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Watermelon Facial

Someone sent me this tip on youtube. Although I haven’t tried this recipe myself yet, I personally don’t use any commercial beauty creams and such. All I use is olive oil to clean my face, and coconut oil and aloe vera as a moisturizer. Not only is it clean, natural, free of chemicals and guaranteed good for your skin, but it’s a lot cheaper, too, than buying creams.

Here is the recipe for a watermelon facial. i hope you enjoy it. As I always say, just because you are a truther doesn’t mean you have to look like one.

“You need to find a watermelon, yeah, a watermellon…non-GMO. After you’ve found a good watermelon proceed to slice it into pieces that will resemble small 3″x5″ cubes. Then juice that watermelon into juice, yeah, juice it. After it’s juiced apply the juice to your skin…no joke. The watermelon juice contains several minerals that will make your skin actually shrink and you will look ten years younger.”

Neotame, a Sweet New Poison


Someone recently tipped me off to the existence of a new sweetener: Neotame.

A simple googling of the name alone immediately brought up several websites warning that this substance is toxic. According to Monsanto spokesperson Nancy Nevi, Neotame compositionally begins with Aspartame, but through a ‘simple enhancement to the dipeptide base’ it becomes 40 times sweeter. It was discovered by accident at a military facility during research on a chemical weapon called Neotox-II.

Dr. Betty Martini, long-time forerunning anti-Aspartame activist penned an open letter to Dr Jane Henny, FDA commissioner, highlighting the evidence that aspartame is a deadly poison that can has been shown to cause brain tumors, birth defects, blindness ( and other health problems possibly including infertility and miscarriage. In her letter, Dr Martini basically pleads with the FDA to recall Aspartame and not approve Neotame.

She also refers specifically to several studies that showed the toxic effects of Aspartame such as :
“Monsanto funded a study on birth defects which was disastrous, so they withdrew their funding and Dr. Diana Dow-Edwards had to pay it herself. Then neither Monsanto or the FDA would accept it. Quite a message to the world – if a researcher will not say it is safe, the study will not be accepted.”
“A pivotal study (SC18862) submitted was done on 7 infant monkeys: 5 had grand mal seizures and 1 died.”

According to
“Even Monsanto’s own pre-approval studies of neotame revealed adverse reactions. Unfortunately, Monsanto only conducted a few one-day studies in humans rather than encouraging independent researchers to obtain NIH funding to conduct long-term human studies on the effects of neotame.”

Despite the fact that nearly 100% of independent studies on Aspartame have found it to be cause adverse effects, and that there have been no long-term studies on Neotame and those that have been conducted showed adverse reactions, Neotame is already used as an additive in 1000 foods.

The Neotame website describes it as an ‘exciting’ new flavor enhancer and sweetener. I’ll bet that much is true: it’s exciting, alright- it’s an excitotoxin! And I guess it’s especially exciting to those who would like to reduce the world’s population and profit off the remainder’s sickness.

The purveyors of this poison declare that Neotame fits into healthful eating;
“A balanced diet including a variety of foods is the foundation of healthful eating. As part of a balanced diet, neotame provides a little sweetness without adding calories.” Since when is a chemical weapon is part of a balanced diet?

The makers of Neotame state that it is suitable for diabetics, even though Aspartame has been shown to cause blindness in diabetics, and even go on to proclaim safe for children and pregnant women!
“People of all ages, including pregnant or breastfeeding women, teens and children, and people with diabetes, can enjoy products sweetened with neotame while maintaining a healthful diet.”
That’s a bit like saying people of all ages can enjoy crystal meth while maintaining a healthful diet. It’s not exactly untrue, but it doesn’t change the fact that crystal meth will kill you.

Because of labeling laws, it is possible for Neotame to be listed as ‘natural flavors’ if it amounts to less that 5% of a product’s ingredients, so beware! The best policy is to avoid pre-made, processed and pre-packaged foods altogether, or you could wind up eating Neotox-II – I mean, Neotame. And I would be willing to wager that Neotame…Will kill you.

inGREEDients, The Movie

Today, on February 8th at 2:00 pm EST, TrutherGirl Sonia will be interviewing David Lawrence Dewey on The Truther Girls radio show. You can listen live at at that time, or download the archived show later from .

David Lawrence Dewey is an author and syndicated columnist with over 42 million readers worldwide. Dewey was the Content Consultant, Creative and Journalistic Consultant on the film inGREEDients, directed by David Burton, which exposes the dangers of hydrogenated fats and other toxins in our food. Dewey was also the first journalist in 1996 to warn consumers of the dangers of hydrogenated oils, aspartame, MSG and other toxins in the food supply.

Today on The Truther Girls, we will learn from David Lawrence Dewey how:
– hydrogenated oils are implicated in causing numerous conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and others, at the cost of trillions of dollars in health care.
– how ‘no trans fat’ on the label doesn’t mean the product is actually free of trans fats!
– how removing trans fats does not solve the problem.
– how hydrogenated drastically alter your immune system and undermind your health.
– how toxins such as TBHQ, found in fast food such as McDonald’s chicken nuggets, build up in the liver over time.
– how companies are able to avoid labelling products as containing hydrogenated oils, in spite of existing labelling laws.

