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psychedelic Tonight on TrutherGirls Radio, my guest is Sage,Transformational Facilitator & Transitional Manager aka (Man-in-Jah)

Assisting Jedi’s become Jedi Knights. Helping you re-member what you already know and activate in you what has been dormant. Through a specific assessment and communication style that starts from go and funnels down to a bottom line, Sage is able to personalize and customize a de-programing and rewiring experience for the individual’s mind, body, & soul aspects. Sage’s unique listening style allows him to hear what your soul is saying and which parts the ego controls. By holding you accountable to your higher self, this can lead you to clearer conscious choices. Like a conductor of an orchestra that brings attention to the moment and fine tunes as the performance is happening from a unique position of the whole, holding the harmonic balance and frequency.
Our shadow-self can rule us by using fear and confusion against ourselves, which are energies of darkness. Darkness has been defined as an absence of light; and by filling in the void of darkness with light, a personal freedom is realized. Like the great messenger Bob Marley sang “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, nobody but you can free your mind”… As facilitator, Sage is able to hold more light with a very neutral and universal position through the individual’s process or situation, helping make sense of any confusion and extinguishing the illusion. This can provide more clarity for the individual to make empowered decisions for oneself. Sage is able to assist in quantumly speeding up the processing of emotions and slaying the personal demons that keep us from realizing our self. Allowing you to be more productive towards your mission and stand more comfortably in your ‘I AM’ and your ‘WE ARE’…One.
End results may be contagious and spread. Increased levels of enthusiasm and clarity about self and life…

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Healing Your Energy Meridians with Biofield Therapy

psychedelicTonight on Truther Girls radio first hour, 10:00-11:00 pm EST, I will be joined by Jeanine, who is a certified Nutritionist and Health Educator specializing in biofield therapy. We will be talking about energy blockages on your body’s meridians and will be addressing questions such as:

– What are Chi and energy meridians?
– How do scars, injuries and even tattoos interfere with them?
– How does this lead to disease?
– How can acupuncture, mud packs, magnetic clays, castor oil packs and nutrition re-establish the free flow of Chi across these meridians?

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Accused Criminal Becomes First Jesuit Pope

ITCCSSecond hour my guest will be Kevin Annett from the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State
The ITCCS is a common law de jure court made up of ordinary citizens, and which has the backing of a Belgian court, and has issued arrest warrants for former Pope Joseph Ratzinger, the Queen of England , and several others including now the new Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio for their roles in crimes against humanity. Kevin will be telling us about the new Pope Francis and his shady history and involvement in human trafficking in Argentina during the ‘Dirty War’ years of 1976-1983. He will also be giving us an update on the proceedings of the ITCCS legal procedings.

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Brien Foerster and the Elongated Skull Paracas of Peru

paracasWho were these ancient aristocrats of Peru with red hair and elongated skulls known as the Paracas? Were they aliens? A different type of human? How did they live and what happened to them? Join me tonight with Brien Foerster of Ancient Inca Tours to learn about the mysterious Paracas and much more.

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Brien Foerster was born in Minnesota but grew up on the West Coast of Canada. He holds an Honours Bachelor Of Science degree, has worked as a sculptor and carver, and was assistant project manager for the building of the 62 foot double hull sailing canoe ( ancestor of the modern day catamaran ) Mo’okiha O Pi’ilani ( Sacred Lizard That Pierces The Heavens ) and the restoration of the famous Mo’olele sailing canoe. He has authored the book ‘A Brief History Of The Incas’ which is available on this site, and is now the assistant director of the Paracas History Museum in Paracas, south of Lima.

Please visit and for more information.

Ancient elongated Paracas skull: larger cranial capacity and only TWO plates, with ONE cranial suture! Alien hybrid?

Second hour, 11:00- midnight, my guest will be Don Hayes who is building a new conscious hip hop radio network known as where you can find hundreds of anti-NWO hip-hop songs from over 150 conscious artists. Don hosts a one-hour video podcast every week called ‘Truth Talkin Tunes with Don Haze and Solitary Spade’ where they discuss recent news relating to the NWO and play music from their awake artists. This is uploaded on their youtube channel secretsocietypro so please subscribe.

