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CETA: A New Threat to Canadian Sovereignty

Written by Youtube user daelka

Negotiations are presently taking place between the “EU” and “Canada” for a so-called “Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement” (CETA). Simply put, it is a threat. It threatens everything from food sovereignty to local development through procurement.

The Trade Justice Network has a good website to get an overview of this corporatist attack. http://tradejustice.ca.
A good part of it is also available in French. The leaked text, however, seems only available in English, on the English version of the site. But I think the information available in French on the site can still be spread among French speakers so that all Canadians can take a stand. The Trade Justice Network’s French name is Réseau pour le commerce juste and the URL for the French version of the site is

The Council of Canadians is organizing a protest event in Ottawa this Friday: http://www.canadians.org/media/trade/2010/15-Oct-10-a.html

The Trade Justice Network also has a YouTube channel:

Here are a couple of excerpts from the leaked document (with commentary from Sonia):
Page 20: measures to eliminate export subsidies. Will we become more and more dependant on imports? As if we’re not dependant enough? Is the government intentionally trying to undermine local production, including local food production, for the benefit of multinational corporations?
“The Parties recognize that agricultural export subsidies may also have distorting
effects in third-party markets.
4. Each Party shall eliminate agricultural export subsidies on agricultural goods
originating in or shipped from its territory by December 31, 2013.
5. Pending the elimination of all agricultural export subsidies, if either Party adopts or
maintains an agricultural export subsidy which the other Party considers to be
distortive of its trade with a non-party, the Party providing the agricultural export
subsidy shall, at the request of the other Party, consult with a view to avoiding such
distortionary effects.”

Page 38: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures. ‘Phyto’ as in ‘plant’. When I see ‘phytosanitary measures’ being addressed, I can’t help but wonder whether this will lead to an increase in irradiated produce. This bill, after all, first seeks to eliminate export subsidies. Irradiation is used to prolong shelf-life of produce, which is a benefit to any corporation seeking to export their product to a distant place. It is not necessary for locally produced food, which has a shorter trajectory from farm to store and is not at risk of being contaminated with foreign pests.
“1. The Parties hereby establish a Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary
Measures (SPS Committee), comprising representatives of each Party from the
relevant trade and regulatory agencies, ministries or other institutions who have
responsibility for SPS matters.
2. The SPS Committee shall
(a) provide a regular forum for exchange of information relating to each
Party’s regulatory systems, including the scientific and risk assessment
basis for SPS measures;
(b) provide direction for the identification, management and resolution of
SPS issues; and
(c) improve understanding between the Parties related to specific
implementation issues concerning the WTO SPS Agreement, including
clarification of regulatory frameworks and decision making procedures”

This is a 366-page document! They are seeing to it that they have all the angles covered.

Industrialized Food

This is an excerpt from the movie “Food Inc.”


Cancer, Diabetes and Your Food

The following was discussed on The Truther Girls radio show on August 5, 2010:

Cancer cells feed on fructose. Note: ‘fructose’ is listed as a sweetening ingredient in many foods. However, I would not extrapolate to interpret the following findings to mean that fruit itself causes pancreatic cancer or any other kind of cancer. many fruits have been shown to have anti-cancer properties. Once again, this is probably a case of an isolated nutrient being detrimental, whereas it is beneficial when found in whole food, in its natural source.

Junk foods start allergies: western high-fat diet blamed for surge in allergies
The rise of junk food and high-fat diets could be behind the explosion of allergies sweeping Britain, scientists claimed last night.

Note: this article listed several possible causes of allergies, but did not include vaccines although two studies have shown that delaying a baby’s first DPT shot to the age of 4 months reduces asthma risk by 50%, and delaying it to the age of 6 months reduces it by 66%, from a risk of 15% to 7% and 5% respectively.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1299805/Junk-food-starts-allergies-Western-high-fat-diets-blamed-surge-illnesses.html#ixzz0vekc7wAB

Lunch meat causes bladder cancer. Note: previous studies have shown that consuming just one hotdog or serving of nitrate-containing lunch meat a week can raise a child’s risk of brain cancer by 10 times.

China faces diabetes epidemic since adopting western diet in last 10 years

Drew carey loses 80 lbs, cures his own diabetes. Note: maybe now people will believe that you can cure diabetes.

Food inflation could go beyond 10% in the next year

Affordable Bulk Foods

Here are the dry bulk foods (product list, price sheet):

LDS Cannery Locations (click Canada):

What users say:
“Macaroni, 3 different kinds of beans (they sprout so not irradiated), oats, flour & wheat berries (wheat grass..sprouted) is what we mostly buy-you have to keep your stock rotating!
I wouldnt chance the rice, chocolate or fruit punch..”

Tip sent to me by Youtube user nathuwjohn (Jayme and Nathaniel)

War on Drugs, War on Food

A California co-op was recently raided by police who came blazing in with guns drawn as if they were busting a meth lab.
To skirt around laws forbidding the sale of certain raw foods, the co-op had been established so that people who were members could go there to pick up foods there that they technically already owned. They also did not agree to apply for a license, as demanded by the government. After all, who does the government think they are anyway, telling people what they can or cannot eat?

