposition would receive a different remedy than a shy, withdrawn individual.

Homeopathic Specifics

There are homeopathic remedies known as ‘specifics’, which are used to treat specific ailments such as cocculus for nausea or aconite for fever, but even in the cases where these are used, dosing strength (potency) and frequency are tailored to the individual based on their constitution. A person with a frail constitution would receive a lower potency than a person with a robust one. Some pharmaceutical medications interfere with the effectiveness of HP remedies, and some people do not respond to HP or take longer to respond. Once you understand how this system works, it is easy to see how it would be impossible to judge the value of homeopathy as a whole with a standard one-size-fits all approach for any given homeopathic remedy or administration procedure.

Now let’s look at the new meta-analysis, which you can see here:


The above meta-analysis reviewed a number of meta-analyses and a number of individual conditions for which these had reviewed the effectiveness of HP.

Evidence Shows Homeopathy for Ottitis Media  As Effective as Standard Treatment and Better than Placebo- But That’s Still Not Proof Enough

If you look at the data on HP treatment of otitis media (ear infections), you will find that the results were that:
In all studies with comparison to standard treatment with antibiotics, there was found to be no difference in treatment outcomes for pain, duration of illness, and improvement in hearing loss. In other words, HP was as effective as standard treatment. In studies against placebo, evidence was found in favor of homeopathic treatment. Evidence was also found in favor of HP versus standard treatment when it came to a couple of specific outcome measures.
Still, it was concluded that there is not enough evidence to recommend HP treatment. This is not the same as having proven that homeopathy does not work.

Let’s look at one of the contibuting meta-analyses that did not find evidence in favor of HP. Altunc et al (2007) which examined HP treatment of ‘childhood and adolescent ailments’ including ADHD (section 4.2.4 in the document), and concluded that “the evidence from rigorous clinical trials of any type of therapeutic or preventive intervention testing homeopathy for childhood and adolescence ailments is not convincing enough for recommendations in any condition”. (Altunc et al (2007)

What did they actually analyze? They looked at data from 16 studies on nine different ailments and noted that ‘with the exception of ADHD and diarrhoea (three primary studies each), no condition was assessed in more than two double-blind Level II studies.’ In other words, they took together data from studies on nine different conditions, on the majority of which no more than one or two studies had been done, lumped them all together, and concluded that there was not enough convincing evidence that homeopathic practice was effective. It seems to me that, from the outset, the design of this study was bound to fail to produce conclusive results of any kind.

There was one study included each on warts, conjunctivitis, otitis media, post-operative pain-agitation syndrome, two each on asthma, recurrent URTI (upper respiratory tract infections) and adenoid vegetation, and three on asthma and ADHD.

Can you imagine if a meta-analysis examined this number of studies on this number of various conditions, treated with different pharmaceutical agents, and concluded that there is not enough evidence to convince them that pharmaceutical drugs have any effect? It would be laughable.

Let’s look at the data they included on studies with ADHD, which was one of the two condition for which three studies were considered (although I would hardly call an examination of three studies a meta-analysis). These include Frei et al, 2005, Freitas et al, 1995, and Jacobs et al, 2005.  Two out of three of these studies showed intergroup differences in favor of the effectiveness of HP over placebo.

Jacobs et al, 2005: This study found no intergroup differences and included ‘43 children with confirmed ADHD diagnosis (computerised Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children) with mean age of 9 years. 9 participants were already taking
stimulant medication but still displaying symptoms (n=5 active, n=4 placebo)’. Description is from Cochrane Review.

Stimulants are well-known to interfere with the action of homeopathic treatment for ADHD. Even if the child is not presently on stimulants, having previously been treated with them can affect how well they will respond and how long it will take to get a response. Including some kids who were on Ritalin during the trial would be a bit like including subjects who are on Suboxone in a trial on opiate painkillers, the effects of which this medication is known to nullify.

