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My Viewer’s Awesome Youtube Channels Part 1

Here are some of the great channels I have discovered thanks to your comments on my last video, in which I said I wanted to help promote your channels.

More to come soon!

experimental vaccines ExperimentalVaccines
My channel is about vaccines and alternative health news. I also have a website with vaccine exemption forms and a daily blog which I post to 4 times daily. (Note from Sonia: this is truly a wonderful channel, combining excellent information, up-to-date developments and excellent presentation on all levels)

I Post on Varieties of Topics including. Economy, Police State, Chemtrails, HAARP, Earthquakes, Politics, World Events, Fukushima, UFO’s, Earth Changes, Weather, Science, Space, GMO’s, Fluoride in Water, New World Order, Solar Activity, and the list just goes on and on!

My channel covers a broad scope of issues and interests, from Fukushima to drone strikes to (un)natural disasters. Lately I have begun delving into the esoteric and some spiritual issues, like magic and tarot.

jasperJasper Seren
UFOs, ET’s Aliens, abductions, unexplained footage, Illuminati agenda and much more.

Here is a list of some skywatcher channels

I film the sky everyday. I call it the “Sky watch” and i do it to document the chemtrails and how we are getting strange weather. I know their not the best videos, but I trying to do my part by showing everyone whats going on. The truth needs to be told, thanks for any help you give. Fellow Canadian as well.

I’m a female ‘truther’ I upload mostly sky views but I also have other videos. I’m pretty new to youtube so I’m just warming up!

My channel is all about exposing the horrendous activity in the skies. As Marshall McLuhan said “Only puny secrets need protection. Big discoveries are protected by public incredulity.” I created my channel to blast through incredulity with video that can’t be debunked

The Gladiator Code Project: One Heart, One Love, One US

Today, my guest will be Bee MacGuire. Bee is an award-winning journalist, editor, and author, and a charter member of the Humanism, Management, and Globalization Centre at HEC Montréal at the University of Montréal. She has had a long career as a journalist and editor working for the Montreal Star, the Montreal Gazette, CBC radio and many other publications and media outlets. While working at the Montreal Gazette, Bea blew the lid off the Pesticides-Cancer link. She revealed solid evidence that 20 years of studies had clearly established a causal connection between pesticides and several types of cancer and she demonstrated that the medical establishment had suppressed this information for 20 years. Not one M.D. was willing to speak out in the column. Following that series of columns, Bee MacGuire was invited to a dinner by Governor General at Government House to dine with Prince Charles.

Bee is now working, in a university setting, on an urgent peace project titled ‘The Unifying Factor: One Heart, One Love, One US!’ gladiatorcode.weebly.com where she:
“demonstrates humbly and respectfully, in a ‘beyond reasonable doubt” fashion, that: All of our deepest solution work on our core problem of conflict, as a well-meaning human family, its cause, its nature, and how best to resolve it, (values-based, conceptual, and even theological), has been based on a small but core erratum that she labels the Gladiator Error. ”

A lesser-known fact about Bee is that she was raised in a Vatican (Satanic) cult and now speaks out against ritual abuse.

Listen live today at 2:00pm EST at americanfreedomradio.com
Download the archive at americanfreedomradio.com/TrutherGirls_11
Chat: truthergirls.chatango.com
Call in:

Illuminati Formula For Total Mind Control

Today, my guest on the radio will be Dr. Alfred Adams, author of ‘Illuminati Formula for Total Mind Control’. Topics will include how the Elites use the media and religion to brainwash people, and how they engage in things like organ trafficking and ritual child abuse to further their Satanic Agenda.
Dr. Adams has authored several books, has produced a video documentary called ‘Are We Living in the End Times?’, and is the host of the Nearing Midnight Show. http://thenearingmidnightshow.com

Enter for a chance to win a free copy of Dr Adam’s book:

The Luciferian Order

This was sent to me by youtube user 00roninsamurai00. I am sharing it with you for your information.

