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Evidence Vaccines are Harmful

The following was written by Lizzi Hollanders in response to a question about where to find information on evidence of the dangers of vaccines. It’s such good information that I am putting it here for all of us for future reference:

I encourage people to conduct your own research and not base choices on other people’s opinions. There is a great deal of information and misinformation out there. If people want to have an opinion on the vaccination dialogue then please back up statements with facts and citations to reliable and valid sources. Spreading fear and anxiety only magnifies the anxiety and does not create a supportive environment in which to really assess the facts and make a choice based on what is best suited to you and your family.

As for ourselves this is how we came to our decision and I offer it as an example of how to make an informed choice, but in no way suggest it is the “right” or the “only” choice.

After extensive research we have decided that there is no rational basis upon which to vaccinate. the entire premise of vaccinations is deeply flawed, the risks far outweigh the benefits and the dearth of reliable, valid and consistent scientific data in tandem with the incredible profiteering conducted by the Pharmaceutical corporations makes the entire vaccine industry (and it is an industry as it it the greatest source of profit to these companies http://centerforvaccineethicsandpolicy.wordpress.com/2010/01/17/global-vaccines-revenues-projected-to-more-than-double-by-2016/) deeply suspect and guilty of extreme skulduggery.

A robust immune system can handle almost all disease and process it so that the body recovers and the results in life long immunity—far superior to potential partial immunity and/or destroyed immunity which wanes over time in tandem with the endless negative sequalae of auto-immune disorders that can result from the over injection of toxins into children’s bodies.

Below are some links i find helpful in helping me elucidate the facts as they pertain to vaccination. the fact is this is a very heated debate filled with extreme ideological differences such that i believe it is often an unbridgeable divide and thus not worth engaging. it is simply up to each individual to make a choice, to use informed consent and exorcise fear from the decision making process. any choice made in fear will result in doubt and uncertainty. the only path through this mire is to gain, gather and process knowledge. information is power and that is how this battle is being waged.. i have spent the better part of three years researching the tropic and for me I am satisfied, based on the current condition of our life, where we live and our health that any benefits from vaccinations do not outweigh the risks.

here are some links to resource I have found most helpful. First though a book called “Childhood Vaccination: Answers to your questions, by Katia Bailetti” was an excellent resource to starting out on this journey of becoming informed and getting out of the dogma and ideology. the books break down each vaccine, it’s ingredient, the pros and the cons of having the disease, the pros and the cons of getting vaccinated and the degree of partial immunity and the time it lasts. it is well worth the read, it is neutral in its standpoint and accessible in that it is written in average english – not academic.


anyway, here are links i find great.

here is a link that gives a graphic of the increase of vaccines introduced to the vaccine schedule from 1983 to 2010 – it makes me shudder when i look at it. Canada follows an almost identical schedule. http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/7033/vaccinek.jpg

Here is a link to a table that shows a variety of vaccine schedules around the world http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3170075/table/table2-0960327111407644/

This is a great one for people who want to engage with pro-vax people. http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/2010/01/if-you-are-in-support-of-vaccinations/

Here is a link of a parent who says these questions need to be answered before she will even consider vaccinating her children. http://lifeonthefrancofarm.blogspot.com/2011/06/6-points-i-would-have-to-believe-before.html

here is a link to an interview given by an ex-vaccine developer who discusses the series of deceptions used by Pharamceutical companies to sell vaccines to the public http://healthimpactnews.com/2011/ex-vaccine-developer-reveals-lies-the-vaccine-industry-is-built-upon-in-interview/

here are some links on the Hep B vaccine. it’s one i consider one of the nmost dangerous and insane of all vaccines http://www.neurology.org/content/72/10/873.abstract