Strauss et all, 2000, involved: ’20 children with previously diagnosed ADHD (no confirmation) aged between 7-10 years. Half of the participants (n=10) were already taking Ritalin.18 boys, 2 girls.’ Again, half the children were taking a drug known to interfere with the effect of homeopathic ADHD treatment. Moreover, the HP remedy tested was a non-individualized, low-potency formula preparation sold OTC in pharmacies to ‘improve concentration, memory, and alertness’ and, which was given for only 18 weeks. Nonetheless, this study found intergroup difference in favor of the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment for ADHD.

While we’re on the subject of studies being set-up to fail to show accurate treatment results, Frei et al, 2005, the third ADHD study in the Altunc et al review, was discussed in this related study, published in 2007. This was a retrospective analysis of the effect of screening for responsiveness to HP ADHD treatment before randomization. After screening,

‘They then entered the parallel group, radomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over trial. The double-blind part of the study consisted of two groups of children who received either verum for 6 weeks followed by placebo for 6 weeks, or placebo for 6 weeks followed by verum for 6 weeks.’ (Frei et al, 2007)

The study showed that responders had a 38.5% drop in Connor’s Global Index scores for ADHD, while non-responders had only an 11% drop, and concluded that:

‘Because of the necessity of identifying an optimal medication before response to treatment can be expected, randomisation at the start of treatment in an RCT of homeopathy in ADHD children has a high risk of failure to demonstrate a specific treatment effect, if the observation time is shorter than 12 months.’ (Frei et al, 2007)

This study is very interesting and shows how standard study design may be a set-up for failure to show accurate results in a RCT. They also noted that subjects who had been pre-treated with stimulants took longer to respond.


Frei et al, 2005: CGI scores decreased from a median of 19 before treatment, to 8 post-crossover (a 58% drop!).

‘During crossover trial CGI parent–ratings of a child was significantly lower under verum (average 1.67 points)
than under placebo (p=0.0479). Long-term CGI improvement reached 12 points (63%, p < 0.0001).
Interpretation: The trial suggests scientific evidence of the effectiveness of homeopathy in ADHD-treatment, particularly in the areas of behavioural and cognitive functions’  

It’s possible that the relatively slight difference during the cross-over phase was due to the persistence of the action of the remedies taken in previous weeks. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, homeopathic remedies seek to address underlying issues and tend to produce more lasting, even permanent results over time.


These meta-analyses make the mistake of lumping together one, two or three studies each on a wide variety of conditions, or of examining a several studies on one condition but with widely different randomization and study approaches, remedy potencies, and other variables like treatment with contra-indicated pharmaceutical drugs, and they conclude that there is not enough evidence that this system of medicine as a whole works. Is that any surprise?

Meanwhile, several pharmaceutical drugs that have been rigorously tested and shown on meta-analysis to be ineffective and even dangerous are regularly recommended by the medical industry as ‘safe and effective’. These notably include statins, flu shots, and anti-depressants.

As far as I can see, all these meta-analyses have proven that the pharmaceutical industry maintains an iron grip on the medical industry and continues to undermine our health freedom. I think we have found where the real baloney is.



19 responses to “Poorly Designed Meta-Analysis on Homeopathy Fails to Prove Anything

  1. Why is it when there is any deonstration that an ” alternative” therapy doesnt work there is only a whole page of rubbish about why the analysis is wrong etc etc – why not just provide some rational reproducible evidence that it works? Preferably without using insults, or the words ” sheep” , “shill”
    “big pharma” and “government”
    While the conventional establishment may be less than clean equally many doctors and organisations campaign for more transparency – read the Tamiflu expose in the medical press in the last few weeks. However big pharm being tainted does not by default mean that ” little pharma” is somehow full of righteous saviors all advertising false hope and 300 different guaranteed cancer cures. It is far worse and it manipulates and cheats and is not responsible to anyone

    • Sir/ma’am, she answered your question. Conventional medicine’s paradigm of approaching disease and studies would not allow studies on alternative medicine to prove it. THAT was what this was all about. You still don’t get it, even as you read English. Plus what just flew over your head is that in THOSE same studies there WAS evidence that Homeopathic medicine worked or worked better! WHAT precisely is it you medical people are looking for other than the patient GETS WELL!