The Following is a word-for-word copy of the “Introductory Summary to the Luciferian Order” of Ordo Luciferi. Depending on your access capabilities, you may be able to acquire an official copy. I was unable to find a copy online to which I could send you a link, and it is short, so I’m sending it like this. This document provides valuable insight into the belief system of the Luciferian Illuminati, and the term Illuminati itself (plural for Illuminatus).

Introductory Summary to the Luciferian Order

The Luciferian Order is based on an honor system of the Recognition of Living Intelligence within its members. Wherein the members are solely responsible for the future of an ever evolving, undogmatic Order of Luciferic Light.

The Order recognizes six degrees of Self-Manifestation in the operations of Self-Attainment, the manifestation of the Higher Intelligence/Self. The Incipus (Initiate), the Adeptus (the Skilled), the Magus (Master), Primus (One Source), Animus (Living Force) and the Illuminatus (Illuminated Being). Each member of the Ordo Luciferi begins at the Incipus Degree as an Initiate into the Luciferian Order. Each member evolves from this degree to and through the sequential degrees based on Manifestation of the Self/Higher Intelligence. As one works, and connects to the Source of ones Self, this becomes evident as this Light from within one begins to shine brighter in ones life and work.

This evolving Awareness within each member is thereby recognized by other members of the Order and members thereby recognized to higher degrees of the Luciferian Order. The Luciferian Order is a network of Living Intelligence/Light and as each member comes into the possession of this Light doth the Light of Living Intelligence manifest itself within and without. When and if one acquires the degree of Magus (Master), they come into the possession of officially recognizing members up to the degree of Magus. The Primus, Animus and Illuminatus may recognize members up to their respective degrees in a sequential order.

The communications are designed to provide dialogue and contact with other members of the Order. Unofficial members, Incipus and Adeptus have access to the Luciferian Order e-group. Official members of any degree may participate in any Lodge as long they are accepted by the Sentinel. Only a Magus IIIä+ may be the sentinel of a Lodge. Once a member reaches the degree of Magus, they are entitled to create an officially recognized Lodge. A Lodge is a focus group and geographically located place for meetings between its members and members of the Order.

The Magus, Primus, Animus and Illuminatus also have access to the Inner Order group, the Ordo Luciferi. Thus as a Magus does one have access to the Outer Order and the Inner Order of the Luciferian Order. Beyond this is an elect group called the Ordo Illuminatus which only consist of members who have reached the Illuminatus degree. These three groups create the Triad of the Luciferian Order and its communications of Living Intelligence.

Therefore, member contact within the Ordo Luciferi is within the Outer Order, the Inner Order, the Lodges and the Illuminatus Order. Each representing various aspects of Knowledge and Light; and responsibility to the developing evolution of the Luciferian Order as an Organization.

Being that you have come into the possession of this document, you have taken the first step to a unique Luciferian Path of Self Evolution. As an Incipus you stand at the starting point of commencing upon the diverse reality of Higher Intelligence within your own being. You may already be a Magus or greater, some will progress slowly and other more rapidly. However, recognition is earned and not given freely. In order to be recognized your living force must reveal the presence of Higher Knowledge, it must shine through you and your works. Each degree is a degree of Self Attainment, and therefore, the attainment of any degree of Self Mastery will be evident in its members.

Members are encouraged not to ask for recognition. The Luciferian Order is diplomatic in its operations, and it is the beauty of the Order that members of like mind build beneficial relations with other members. Again, the Order serves as a network for Luciferians. Through such beneficial relations does the Light of Knowledge grow to new heights of awareness and influence in the world. So again, do not ask to be recognized, you will be by your conduct and deeds.

By joining the Outer Order you have many options. You may remain an honorary member of the Outer Order, or you may apply for membership and work to ascend through the degrees. By so doing, you gain access to more knowledge within the Order such as, Lodges, Inner Order and Illuminatus Order. What you do is up to you, you will get back what you put into it. You may be assured that the farther you travel, you will come into contact with others who travel and explore the greatest journeys of Living Intelligence.

6006 A.L. Ordo Luciferi
copyright 2006

NWO Progress Checklist

This is a list of things that are completed, in progress, or planned on the road to global tyranny in the NWO.