Hack Attacks: Protect Yourself! With Roxy Lopez and Arron the Barbarian

facebookroxy Tonight on Truther Girls radio we will be giving you some important information on how to protect yourself online from hacking and malicious activities of all kinds. First hour, I will be joined by Roxy Lopez of Second hour, I will be joined by Arron Allan aka Arron the Barbarian and his youtube channel is policestateradio
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Check out Roxy’s Radio show ‘The Truth Denied’, Tuesdays 7-9 pm CST

Roxy Lopez:

In the 1980′s, Roxy was a successful musician in California, performing at clubs like the Roxy and the Whisky. She was then signed to Polygram’s, Rocket Records by Sir Elton John (album Magnetism) produced by Alan Niven (infamous manager /producer). She recorded her album, Magnetism, with Mark T. Jordan from Bonnie Raitt’s band, John Pierce of Rod Stewart, and many other players from Michael Jackson to Quincy Jones. These are only a few highlights of her career as a musician.
Roxy is also a published author & radio talk show host, Circuit Speaker, Humanitarian &, animal rights activist, 12 step recovery advocate and currently exploring world journalism. As well, she has donated time, money and albums to causes such as Habitat for Humanity, Children’s Hospital & Cancer Foundation, ‘Spokanimal’, a shelter for lost and abused animals, as well as National Wildlife Agencies, Cat-Care in Volcano Hawaii.

Roxy is currently an investigative journalist for Chemtrails, Morgellon’s Disease & GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) also works with Doctors around the world for cures, & teaches Permaculture (Organic Growing).
Currently in production with the world documentary Film called “The Truth Denied, Chemtrails Kill” (written, filmed and produced by Roxy Lopez)


Arron the Barbarian:

Arron is my husband. He has been a vlogger for several years and was well-known for his channel Barbarianrebellion, which got hacked (!) last fall. The hacker hijacked his channel, took down all his videos, enabled revenue sharing, and then uploaded copyrighted music videos and ran ads on them and the channel was taken down for copyright infringement violations within the hour. And that was not all he did. You will hear the whole sordid story on air tonight. Google proved to be COMPLETELY USELESS and did nothing to help Arron get his channel back

Refusing to let one spotty-faced teenager with a hacking program ruin his mission to spread awareness about the NWO, Arron moved his vlogging over to his other channel , PoliceStateRadio and continues to upload regularly. In addition to political commentary, he also makes music videos to accompany his own songs as well as covers and re-writes of popular songs. Having taken as a learning experience the rotten saga of his channel getting hacked, Arron will be happy to share with you what he has learned about keeping yourself safe online.

The ITCCS and Idle No More: Holding Church and State Accountable

ITCCSTonight on Truther Girls radio from 10:00- midnight EST, we’ll be having a double-whammy of Canadian activists fighting for the rights of aboriginal people and demanding accountability from both church and state. First hour, my guest will be Kevin Annett, former minister with the United Church of Canada and one of the founders of the International Tribunal Into Crimes of Church and State, which is calling for the arrest of (now former) Pope Joseph Ratzinger and putting a lien on Vatican wealth to have it returned to the people. Please visit

The mandate of the ITCCS is to:
1. To bring to trial those persons and institutions responsible for the exploitation, torture and murder of children, past and present, and
2. To stop these and other criminal actions by church and state.

Please read the article, ‘Pope Benedict resigned to avoid arrest, seizure of church wealth by Easter‘ for more on how the ITCCS may have been the true reason for why Joseph Ratzinger resigned.

Second hour, I will be speaking to Anthony (Tony) Hall, Professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta. Tony is the author of two books, ‘Earth Into Property: Colonization, Decolonization, and Capitalism’, describing the disastrous effects of capitalism on indigenous people, and ‘ The American Empire and the Fourth World’. Tony is also a regular columnist on Veterans Today, and you can see his articles here.

Tony has been very active as an Aboriginal People’s rights activist, drawing attention to the fact that the Canadian court and government routinely violate aboriginal treaty rights. Please check out his article ‘The Canadian Ministry of Justice ‘s Anti-Aboriginal Policies Exposed’on Veterans Today here.
Some of his other priorities include the quest for 9/11 Truth and the need for appropriate international responses to the massive global catastrophe emanating from the slow bonfire of tens of thousands of tons of radioactive materials at Fukushima.