And this is a fantastic article that explains how the human immune system works prior to vaccination and what happens to the immune system after vaccination… a must read for anyone http://www.vaccinationcouncil.org/2011/06/10/basics-of-the-human-immune-system-prior-to-introduction-of-vaccines-are-vaccines-turning-our-children%E2%80%99s-immune-systems-inside-out/

and this article recently came out which i think is fantastic – discusses why children don’t regress before age of 1 and examines how vaccination toxicity impacts the immune system http://www.vaccinationnews.com/20110110AutisticRegressionYazbakFE

as for the whole whooping cough thing. First of all, as was seen in California, 1 in 3 people had been fully vaccinated for whooping cough but caught it anyway… this is a severe vaccine failure, plus when considering the serious risks associated with the vaccine the cons completely outweigh any pros http://www.nafwa.org/general-nutrition/alternative-nutrition/29005-whats-really-to-blame-for-californias-whooping-cough-epidemic.html

here is a link to a resource examining the connection between SIDS and the whooping cough vaccine http://www.vaccinationnews.com/sids-vaccines-and-vaers-follow

and here is a link to some information examinig the connection between whooping cough vaccine and childhood allergies like asthma, eczema, hay fever…etc http://www.whale.to/v/asthma3.html & http://vran.org/about-vaccines/specific-vaccines/diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis-hib-vaccine/whooping-cough-the-disease-and-the-vaccine/

Here is another article that helps tease apart the myth that vaccination equals immunity

And for those who really want to get into the nitty gritty here is a link of all the vaccines currently manufactured and their ingredients. It’s a worth a read and educating yourself about what exactly is being injected into your and your children’s bodies. http://www.novaccine.com/vaccine-ingredients/

Finally along with the known neurotoxic effect of mercury is an even more deadlier adjuvant agent. Aluminum.


Aluminum is a positively charged bio-conductive element, 64 times more positive than colloidal blood products (ie. anything suspended in your blood) are negative; with the properties of a coagulant. It literally draws in all other metals & toxins in its path. When injected into deep muscle tissue or subcutaneously, this neurotoxin gets redistributed via the bloodstream (consisting of 90% water) to areas of fatty tissue (highly electrical tissues – negatively charged) throughout the body, builds up over time in these delicate centers; primarily in the Brain, Spinal cord, Myelin sheath, Meninges, cardiac cells, breasts & ovaries (in women), prostate (in men), kidneys, liver, gut & bowels.

This “sludging” is activated when Aluminum interacts with Hemoglobin in flow, in the negatively charged environment. This causes the negatively charged blood products to “attract” towards the larger, more massive positively charged Aluminum, causing clumping or “sludging”. This restricts blood flow, and it changes the Zeta Potential to change from -15mv (minus 15 milivolts) towards -10 mv (minus 10 milivolts), or possibly closer to zero. This is an increase in Zeta Potential, from a negatively charge towards neutral. (This is somewhat analogous to a change in state of water as it turns to ice – it’s a change in viscosity, affecting blood flow).


I sincerely hope this helps. I make no bones about the fact that I advocate for non-vaccination because I have come to know that vaccines are mostly bunk science riding on the coattails of some good science, and disseminating it’s veracity through a heavily indoctrinated culture of blind faith in public health policy and pharmaceutical companies… and that is why it is such a difficult terrain to navigate… when lies disguise themselves behind truth, it take a sharp mind and a clear heart to see the way through. good luck to everyone in making the choice that is right for you and your family.


Rethinking Circumcision with Maurene White

Today on The Truther Girls, my guest will be Maurene White, a nurse who has been campaigning against circumcision for four decades. Maurene is the founder of farreach.org, and organization that helps to inform people about the risks of circumcision and the benefits of having a foreskin. She also helps adult men learn how to restore their foreskins and has developed an iPhone application called i4skinhealth for this purpose, which you can see and buy here at the Apple Store. 100% of proceeds from sales of the app go to research and education to assuage circumcision harms.

People tend to have strong feelings about circumcision. Some people defend it vehemently on the basis of their religious beliefs, or the beliefs that it provides health or hygiene benefits, while others oppose it just as strongly and say it is no different from female genital cutting. To me, this is a subject on a par with vaccination when it comes to the need for the public’s access to factual information on the risks versus the benefits. Just this week, two babies died as a result of circumcision at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, one from hemorrhage and the other from shock. Given that this procedure can sometimes result in such tragic consequences, I hope that my interview with Maurene today will help people make more informed decisions about circumcision, as it concerns their own bodies and those of their children. There is nothing worse than making an uninformed decision and later regretting it, saying “If only I had known!’. Regardless of whether you decide to circumcise or not, I want you to make the best, most informed decision and feel confident about it.

