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Affordable Bulk Foods

Here are the dry bulk foods (product list, price sheet):

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What users say:
“Macaroni, 3 different kinds of beans (they sprout so not irradiated), oats, flour & wheat berries (wheat grass..sprouted) is what we mostly buy-you have to keep your stock rotating!
I wouldnt chance the rice, chocolate or fruit punch..”

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War on Drugs, War on Food

A California co-op was recently raided by police who came blazing in with guns drawn as if they were busting a meth lab.
To skirt around laws forbidding the sale of certain raw foods, the co-op had been established so that people who were members could go there to pick up foods there that they technically already owned. They also did not agree to apply for a license, as demanded by the government. After all, who does the government think they are anyway, telling people what they can or cannot eat?

Investigators confiscated the club’s computer and 17 coolers packed with, among other things, 24 bottles of organic honey, 10 gallons of raw whole milk and two bottles of raw cane syrup. Stewart said the health department slapped a closure notice on the club’s front door that said it was “operating a food facility without a valid public health permit.”

So far, the organizers are undeterred and have re-opened show. Freedom, whether pertaining to food or any other are of your life, is a mindset and these people are reclaiming their food freedom from the nurturing tentacles of the government octopus. Good for them!


Meanwhile, governments and banks continue to get busted for their involvement in bringing cocaine into the country while purporting to be fighting a war on drugs. As this article states, news of this kind of thing ‘elicits a collective yawn’ from the mainstream media at this point.

Our governments import cocaine, they launder ther money through the banks, it’s a big scam and a conspiracy. So what? Read the article below for some official drug-smuggling intrigue.


Canola Propaganda Vs Facts

This was discussed on The Truther Girls radio show on July 23, 2010.

I recently put up a video called ‘NWO Supermarket 2’ in which Karen and I take another trip to the perilous NWO supermarket. Through viewer comments, I found out that the ‘flash pasteurized’ juice is in fact not irradiated (how I could make that mistake, I don’t know). Nonetheless, it is made form juice concentrate and is highly processed. The vitamin C content is due to ascorbic acid added after processing and amounts to 30-100% of the RDA, which is itself just enough to prevent clinical scurvy. In conclusion. drinking juice will probably kill you anyway, even if it hasn’t been irradiated. It is impossible for them to have a processed food in the NWO Supermarket that doesn’t kill you. That’s just the way it works.

Now, for the canola. Some viewers insisted that canola is good for you and that the myth of it being rapeseed has been ‘debunked’ by Snopes. First of all, Snopes also ‘debunked’ 9/11, so what does that tell you?

If you go to the Canola Council of Canada’s canola FAQ, you will be told that canola is not rapeseed, it comes from the canola plant. Very clever of them. Canola is a made-up name, a kind of acronym for CANadian Oil Low Acid. This refers to the fact that the ‘canola’ plant is a form of rape plant engineered by hybridization to contain low erucic acid. An alternate name for it was Low Erucic Acid Rape, or LEAR for short, but since neither Rape nor LEAR were particularly appealing names for an edible oil, they came up with ‘Canola’.

Saying Canola is not rape is like saying seedless oranges are not oranges because they come form the seedless orange plant.

The Council also addresses the question of whether Canola is an insecticide. They admit that yes, it will kill bugs, but add that this is because all oils smother bugs and this can be achieved with corn oil or olive oil as well.
However, Canola is actually listed as a pesticide on the EPA website (where it is also identified as a form of rape plant). It is described as an insect repellant, to be more precise.
Scientists believe that canola oil repels insects by altering the outer layer of the leaf surface or by acting as an insect irritant.
So it’s not just a question of smothering bugs. Incidentally. corn and olive oils are not on the EPA pesticide list.