Tonight, we will be discussing the Canadian Idle No More Movement and the progress that Canadian Aboriginal people have been making in standing up to the government that has committed genocide against the First Nations people.

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Chemtrails, HAARP and Geoengineering With Jim Lee

air trails Tonight on Truther Girls radio my guest is the mind-blowing Jim Lee, who has worked tirelessly for the past two years to put together a 3D map of Radiation, Chemtrails and all kinds of earth changes.

You may look at this directly at:

Jim Lee is a major researcher, you can look at his web site at:

Jim’s blog is at:

Jim Lee has a You Tube Channel with a world class play list that you can see by clicking HERE.

To listen live form 10:00-midnight EST on January 25, 2013 go to and click ‘listen live’
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Teen Dies Taking Ayahuasca: Follow-up

ImageA while I go , I posted a video discussing the death of 18-year-old Kyle Nolan who died in Peru at the Shimbre ayahuasca retreat. You can see it here. Like many, I was wondering what really happened because ayahuasca is known to be safe, no-one has ever died of the brew itself, and I was wondering if foul play was involved or if something else was added to the. Since that time, I was able to talk to Kyle’s father, Sean, who is trying to raise funds to get Kyle’s autopsy results. Sean told me that it cam to light that ‘Maestro Macoluto’, the shaman who oversaw Kyle’s ayahuasca session, had a criminal record and was known to dose clients up and then let them find their way back to their huts, wandering unattended in the jungle at night, while he sat up in his perch on a throne made of batteries, watching Peruvian soap operas. Sean and I agreed that it was highly likely that Kyle had died from some kind of accident, maybe a snake bite or a fall, due to the shaman’s negligence. 

I then received the following account from someone who had personally met Macoluto and states that this shaman was indeed in the habit of allowing people to wander in the dark unattended while on ayahuasca. He has agreed for me to re-post it here and this is what he says:

‘Hi dear, my name is Miguel and I have just watched the tube you have uploaded the 19/10/2012 with the subject: Teen Dies Taking Ayahuasca: What Really Happened? 
Well, I’ve been drinking Ayahuasca for many years in Brazil and I have also had an experience with the “shaman” involved in the death of Kyle Nolan and I have some helpful information about this subject. 
First of all, the brew prepared in in Brazil, in the main stream communities, is just made of Banisteriopsis caapi, Psychotria viridis and water, nothing else.
Second, the use of Ayahuasca i all these communities is carefully managed due the big responsibility it means. Therefore before taking part in any rituals the candidates have to go through an interview with the people in charge of the community. Along the ritual, the master in charge is the one to offer the Ayahuasca to the participants along the sessions. I mean he (or she) is the one to decide how much and when should the participants drink it. Besides that, in every ritual, there is always a team of experience helpers watching and helping the participants.
So, it is much more than just drinking the brew.
– I know there are also people using other mixtures such as Jurema but, as far as I know, it’s not wide spread in Brasil.
Anyway, about 7 years ago I had an experience in Cusco, Peru with the same “shaman” you are mentioning here. 
In fact, he had impressed a journalist friend of mine that was visiting Cusco those days and I flew from Brazil to join them. So we made a deal of 2 sessions with San Pedro and 1 with Ayahuasca. Hence we drove for 2 hours from Cusco to the bank of a river and we settled a camp near the woods. According to the shaman’s plan we should rest during the 1st day, after the trip, then, drink San Pedro the 2nd day, rest the 3rd, drink San Pedro again the 4th, rest the 5th, drink Ayahuasca the 6th and rest a leave 7th and last day. 
The days of the rituals we were asked to fast and not to drink water after 2:00 pm.
Anyway, the ritual started after dark around a bonfire. After displaying his tools the shaman started singing and playing some instruments to get us to the state before drinking the brew and then we started dancing around the bonfire until the shaman led us through the forest where we were left by ourselves. I mean, we were just left in the dark in the middle of a forest away from the rest of the group because he said we “would feel nature better”. 
In fact, to me it was nice to lay beneath the stars, listening to the sounds of nature nevertheless besides my own expectation I cannot say I felt much and after a few hours we started calling each other and went back to the camp. That was it and though I didn’t wanted to compare this experience with the others I had with Ayahuasca before I couldn’t help noticing the lack of security along the experience. I mean, what if something wrong happens? We were isolated and the shaman was sleeping in his tend!
The next experience though was different. Although we follow the same ritual of the first day one of my friends got dehydrated and she was feeling so weak that she started calling for help. At certain point I could realized she was making some noise but as I didn’t wanted to interfere with her experience hence I just walked away but to our luck, another friend, who was nearer her, called me out loud and we both tried to help her. So, I went back to the camp to get water, some food as well as something warm her up just to find that our “shaman” was snoring (of course he hand’ drink a single drop of the brew because “he claimed he didn’t need to drink it anymore besides promising he would be taking care of us” therefore we decided to abort the experience and next day my friends and I got back to Cusco.
Some important points to remember:
– This shaman didn’t drink the brew he offered us to drink
– He wasn’t taking care of us
– We were isolated

