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Recovered texts are now showing that some people within the government were plotting against Donald Trump during and after the election. These  include Peter Strzok, who was working on both the Clinton emails probe and the Russia probe, and FBI laywer Lisa Page. Their texts reveal they were strongly biased against Trump and may have been participating in a conspiracy to stop him from getting elected, and to get Hillary Clinton off the hook for her email scandal. And what’s more, 5 additional months of texts are mysteriously (and conveniently) missing from the FBI records! Republican Congressman Ron Johnson even went so far as to say this is raises suspicions of a conspiracy by a secret society within the government, although he has now backed off his claim, probably after realising that he would prefer to keep his job.
More info in the video below.

UPDATE: The NSA may be able to access the missing text messages.

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murdered for leaks buttoonNew information coming out is re-opening questions about Seth Rich’s murder and whether a hit was put out on him for leaking DNC emails.

The mainstream media has called this story a ‘conspiracy theory’, and has  endeavoured to discredit private investigator Ron Wheeler, but new tweets from Kim Dotcom appear to confirm that Seth Rich was the insider who leaked the embarrassing DNC emails. This again raises the possibility that his murder may have not been a random robbery gone awry.

See video below for the full story.

Hottie Co-Hosts Today

My co-host today will be Vic, known on the Net as HOTTIEnRENO. Vic is co-host of The Heated Conversation on Freedomizer Radio and has been a Truther for about 6 years. She started waking up after 9/11 and woke up even more after watching a movie called Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days. HOTTIEnRENO is also a long time subscriber to The Truther Girl and is no stranger to the radio show and chat.
To listen to Hottie’s show, visit http://www.freedomizerradio.com/
Her Youtube channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/HOTTIEnRENO

Today we will be discussing many things including Hurricane Irene and evacuation drills, Mayor Bloomberg’s statement that looters would be sent to internment camps, plus bad news for Monsanto’s GMOs and much more.
Join us by listening in live from 2:00-4:00 pm EST today at http://americanfreedomradio.com
download the archive at http://americanfreedomradio.com/TrutherGirls_11
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call-in number is 402-237-2525

The Luciferian Order

This was sent to me by youtube user 00roninsamurai00. I am sharing it with you for your information.

The Following is a word-for-word copy of the “Introductory Summary to the Luciferian Order” of Ordo Luciferi. Depending on your access capabilities, you may be able to acquire an official copy. I was unable to find a copy online to which I could send you a link, and it is short, so I’m sending it like this. This document provides valuable insight into the belief system of the Luciferian Illuminati, and the term Illuminati itself (plural for Illuminatus).

Introductory Summary to the Luciferian Order

The Luciferian Order is based on an honor system of the Recognition of Living Intelligence within its members. Wherein the members are solely responsible for the future of an ever evolving, undogmatic Order of Luciferic Light.

The Order recognizes six degrees of Self-Manifestation in the operations of Self-Attainment, the manifestation of the Higher Intelligence/Self. The Incipus (Initiate), the Adeptus (the Skilled), the Magus (Master), Primus (One Source), Animus (Living Force) and the Illuminatus (Illuminated Being). Each member of the Ordo Luciferi begins at the Incipus Degree as an Initiate into the Luciferian Order. Each member evolves from this degree to and through the sequential degrees based on Manifestation of the Self/Higher Intelligence. As one works, and connects to the Source of ones Self, this becomes evident as this Light from within one begins to shine brighter in ones life and work.

This evolving Awareness within each member is thereby recognized by other members of the Order and members thereby recognized to higher degrees of the Luciferian Order. The Luciferian Order is a network of Living Intelligence/Light and as each member comes into the possession of this Light doth the Light of Living Intelligence manifest itself within and without. When and if one acquires the degree of Magus (Master), they come into the possession of officially recognizing members up to the degree of Magus. The Primus, Animus and Illuminatus may recognize members up to their respective degrees in a sequential order.

The communications are designed to provide dialogue and contact with other members of the Order. Unofficial members, Incipus and Adeptus have access to the Luciferian Order e-group. Official members of any degree may participate in any Lodge as long they are accepted by the Sentinel. Only a Magus IIIä+ may be the sentinel of a Lodge. Once a member reaches the degree of Magus, they are entitled to create an officially recognized Lodge. A Lodge is a focus group and geographically located place for meetings between its members and members of the Order.

The Magus, Primus, Animus and Illuminatus also have access to the Inner Order group, the Ordo Luciferi. Thus as a Magus does one have access to the Outer Order and the Inner Order of the Luciferian Order. Beyond this is an elect group called the Ordo Illuminatus which only consist of members who have reached the Illuminatus degree. These three groups create the Triad of the Luciferian Order and its communications of Living Intelligence.

Therefore, member contact within the Ordo Luciferi is within the Outer Order, the Inner Order, the Lodges and the Illuminatus Order. Each representing various aspects of Knowledge and Light; and responsibility to the developing evolution of the Luciferian Order as an Organization.

Being that you have come into the possession of this document, you have taken the first step to a unique Luciferian Path of Self Evolution. As an Incipus you stand at the starting point of commencing upon the diverse reality of Higher Intelligence within your own being. You may already be a Magus or greater, some will progress slowly and other more rapidly. However, recognition is earned and not given freely. In order to be recognized your living force must reveal the presence of Higher Knowledge, it must shine through you and your works. Each degree is a degree of Self Attainment, and therefore, the attainment of any degree of Self Mastery will be evident in its members.

Members are encouraged not to ask for recognition. The Luciferian Order is diplomatic in its operations, and it is the beauty of the Order that members of like mind build beneficial relations with other members. Again, the Order serves as a network for Luciferians. Through such beneficial relations does the Light of Knowledge grow to new heights of awareness and influence in the world. So again, do not ask to be recognized, you will be by your conduct and deeds.

By joining the Outer Order you have many options. You may remain an honorary member of the Outer Order, or you may apply for membership and work to ascend through the degrees. By so doing, you gain access to more knowledge within the Order such as, Lodges, Inner Order and Illuminatus Order. What you do is up to you, you will get back what you put into it. You may be assured that the farther you travel, you will come into contact with others who travel and explore the greatest journeys of Living Intelligence.

6006 A.L. Ordo Luciferi
copyright 2006

A Decade of Vaccines: Depopulation and Bio-warfare

Video uploaded by canuckism101
A decade of vaccine / population control biowarfare technology and the globalist eugenic agenda

Banning Supplements- Codex in Effect

Obama passes legislation by executive order giving the government the power to ban any supplement or other natural health product if they decide it has not been proven effective by scientific method.


They are working to bit by bit remove all of our health freedom. If they have it their way, we will all be foreced to turn to Big Pharma sooner or later. However, there remains the fact that food is medicine. There are many foods that can be used to prevent and even treat disease. Chlorella is a chelator, Asian mushroms and seaweed are anti-cancer and can even treat acute radiation sickness, half a carrot reduces you risk of lung cancer by 50%, etc.

So what is the government going to do? Ban carrots and asian food , too? I am sure they will if they can. They are already working on making it illegal for people to have their own gardens. Not illegal per se, but permits will be required, every egg must be pasteurized, you will not be able to give any food to your neighbor, and so on. I guess in their vision of the future, we will all be forced to eat hormone-laden, slaughterhouse waste chicken nuggets and GMO corn for breakfast , lunch and dinenr. I wonder how far this will have to go before mainstream America (and Canada and EU) realize there is no such thing as freedom anymore.