Today, we will be addressing questions such as:
– What are the true risks of medical complications from circumcision?
– Does circumcision traumatize the baby?
– Does it increase his sensitivity to pain in the long term?
– Does circumcision confer hygienic advantages?
– Has circumcision actually been shown to protect against HIV, certain cancers or other diseases?
– Is circumcision sometimes medically necessary, as in the case of phymosis?
– What are the benefits of not being circumcised?
– How can an adult man restore his foreskin?
– How can Jewish parents who do not want to circumcise reconcile this with their religious beliefs?
– How can Jewish parents cope with family pressure to circumcise?

You can listen live today at 2:00 pm EST at americanfreedomradio.com
Download the archived show from americanfreedomradio.com/TrutherGirls_11
Join us in the chat room at truthergirls.chatango.com
or call in at 402-237-2525 with your questions or commentary

Please also watch the following documentary and visit Maurene’s website at farreach.org. Maurene has also developed a handy booklet called Coordimed to help you keep track of your family’s health information and is in the process of developing an iPhone application for this as well. For more information, visit coordimed.com

Children’s Abuse Society- A Personal Story

This story was sent to me by one of my Youtube viewers and is her account of her personal experience with the CAS. She has given me permission to publish it, but would like to remain anonymous. The name of the author’s hometown has been omitted since this was quite a prominent case and this could possibly reveal her identity. The following is her testimony:

This topic is supremely painful for me therefore I try to avoid it, even when I should be speaking out.

Let me testify as to what happened when I was made a ward of the CAS. First of all, we were living in a small Northern mining town, and I was being sexually abused as well as physically battered at home. I showed up at school in a visibly battered condition one time too many. I was ashamed of my bruises etc, and had taken to skipping school and hiding in the woods all day, even in the frigid Northern winter, but some days I ended up class whether I wanted to be there or not. So, this one day, as the schoolday was ending, my teacher stopped me on my way out of class and said she needed to talk to me. Would I meet her in the seminar room? Unsuspecting, I innocently obeyed. A few minutes later, she arrived with the principal, the head nurse from the local clinic, and a woman I had never seen before. Immediately they became threatening and abusive. I was informed that the stranger was a CAS worker named Ellen Greene, who had flown up from Winnipeg, that I would be accompanying her back to Winnipeg that day, that i would not be returning to (author’s hometown), and if I chose not to co-operate (I had no reputation for rebelliousness so the threat was uncalled for), that they would hold me down, forcibly inject me with drugs, and then I WOULD co-operate. I was taken to my home where I was ordered to go in, speak to NO ONE, go directly to my room, pack my smallest suitcase and be back out of the house in 5 minutes. We took the plane to Winnipeg, where I was immediately placed in a locked ward for disturbed children and given hypnotic sedatives by force. These caused severe damage to my motor skills. I began veering into walls etc, passing out suddenly, etc, etc. I was taken out of the hospital one day by the CAS worker who took me to see a fat middle-aged lesbian doctor, who brutally masturbated me while telling me what a slut I was. I had just turned 13 and aside from an incident of rape, and the sexual abuse at home, was not sexually active. The leers exchanged between doctor and CAS worker afterwards told me that this was a filthy routine, that I had basically just been prostituted to the doctor by the CAS worker. After 30 days “observation” in which my person and my dignity were insulted at every turn, while they continued to pump me with more drugs than my body could withstand, I was picked up again by the worker, and taken to the first of 2 group homes. As soon as I was left there, the other girls descended upon me and beat me up, then divided my meager belongingsd amongst themselves. WHILE THE GROUP PARENT STOOD IN THE DOORWAY, ARMS FOLDED, LOOKING ON WITH A STRANGE SMILE ON HIS FACE! I soon ran away from that group home (no easy feat because we were kept in lockdown like criminals!) and sought sanctuary at my grandmother’s house, as she lived in Winnipeg. In no time at all Ellen Green was there with the police and I was dragged screaming for help from my grandmother’s house. Taken to a second group home where the abuse sharply escalated, where I was in fear for my life, and where I was told that if I failed to comply, they would drive me out to a friend’s house in the country and I WOULD NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN!!! Over and over, I was told I was going to end up a prostitute in the gutter with a needle sticking out of my arm. Finally, in terror for my life, I ran away, and skipped the border into the USA. I did have to sleep my way across the country to get to California but by then I had been reduced to nothing and I told myself I was doing it to get away from a fate worse than death, that i was doing it to save myself. besides, as a 13 year old girl on the run, saying no wasn’t an option. If i was a stuck-up little bitch and declined to put out, some sense was quickly beaten into me. I somehow survived several years on the streets, and it was often bad; but no matter how bad it got, I kept telling myself it was better than being at home, or being a ward of the CAS.