Is Canola genetically modified? This is where the double-think kicks in. Yes, they admit, 80% of canola is GM, but even though the plant is GM, the oil is not.
They explain that since only a protein has been modified and ther eis no protein in the oil, the oil is not GM. That’s the kind of ‘substantially equivalent’ logic that got GM crops approved and into the food supply in the first place.
These are just a few blatant examples of the disinfo/propaganda the canola industry is feeding us. For more info see the links below. And for God’s sake, don’t eat anything with Canola in it. Canola will KIIIILLLL you.

The ‘truth’ from the Canola industry:

The truth from another source that actually quotes scientific articles and gives references:

The truth from the EPA: Canola is an insecticide

Which Cooking Oil to Use?

This is something I have always found confusing, because you hear so many different opinions about different oils. Saturated will kill you, you must eat unsaturated. No, wait, saturated will NOT kill you and unsaturated WILL kill you if you heat them. That kind of thing. I finally found an article that clears this up for me once an for all, from Natural News.
First of all, saturated fat will NOT kill you and is NOT linke dto heart disease.
“A meta-analysis of prospective epidemiologic studies showed that there is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of CHD or CVD. More data are needed to elucidate whether CVD risks are likely to be influenced by the specific nutrients used to replace saturated fat.”

Second, what you have to look for is the ‘smoke point’, the temperature at which the oil starts to smoke, at which point it also starts to degrade and potentially become hazardous to your health.

Macadamia nut oil and most types of olive oil have a relatively high smoke point, which means they are suitable for frying, although the smoke point for extra-virgin olive oil is considerably lower, making it not a good choice for cooking with a high temperatures.
Coconut oil was found suitable for baking but not things like deep frying, and walnut oil was found to be best reserved for use in salads.


Canola, corn, and soy are not on the list at all. Aside from the fact that rapeseed (aka Canola) is an insecticide and toxic to humans and aninals, these crops are pretty much all GMO, and should be avoided in general.

Food Dyes, Cancer, Hyperactivity and Parenting

It is now coming to light that many food dyes are known or suspected to be carcinogenic. I find it interesting that the Reagan administration specifically prevented the banning of Red 3, even thought the FDA already recognized it as a carinogen.


In addition to their carcinogenicity, this article refers to dyes causing hyperactivity in children. I have personally suspected dyes to be implicated in causing bad behaviour in my own son, but this is of course not something I can prove, and especially given the fact that they are usually present in candy in conjunction with large amounts of sugar, which, as I mentioned in a previous post, has been shown to cause increased ‘inappropriate behaviour’. Nonetheless, I am suspicious of dyes and avoid giving them to my child.

Since I was on the subject of dyes, I thought I would look into whether there has been any clear link shown between them and hyperaactivity. Most mainstream articles will refer to ‘anecdotal evidence’ or a ‘belief that dyes are related to hyperactivity’, but no more than that.

The following study did show that when children with ADD were given a large dose of food dyes, as a challenge after eating dye-free foods for several days, they showed impaired performance on tests, although non-ADD children were not affected in this way.

Whether they cause hyperactivity or not, the fact that they cause cancer is enough to get them on my no-no list when it comes to feeding my son. I find it interesting that when we go out, people frequently offer him candy, sometimes to please him when he is upset, but sometimes just as a reward for being his cute self. Lately, when these grinning would-be tooth fairies approach brandishing some brightly colored ball of corn syrup and Red 3 on a stick, I throw myself between my son and the offending offering and with round eyes, say in a hushed voice ‘Thank you but, no, he is allergic!”.
I know they mean well, but I also know that if he eats that thing, there will be Hell for me to pay later on.

