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Supersoldier/Channeler/TI Anya Briggs on The Truther Girls

My guest today is Anya Briggs, professional channeller/medium, CIA-programmed SuperSoldier, and Targeted Individual.
When I first spoke to Anya on the phone, I was quite surprised. I suppose I expected a programmed ‘Satanic Supersoldier’ to be dark, scary, and probably half-incoherent, but Anya is warm, friendly, charming, outgoing, and has a good sense off humor to boot. Come listen in today and hear how Anya was programmed as a child through trauma and post-hypnotic suggestions and then used as a SuperSoldier without her conscious knowledge. She learned of this and ‘broke programming’ when her programmer himself came out in remorse and confessed to her what he had done. Anya now works as a medium and is still recovering memories of her own past. You can visit her blog here:

Listening to Anya’s story, one might be inclined to write her story off as hokey, the imaginings of an unstable woman. However, there is not only corroboration from other people involved, but physical evidence as well. This May, Anya testified before a US Congressional hearing on Targeting, in which she presented as evidence the existence of a dental implant in her mouth, discovered by a dentist and consisting of technology that is unknown in the field of dentistry and in the scientific community in general.

Those of you who know me know that even though I aim to always keep an open mind, I do not practice the occult in any form and shy away from things like channeling. However, Anya’s psychic experiences are part of who she is and part of her experience as a programmed and targeted individual and I intend to let her freely share of them. I am not here to judge her.

You can listen live at : http://americanfreedomradio.com today at 2:00 pm EST or download the archived link tomorrow at http://americanfreedomradio.com/TrutherGirls_11