In 1996 I got a lawyer and tried to take the fuckers on. They had conveniently destroyed all records.

I just turned 51. I have a grade 8 education (thanks to what they did to me), am on Disability, have spent fully half of my life homeless, and suffer from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Hashimoto’s Disease. I live in Vancouver where once a poor person pays rent there is nothing left for food. I am constantly battling suicidal despair, but I am a tough old bird, who doesn’t want THEM to win.

I am also a former Internet “celebrity” who had “fans” who were always telling me how great I was, while I continued to starve. It’s a funny old world. I am also a former activist who is watching the current world developments with intense interest. i am hoping that when the people take back what has been taken from them, that old fighters like me will be compensated for everything we were forced to endure, while “good people” looked on and did NOTHING.

I have not told you this for sympathy. I want you to have this info. Nobody else but my former lawyer has heard my testimony. Nobody else gives a shit. I hope you will be further galvanized by my testimony. As a footnote I will tell you that I proferred the olive branch to my family a few years ago. My Mother and Stepfather are both old now, and my Dad is bitterly sorry for what he did to me. My Mother remains in cheerfully righteous denial. I forgive them both. They are both elderly cancer survivors, and I do not want them to go to their graves with the burden of unforgiveness. You see, despite everything they did to destroy my life, i love my parents.

Scientific Evidence of Vaccine Damage in Dogs

Although many parents witness their children’s health deteriorate rapidly after vaccination, we are repeatedly told that there is no evidence that vaccines cause damage. The main reason this claim can be made is that there has never been a study done on humans that compared the vaccinated to the unvaccinated. The control group either receives a different experimental vaccine or regular ‘baby shots’. The closest we can get to seeing the true extent of the damage that vaccines do is through animal studies. While it is hard to find raw data from animal studies that are done for the purpose of testing a vaccine ultimately to be marketed to humans, some studies done on the effects of vaccines on dogs and monkeys are avaiable to us, and the results don’t look good.

The following link will take you to a summary of the evidence of vaccine damage on dogs. Aside from the fact that you can extrapolate the results to mean that vaccines likely cause such damage in humans as well, isn’t this enough to make you re-think vaccinating your pet?


Here is an excerpt from the report:

The vaccinated, but not the non-vaccinated, dogs in the Purdue studies developed autoantibodies to many of their own biochemicals, including fibronectin, laminin, DNA, albumin, cytochrome C, cardiolipin and collagen.

This means that the vaccinated dogs — ”but not the non-vaccinated dogs”– were attacking their own fibronectin, which is involved in tissue repair, cell multiplication and growth, and differentiation between tissues and organs in a living organism.

The vaccinated Purdue dogs also developed autoantibodies to laminin, which is involved in many cellular activities including the adhesion, spreading, differentiation, proliferation and movement of cells. Vaccines thus appear to be capable of removing the natural intelligence of cells.

Dogs and cats, like our children, are more and more often falling victim to auto-immune diseases and cancer. In recent years, reports of ‘autistic’ dogs have even surfaced. Whether you have a pet or a child, you owe it to them to make an informed decision when it comes to vaccinating them. And likely, if you are truly informed, you will find that you cannot possibly submit them to this kind of assault.