My son has been a really good sport about this. When we go into a grocery store, he points to the candy, gum, potato chips, etc and declares “That’s junk, it will make you fat!”
I don’t know where he got the part about it making you fat. I only said it would make you sick.
Unfortunately, three-year-olds are known to be uncommonly candid and lately he has taken to commenting about other people at the store and what’s in their grocery carts. As we pass an overweight man with a cartfull of Fritos and Coke, my son explains in a loud voice, “That man’s really fat cause he eats a lot of junk!”.
I feel obligated to show some kind of displeasure even though I know that the best strategy to squelch a behaviour is to ignore it completely, so I say something like “It’s not nice to comment about how other people look. It hurts their feelings”. But then I have to admit to him, when we’re out of earshot, that he’s probably right about the cause of that man’s weight problem, although that’s not a reason to be rude about it.
We pass a package of freezer pops and my son says “Mommy! I want that!”. I ask him why he wants it. Is it because it has pictures on the outside that make it look like there is something fun inside? He says it is. So I explain to him that the people who make that product put those pictures on there on purpose to make little kids want to buy it, but that just because it has nice pictures on the outside doesn’t mean it has something good on the inside and that as a matter of fact, there is only junk on the inside.
He looks at mean and said ‘Yeeeaaaaah?’ in amazement, but he no longer wants the freezer pops.

Sugar Does Make Kids Go Nuts

Although most parents will tell you little Johnny goes bananas after Sweet-Tarts, very little research has been done on whether and how eating sugar affects children’s behaviour. I have personally seen my 3-year-old son go from acting like a nice, co-operative kid to crawling around on all fours in the store after having a coconut water drink with sugar in it, earning me those dreaded looks of scorn and unsolicited parenting advice. And by the wat, i can’t help noticing that it is always the childless who are the most liberal with the latter and seem to have it all figured out based on something they read or watched on the Life channel.

The following study looked at the effect sugar had on children, and concluded that consuming sugar was followed by more displays of ‘inappropriate’ behaviour 45-60 minutes later.
Inappropriate? Like crawling around in the grocery store? That kind of inappropriate? From my own anectodal evidence, I would have to agree with their findings.


Food Shortages Coming

USDA report says grain stocks are low

US wheat reserves low

Virginia farmers say heat taking toll on crops

Corn prices bolt up as USDA downsizes 2010 crop estimates

The above articles were discussed on The Truther Girls radio show on American Freedom Radio on July 7, 2010

Nanny State Gone Mad!

9-Year-Old Nearly Gets Suspended for Lego Toy gun

When little Patrick Timoney got caugt playing in his Staten Island school cafeteria with a 2” Lego gun, he got sent to the principal’s office, was made to sign some papers, and was nearly suspended. His parents managed to talk the principal out of suspending their son. This morning, my son aimed the toilet plunger and shot me. Pow! Pow! Maybe we should ban toilet plungers. Personally, I’d rather have him playing with a gun than that filthy thing.

Man sent to jail for having manga ‘child pornography’

Christopher Handley was sentenced to 6 months in prison for importing manga comics. He was prosecuted under the ‘Protect Act’ of 2003, which deemed this material to be ‘obscene’. This makes about as much sense as Australia’s ban on small-chested women from porn, to ‘protect the kids’. If manga and modestly endowed women are a threat to children’s safety, then so is the work of Egon Schiele. Egg on what? No, it’s not something you have for breakfast. This Austrian painter whose work was influenced by Gustav Klimt portrayed some female subjects who look like they were about 13 in great pubic detail. Go see Nu Adosse (reclining nude, my translation),with her middle finger jammed into her most private parts and explain to me why this is not ‘child porn’, while manga is. I see where this is heading and pretty soon we’ll be burning artworks and books alongside witches. And if you’re checking out Schiele, while you’re at it have a look at “Nu a la chevelure noire” from 1910 and tell me if she looks a day over 12.

Police Cuff 10-Year-Old Boy For Making Too Much Noise

Lukas Gurzynski was handcuffed by the Ottawa police. He was playing in his parents’ apartment with his friends, acting out some kind of fantasy game, and a neighbour called the police. The police stated they use handcuffs whenever they perceive a threat. The family is suing and Lukas wants an apology but says he’s not holding a grudge. The video report ended with a shot of the boy playing video games. It occurs to me that kids don’t get nearly enough time outside or enough good exercise and they spend way too many hours in front of a screen playing games. Maybe the problem here is that boisterous pre-teen boys shouldn’t be cooped up in an apartment so much. You can’t blame the parents: life is just like that these days, people have a lack of options. But to treat a kid like a criminal for playing too loudly is just wrong.