Investigators confiscated the club’s computer and 17 coolers packed with, among other things, 24 bottles of organic honey, 10 gallons of raw whole milk and two bottles of raw cane syrup. Stewart said the health department slapped a closure notice on the club’s front door that said it was “operating a food facility without a valid public health permit.”

So far, the organizers are undeterred and have re-opened show. Freedom, whether pertaining to food or any other are of your life, is a mindset and these people are reclaiming their food freedom from the nurturing tentacles of the government octopus. Good for them!


Meanwhile, governments and banks continue to get busted for their involvement in bringing cocaine into the country while purporting to be fighting a war on drugs. As this article states, news of this kind of thing ‘elicits a collective yawn’ from the mainstream media at this point.

Our governments import cocaine, they launder ther money through the banks, it’s a big scam and a conspiracy. So what? Read the article below for some official drug-smuggling intrigue.


Canola Propaganda Vs Facts

This was discussed on The Truther Girls radio show on July 23, 2010.

I recently put up a video called ‘NWO Supermarket 2’ in which Karen and I take another trip to the perilous NWO supermarket. Through viewer comments, I found out that the ‘flash pasteurized’ juice is in fact not irradiated (how I could make that mistake, I don’t know). Nonetheless, it is made form juice concentrate and is highly processed. The vitamin C content is due to ascorbic acid added after processing and amounts to 30-100% of the RDA, which is itself just enough to prevent clinical scurvy. In conclusion. drinking juice will probably kill you anyway, even if it hasn’t been irradiated. It is impossible for them to have a processed food in the NWO Supermarket that doesn’t kill you. That’s just the way it works.

Now, for the canola. Some viewers insisted that canola is good for you and that the myth of it being rapeseed has been ‘debunked’ by Snopes. First of all, Snopes also ‘debunked’ 9/11, so what does that tell you?

If you go to the Canola Council of Canada’s canola FAQ, you will be told that canola is not rapeseed, it comes from the canola plant. Very clever of them. Canola is a made-up name, a kind of acronym for CANadian Oil Low Acid. This refers to the fact that the ‘canola’ plant is a form of rape plant engineered by hybridization to contain low erucic acid. An alternate name for it was Low Erucic Acid Rape, or LEAR for short, but since neither Rape nor LEAR were particularly appealing names for an edible oil, they came up with ‘Canola’.

Saying Canola is not rape is like saying seedless oranges are not oranges because they come form the seedless orange plant.

The Council also addresses the question of whether Canola is an insecticide. They admit that yes, it will kill bugs, but add that this is because all oils smother bugs and this can be achieved with corn oil or olive oil as well.
However, Canola is actually listed as a pesticide on the EPA website (where it is also identified as a form of rape plant). It is described as an insect repellant, to be more precise.
Scientists believe that canola oil repels insects by altering the outer layer of the leaf surface or by acting as an insect irritant.
So it’s not just a question of smothering bugs. Incidentally. corn and olive oils are not on the EPA pesticide list.

Is Canola genetically modified? This is where the double-think kicks in. Yes, they admit, 80% of canola is GM, but even though the plant is GM, the oil is not.
They explain that since only a protein has been modified and ther eis no protein in the oil, the oil is not GM. That’s the kind of ‘substantially equivalent’ logic that got GM crops approved and into the food supply in the first place.
These are just a few blatant examples of the disinfo/propaganda the canola industry is feeding us. For more info see the links below. And for God’s sake, don’t eat anything with Canola in it. Canola will KIIIILLLL you.

The ‘truth’ from the Canola industry:

The truth from another source that actually quotes scientific articles and gives references:

The truth from the EPA: Canola is an insecticide

Which Cooking Oil to Use?

This is something I have always found confusing, because you hear so many different opinions about different oils. Saturated will kill you, you must eat unsaturated. No, wait, saturated will NOT kill you and unsaturated WILL kill you if you heat them. That kind of thing. I finally found an article that clears this up for me once an for all, from Natural News.
First of all, saturated fat will NOT kill you and is NOT linke dto heart disease.
“A meta-analysis of prospective epidemiologic studies showed that there is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of CHD or CVD. More data are needed to elucidate whether CVD risks are likely to be influenced by the specific nutrients used to replace saturated fat.”

Second, what you have to look for is the ‘smoke point’, the temperature at which the oil starts to smoke, at which point it also starts to degrade and potentially become hazardous to your health.

Macadamia nut oil and most types of olive oil have a relatively high smoke point, which means they are suitable for frying, although the smoke point for extra-virgin olive oil is considerably lower, making it not a good choice for cooking with a high temperatures.
Coconut oil was found suitable for baking but not things like deep frying, and walnut oil was found to be best reserved for use in salads.


Canola, corn, and soy are not on the list at all. Aside from the fact that rapeseed (aka Canola) is an insecticide and toxic to humans and aninals, these crops are pretty much all GMO, and should be avoided in general.