…And much more.

Read DL Dewey’s column on hydrogenated oils to learn why just removing trans fats does not make the food safe to eat:

Dewey also has a column about other additives, dyes, chemicals, preservatives in the food supply which he will be talking about on the show.

Read about the movie, inGREEDients here:

The movie has attracted a huge following on FACEBOOK

View the trailer for inGREEDients here:

CETA: A New Threat to Canadian Sovereignty

Written by Youtube user daelka

Negotiations are presently taking place between the “EU” and “Canada” for a so-called “Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement” (CETA). Simply put, it is a threat. It threatens everything from food sovereignty to local development through procurement.

The Trade Justice Network has a good website to get an overview of this corporatist attack.
A good part of it is also available in French. The leaked text, however, seems only available in English, on the English version of the site. But I think the information available in French on the site can still be spread among French speakers so that all Canadians can take a stand. The Trade Justice Network’s French name is Réseau pour le commerce juste and the URL for the French version of the site is

The Council of Canadians is organizing a protest event in Ottawa this Friday:

The Trade Justice Network also has a YouTube channel:

Here are a couple of excerpts from the leaked document (with commentary from Sonia):
Page 20: measures to eliminate export subsidies. Will we become more and more dependant on imports? As if we’re not dependant enough? Is the government intentionally trying to undermine local production, including local food production, for the benefit of multinational corporations?
“The Parties recognize that agricultural export subsidies may also have distorting
effects in third-party markets.
4. Each Party shall eliminate agricultural export subsidies on agricultural goods
originating in or shipped from its territory by December 31, 2013.
5. Pending the elimination of all agricultural export subsidies, if either Party adopts or
maintains an agricultural export subsidy which the other Party considers to be
distortive of its trade with a non-party, the Party providing the agricultural export
subsidy shall, at the request of the other Party, consult with a view to avoiding such
distortionary effects.”

Page 38: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures. ‘Phyto’ as in ‘plant’. When I see ‘phytosanitary measures’ being addressed, I can’t help but wonder whether this will lead to an increase in irradiated produce. This bill, after all, first seeks to eliminate export subsidies. Irradiation is used to prolong shelf-life of produce, which is a benefit to any corporation seeking to export their product to a distant place. It is not necessary for locally produced food, which has a shorter trajectory from farm to store and is not at risk of being contaminated with foreign pests.
“1. The Parties hereby establish a Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary
Measures (SPS Committee), comprising representatives of each Party from the
relevant trade and regulatory agencies, ministries or other institutions who have
responsibility for SPS matters.
2. The SPS Committee shall
(a) provide a regular forum for exchange of information relating to each
Party’s regulatory systems, including the scientific and risk assessment
basis for SPS measures;
(b) provide direction for the identification, management and resolution of
SPS issues; and
(c) improve understanding between the Parties related to specific
implementation issues concerning the WTO SPS Agreement, including
clarification of regulatory frameworks and decision making procedures”

This is a 366-page document! They are seeing to it that they have all the angles covered.

Better Living Resources Vs Quackery

Sept 22 The Truther Girls Guest: Rob McIntyre from Better Living Resources
To locate a place from which to buy chelating agents in your area, go to main page and click auto-responder, to tell BLR where you live and they will find a provider for you.
Youtube channel:

Some articles discussed on the show:

EU to ban Chinese medicine

Bill Clinton Loses Weight on Vegetarian Diet and he uses alternative medicine (but for the rest of us, it’s quackery):

Bogus Study says adenovirus linked to obesity

Osteoporosis drugs doubles risk of esophageal cancer

Anti-Aging Advice from Dr Mercola

No matter what your convictions in life, nobody wants to get old and yucky. I found some good advice recently on the top things to do or not do to delay turning into your aunt Mildred.
1- Free Radicals: You get these from things like cigarettes, trans fats and charred meat.
2- Imflammation: This makes you get old and sick. You can reduce it by exercising and eating things like Turmeric, dark chocolate and resveratrol, which you find in good quality red wine.
3-Glycation. This happens when sugar mixes with proteins and fats to form molecules that will put you in a nursing home. So don’t eat sugar or browned foods that were cooked with high heat. Sugar and fried foods will kill you.
4- Stress. This makes you produce hormones that will make you feel fried and burnt-out in the long run. You produce cortisol to mitigate the stress, but this will also kill you if it remains high over time. So you need to figure out how to de-compress, take the blue pill sometimes if you must, and get enough rest. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing.

Also, getting fat makes you get sick, old and feel like crap. So don’t get fat. One of the best ways you can avoid this is by shunning fructose, aka fruit sugar, also known mostly as corn syrup, but it can come from a variety of sources including agave syrup. Fruit sugar…Will kill you.
According to Dr Mercola, more than 1/4 of Americans are now obese.

In summary, the more cigarettes you smoke, the more chocolate you need to eat, but don’t eat so much that you get fat, or it will defeat the purpose.

Industrialized Food

This is an excerpt from the movie “Food Inc.”