      Let me spell it out for you. At the turn of the 20th century, medical doctors organized themselves into how you currently know them to be when they decreed that ONLY a patented synthetic would be allowed to treat or cure disease. All natural and other methods of treatment was invalidated and banned as treatments and cures for disease. Up to that point there were plenty studies already performed on diseases even cancer with the use of many natural means which were curing them. That data is still in your journals. Also is the thousands of years data on botanical medicine and herbology – from which your mentors derive their “isolated” “derivatives” from theorized and assumed “active constituents” to create the current SYNTHETICS you now love so much. This is the reason also why you doctors know NOTHING about NUTRITION. Medical school does not require you to study it – so what you do not know about natural things – then you simply DO NOT KNOW about natural anything! Get it?

      In that process, that data and any scientific data thenceforth has been suppressed as it does not follow the synthetic decree which was then legalized resulting in a gag-order – for how can you medical researchers claim a natural substance can cure or treat disease if your own medical practice law says you can’t do so??? WHO would review your paper of so-called quackery?? What medical natural-biased journal will it be allowed to appear in?

      THAT decree of synthetics puts a stop on it all NATURAL KNOWLEDGE.

      Do you understand that science is NOT medicine? Do you understand that your medicine sorts and sifts through the scientific data AVAILABLE and CHOOSES that which agrees with its SYNTHETIC DECREE – REGARDLESS OF SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY… TO then apply in medicine????? Science is the exploration of our organism, Earth and Universe. It dis-covers and comes to understand what ALREADY EXISTS… and re-dis-covers even further into its dis-coveries… as well as errs. BIG MISTAKES. BECAUSE THE UNKNOWN IS VAST. Yet medicine’s decree of synthetics exponentially limits the KNOWN. THAT should say it all, Sir/Ma’am.

      So you may then be left confused and say, well why is natural things used widely and even doctors are now using “alternative” things in their practice. The answer to that is that it is only allowed as a “nutritional’ or “life-style” thing to be used added to conventional PRIMARY treatment – it can NOT be claimed to treat or cure disease. You know that will lose your license. And so with this threat of being excommunicated – who within the professional licensed world of medicine will risk their sacrifices and hard earned degree which they are still paying for??

      And what is the result of this??

      The Underground.

      Let me ask you….. Did the whites know about the Underground movement where black slaves were being freed to the North? Did the Nazi know the Underground movement that led Jews to safety? Not for a time at first, at least.

      WE the patients who share truths with one another in our forced underground become aware of these manipulations and lies. WE the patients… the sick… the sick and tired…. The sick and tired of a system that keeps us sick…. find our own ways of healing ourselves with those FOUND suppressed truths… because you cannot suppress knowledge for long…. You cannot suppress the innate human desire to feel well…. to reach for that which has a reputation to prove healing…. You cannot suppress the human innate desire to HELP HIMSELF… as he knows he is responsible for himself, ultimately, as he carries his sick body alone. Because knowledge does NOT belong to ANY ONE. The human is the ultimate scientist in his awareness and the testing of his environment and all that which has been given to man for his experience in his Earth, for his survival and nutriment.

      To me that is the greatest misuse of patients’ trust…. That is the greatest betrayal of all times – that thousands of human beings taking up the oath of saving lives would succumb to such manipulations … to such suppression of truth that end in ending millions of lives unnecessarily because they collectively uphold the gag-order of naturals. That I dare to call genocide. And you are ALL implicated in this with your silence…. with your inaction… and more so for the intentional betrayal that this in fact is.