BAN EVERYTHING: inappropriate interventions, ludicrous laws, and bogus bans
Video: Nanny State Nation with Drew Carey

Sept 2009 Alabama Supreme court banned sex toys

New York wants to ban fish pedicures

Actual Skype conversation:
[12:47:04 AM] sonia: who would give a fish a pedicure? that sounds like a waste of money to me. Crazy rich people, lol.
[12:48:09 AM] Kristen: it’s popular in Japan, you put your feet in water with fish. The fish eat the dead skin. NY wanted to banned it
[12:54:18 AM] sonia: so the fish is giving the pedicure, not receiving it. ridiculous either way. more ridiculous to ban it. what do they think? people will get their feet eaten off?

Water buffalo banned from protest rallies in Indonesia

Protesters used a buffalo as a protest sign when they wrote ‘sibuya’ on a buffalo’s butt and paraded it down the street during a rally. ‘SiBuYa’ are apparently the same initials as the President. I guess their language uses a syllabary instead of an alphabet. In their culture it must be a big insult to liken someone to the back end of a water buffalo, because this caused a lot of outrage from the government. Solution: ban water buffalos from rallies, of course.

Guns and other weapons that are banned in Canada:

List includes any kind of switch blade or stiletto, tear gas and pepper spray. “any liquid, spray, powder or other substance that is capable of injuring, immobilizing or otherwise incapacitating any person”- I think Raid would have this effect. Should we ban raid? Or should we not worry about it because it doesn’t fit in your purse? Pepper spray was once quite popular with women who were against being raped. I guess for all the lip service they pay about rape prevention, they don’t want to give women the power to defend themselves. A screamer is legal-for now- but rapists don’t usually strike in public areas with a lot of people around. So how much good is that going to do you if you’re in your own apartment or some deserted road or parking garage? 90% of rapes are committed by someone the victim knows, most of it is date-rape, happens in a home. How hard would it be to just throw the screamer out the window or flush it down the toilet? It would be harder to do that if you have pepper spray in your eyes, though.

France bans Red Bull, gets overruled by EU

France recently attempted to ban Red Bull, which contains caffeine, sugar and amino acids and has been ‘linked to several death’. I’d like to point out that Ritalin has also been linked to several death and nothing is being done about banning that. Alcohol, too, is ‘linked to deaths’. Among other things. What is interesting is that “The European Commission (EC) challenged France’s ban after manufacturers complained it was inhibiting imports.

In a ruling yesterday, the European Court of Justice upheld the main part of the EC challenge, ordering France to lift the ban unless it could prove the health risks. But the court said that the French government did have a right to ban Red Bull.”
Take home message here: member countries of the EU have lost their sovereignty. In a stellar example of NWO double-think, the EU overrides Frances decision and then affirms that France has the right to ban Red Bull.
Contains 80mg of caffeine. One can of Red Bull contains 80mg of caffeine – equivalent to one cup of coffee. Three years ago, Ross Cooney, 18, from Ireland, died after he shared four cans of Red Bull and played in a basketball match.
Sometimes this happens without redbull. Why don’t they take the approach they take when it comes to deaths after-say- vaccination and declare that ‘no causal relationship could be established’?

Below is a link to a list of bizarre laws concerning food around the world. Includes law against giving moose beer in Alaska. What does that tell you about Alaskans? As my friend Elvie Red Deer would say ,”Cause there’s nothing more fun than watching a moose catch a buzz on a Saturday night’. This law probably accounts for the ever-increasing number of reindeer entering rehab these days.

Click to access 27.3%20-%20Food%20Law.pdf