Question: What would have happen to our friend if no one had listened to her call!
But this story didn’t end there…
Few days later l had to leave Cusco to visit my family in the north of Peru. Meanwhile, the same shaman convinced my friends to drink Ayahuasca in Machu Picchu. He told them that the director of the Machu Picchu compound was his friend and that he would allow them to drink Ayahuasca in the ruins after everybody had left! So, it happens that Machu Picchu is closed after (around) 5:00 pm and that to get there from Aguas Calientes (the nearest town) it is necessary to take a van up to the mountain for about 30 minutes. So, my friends arrived to the gates of Machu Picchu when it was already closed just to be informed by the shaman that there was a new director and that there were not allow to enter the premises therefore they had to drink the brew somewhere nearby and so they did just to regret it for life. The shaman served both of them a big glass of the brew (the shaman didn’t drink, of course) and left the guys by themselves. One of them just drunk half of it but the girl took it all! So, the rest you can figure out… In fact, they both survived but they had such a terrible experience! She even wrote an article about the experience.
Just to finish this, we are talking about the same guy Kyle Nolan met: Not a shaman, not a master, just a greedy merchant taking advantage of the innocence of spiritual seekers. Furthermore, when I read the news I got also sad because that could had happen to a dear friend of mine, deceived by the same “shaman” TWICE!
So I hope people get more aware of the responsibility of using and delivering entheogens. For many of us it is a sacred and beautiful path to healing and awareness whilst for others just another way to make money.

About Shimbre place, I don’t know much about that center. I have also seen a coverage about the death of Kyle Nolan (youtube) showing a very beautiful facility and people surprised with the misfortune of the young man. Anyway, when I met the shaman he had a store in Cusco but in order to make the ritual he had to find a place outside the city. I have also visited his humble house (near the store) and if memory doesn’t fail me, I think each one of us we paid about US$ 300 for the experience (wich was too much for me, taking in consideration that I was used to participate in several rituals in Brazil for a fraction of that) So he suggested us this place in the bank of the river 2 hours away (by car) from Cusco. During the trip to that place I had the chance to talk to the “shaman” and he told me he knew some people in the rainforest and that we could have an experience there if requested.

I mean, at that time it seems he hadn’t any structure to deal with the rituals and he was open to new experiences. He also said he could take us to the ruins of Chavin the Huantar that belongs to a very ancient culture he said he claimed to be a descendant or, at least of its tradition (and according to Wikipedia, Chavin is the oldest culture in the whole americas, to use entheogens). Ahotner thing I remember about this shaman is that every time my friend the journalist asked a question about his shamanic lineage and tradition he always changed the dates. I mean one day he said, for instance, it was10 thousand year ago and later or next day it could be 20 thousand, etc.

About taking ayahuasca alone, I don’t recomend it, mainly if you are a beginner and even if you already have some experience, for many reasons and I think the reason why people has being left alone in the mentioned facilities is probaly due to a commercial criteria. You must take in consideration that though the experience with entheogens is very personal the experience also has a group component.

I mean we are talking about a very deep experience enriched with large amount of variables most of which we cannot account hence we need to depend on the skills of the shaman in order to create the necessary conditions to take us along our inner journey as well as to bring us back safely and, whenever it is necessary, to solve any unpredictable situation.’

I sincerely hope that Sean Nolan is able to raise the funds he needs for the autopsy report and that he is able to get some answers regarding his son’s death, and may the peace of the God be with him. 

To help raise funds for Kyle’s father to get his autopsy results, you can make a donation here. I don’t know why it is so expensive to get the results but it apparently is.

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