      And MANY of us know this to be true. I almost died because of YOUR synthetic decree and lack of the exercise of your own Will and intuition and awareness of this corruption. I was left abandoned and sick for not acknowledging my illness because it did not fit into your neat labels, and therefore my ongoing and progressive symptoms to you were null.

      Guess where I found whole healing from head to toe after 12 years of progressive illness and pain and often bedridden for weeks? Yes, time tested natural medicine. WITHIN ONLY 3 MONTHS!!!! Guess what my daughter’s autistic symptoms for almost 6 years after her hepatitis vaccine (I know I was there – the ONLY one caring and watching there – as opposed to the 3 minutes of medical consultation) were reversed most within a year with??? Yes, holistic medicine. WHAT MEDICAL PROFESIONAL WAS THERE TO WITNESS THIS…and every other autism and illness that is being healed with “underground” holistic medicine in the silence of the GAG ORDER????? WHAT DOCTORS are stepping forward to investigate all the claims instead of invalidating all the claims??? MY CLAIM?

      And you wonder why you do not have our knowledge????

      YOUR medical organization is responsible for this tragedy because they DECREED this gag order.

      If I had Gates’ billions I would sue the hell out of this entire organization, because that is the only language heard in this bureaucracy. I would personally guide thousands of lawyers to scan the law books and find every incident of law that applies and round up the thousands of patients affected by this decree – and throw the book at it, and legislate for a better system of healthcare incorporating natural knowledge. Heck, I’d even re-train you. Because I AM compassionate and human AND use my own mind.

  2. Those of us against “Big Pharm” are not against the doctors and practitioners who honestly want to help their patients and honestly believe that they are healing. We are simply against the lies and the cover ups that continue to keep people away from the real natural cures that nature provides. Unfortunately there are just as many greedy people out there pushing theirs false cures and taking advantage of the people looking for the natural cures. There is one way to debunk it all. Stop the drugs, treat yourself with herbs, homeopathy and other natural cures and see the difference. Its nature, its safe, what have you got to loose.

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  4. elusiveparticle

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    This incredibly high Electronegativite Energy still lingers even after Fluorine forms a bond with positive ions, and these are what we call “Fluoride’s”.

    Among the wide spectrum of various health Issues fluoride can cause, Cancer is a big one, but i’d like to focus on another not so obvious symptom of fluoride exposure.

    I think it is crucial to understand this particular issue, i’ll start with the fact that we are 70% water, we need a lot of water each and every day, and our body can detect the amounts of Fluoride, along with the minerals that end up in our water as it is processed for use in the blood stream, and if this amount is higher than the natural levels we have evolved to cope with, our brains have evolved a coping mechanism which attempts to put a damper on precious processes such as higher cognitive functions involved with imagination, functions that are involved with implementing new neurons, or functions that strengthen new neurons and neurons already in use for more reliable access. This damper is done as a way to preserve these functions for more significant moments, which will be judged by your conscious thought and with emotions, rather than just allowing these functions to be used all the time, because doing so would damage neurons your trying to strengthen if there are fluorides present in the blood stream. (this is hard for me to explain so I hope you understand.)

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    Stress, Anxiety, and Depression, are emotions that help you to overcome this damper that the Human Brain Implements, these emotions help your conscious mind in ways that get you “worked up” enough to use these higher cognitive functions, it is like forcing your brain to use these parts it’s trying to preserve (imagination and functions that are involved with implementing new neurons) because your consciously telling it that you think what your doing is extremely important. A good example of this, is if your having a discussion with your boss at work and he is noticeably upset because you didn’t do your job right, you’ll stress your self out over this kind of event in order to strengthen particular neurons for more reliable access so it won’t happen again.

    That sort of behavior can cause someone to act impulsively, i’m sure you’ve seen it many times even with your self, we want to stick to a set of reliable and hardwired neurons, as if we know it all and we don’t need improvement on our methods or awareness of particular things… and many times cognitive dissonance will occur as we try to avoid stress, anxiety, and depression, as we are met with concepts perhaps true, which seem counter intuitive to us.

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    Money, and other various ways of cultures, will keep us plugging along sticking to Hardwired Neurons doing something we wish we weren’t doing, or preforming a job which barely pays at all, perhaps worthless and unsustainable as well. There are many various ways our cultures promote these bad ideas, among each other in this adversity, must stand up for the rights of our planet, to live sustainability, to do so we must use our consciousness to it’s utmost potential, that means getting off of fluoride as soon as possible…. that’s the first step I believe. Money is evil in the sense that it is a false incentive and provides many unconscious opportunity’s for the destruction of our planet, it will promote the success of particular neurons, meanwhile demoting others, and we rewarded our selves self chemically when we receive “money” for doing a job right, or when we receive / spend / have money, this strengthens those neurons even further, it’s all about money sometimes, and not the actual thing it’s self.

    Rain (Like Distillation) = Averages 0.008 ppm (parts per million) fluoride.
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    Aluminum is the 3rd most abundant element in the Earth's Crust, and Fluorine is the 13th most abundant element in the Earths Crust: An average of 950 ppm of Fluoride are contained in it. Top Soils contain approximately 330 ppm of Fluorine, ranging from 150 to 400 ppm. Some Soils can have as much as 1000 ppm, and contaminated soils from industrial processes have been found with 3500 ppm.

    Rain water has 0.008 ppm as I've mentioned, and it is what the majority of the water that the Life on this Planet has evolved to cope with, waters are further contaminated when they make contact with the surface of this planet, and the further down those waters go before they are dug up from wells for various human purposes, the more contaminated they are going to be.

    Fluorine that is located in Soils may potentially accumulate in Plants, Especially the Tobacco or Tea plants, i'd like to suggest to you that you avoid exposing your body to these two plants in particular, you can find very credible information on wikipedia about them and their fluoride contamination.

    The amount of uptake of fluoride by Plants depends upon the type of Plant, and the type of Soil, and the amount and type of Fluoride found in the Soil / Water.

    Too much Fluoride, whether taken in from the Soil by Roots, or absorbed from the Atmosphere by the Leaves, retards the growth of Plants and reduces Crop Yields. Growing plants with well water is like pumping the fluoride equivalent of 25 to 100+ tubes of fluoridated tooth paste in with the soil throughout the plants life… that's because well water averages a 0.7 ppm contamination of fluoride… and unfortunately that is what I assume the majority of our foods are grown with at this time.

    With Plants that are Sensitive to Fluoride Exposure, even Low Concentrations of Fluoride can cause Leaf Damage, and a Decline in Growth.

    Although Fluoride was once considered an Essential Nutrient, the U.S. National Research Council has since removed this Designation due to the lack of Studies showing it is essential for Human growth.

    It is important to note that if Fluorides are absorbed too frequently it will cause Calcification of the mammalian Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland is Biological Filter for Fluoride. It has the most Profuse Blood Flow 2nd only to the Kidneys, with the Highest Concentrations of Fluoride throughout the entire Mammalian Body, ranging from 20,000 ppm to 25,000 ppm.

    Both the Pineal Gland and The Kidneys turn Fluorides from our Diet / Blood Stream (note: Smoking, Vaporizing, Water Vapors in the shower, Air (15-50 ppb) into Calcium Fluorides, which are safer to process out of the body. The Pineal Gland processes built up calcium fluorides to safely exit the body through urine at night, the process involves the molecule n,n-DMT which is produced naturally in the Pineal Gland, many plants contain this molecule, and this molecule is good medicine for decalcification of the Pineal Gland if taken before your sleep as concentrated dried plant matter (nearly boil plant matter containing n,n-DMT, let settle for an hour, scoop off top layer of water and dry it in a glass dish), the urge to urinate will increase and you should wake up to do so accordingly. The molecule n,n-dmt neutralizes the electronegative effects of fluorides in the blood stream by clumping together with fluorides to help them safely exit the body.

    If these two filters cannot handle the fluoride they are being exposed to, then Fluorides may end up in other calcium deposits throughout our bodies, like our Bones, which can cause Skeletal Flurosis, (which may lead to Arthritis or Joint Pains), this may even be the general cause of Arthritis.

    Dental Flurosis (White spots on Teeth) which may lead to Tooth Decay, is an obvious sign of wider systemic damage.

    This information is updated as frequently as I can update it at DamageReport.org

    An obvious indication of a significant reduction in fluoride exposure to your body is remembering your dreams from each time you sleep, and vividly.

    (You are experiencing a subjective reality, and there are many others experiencing a subjective reality as well, but we are all the universe it's self, and so we must not activate neural pain networks.)

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  6. If there was a rigorous significant study showing Homeopathic treatment working better than placebo it would make headlines. Since there is chemically no difference between a homeopathic remedy and a placebo it would be effectively the same as a rigorous double blind study showing that ritually blessed holy water had medical effects different from regular water. Just come up with one good repeatable experimental protocol that shows that and you will get the Nobel prize in M&P.

    • No it would not. Same reason there are no headlines for many things our politicians do that is covered-up and no one hears about it unless one goes to others reporting it and usually they are in a little corner of a newspaper.

      But the basic reason is because conventional medicine decreed at the turn of the century that only a patented synthetic can be used to cure or treat disease – all else – particularly anything natural – has a gag-order. And you are mistaken if you think science is medicine – because you might want to become aware that medicine only sifts and sorts through science and chooses what is synthetic to apply – nothing else.

      THAT is why no publicity will EVER be made for anything natural to be validated.

      Way above I give more info on that.

  7. This site was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something
    which helped me. Thanks!

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  10. I have been trying to get this to your attention. The Ebola cure already at your nearest chemist – pharmacist, its called Lamivudine


    Dr. Gorbee Logan said he got the idea to try lamivudine when he read in scientific journals that HIV and Ebola replicate inside the body in much the same way.

    Dr. Gorbee Logan has given the drug, lamivudine, to 15 Ebola patients, and all but two survived. That’s about a 13% mortality rate.
    A patoemt named Kundu and the other 12 patients who took the lamivudine and survived, received the drug in the first five days or so of their illness. The two patients who died received it between days five and eight.

    “Ebola is a brainchild of HIV,” he said. “It’s a destructive strain of HIV.”

    At first he tried a drug called acyclovir, which is often given to HIV patients to treat infections that occur with their weakened immune systems. But it didn’t seem to be effective. Then he tried lamivudine on a health care worker who’d become ill, and within a day or two he showed signs of improvement and survived.

    One woman walked in, and the Ebola nightmare began

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases says that theoretically, Logan’s approach has some merit. Lamivudine is a nucleocide analog, and other drugs in this class are being studied to treat Ebola.

    He also knows American researchers will say only a real study can prove effectiveness. That would involve taking a much larger patient population and giving half of them lamivudine and the other half a placebo.

    “Our people are dying and you’re taking about studies?” he said. “It’s a matter of doing all that I can do as a doctor to save some people’s lives.”

  11. I think your article points out the need for people to think for themselves. It’s like my mother used to say: “Use for head for something besides a hat rack.” I’ve been using homeopathy for years and it has saved me from so much suffering. Homeopathic Tabacum cured my motion sickness so now I can fly in airplanes and not feel the least bit queasy. I took homeopathic Styaphysagria for a stye, Hypericum for an injury to the nerve endins on my finger tips (the pain was gone in less than 60 seconds), Mercurius for an abscessed tooth, and the list could go on and on. Homeopathy is a form of energy medicine and conforms to laws discovered in quantum physics. It’s awesome.

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  13. No individual has done more good in medical profession than Samuel Hanneman – Osler ( Father of modern medicine)

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