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Texas Terrorist

Around 9:00 am on August 17, 2010, Patrick Gray Sharp loaded a truck with fuel-soaked woodchips, road flares, gasoline and ammonium nitrate, drove it into the parking lot of the McKinney Public Safety Building and set it on fire. He then shouted something, perhaps to lure people out of the building, before retreating, heavily armed, into a nearby treeline, from where he then fired about 100 rounds of ammunition into the building before putting a bullet in his own head after having been shot in the arm by police.
McKinney Police Chief Doug Kowalski said Sharp’s actions were completely senseless and that although it appeared he had a carefully thought-out plan, they had no idea what his motive was.
The parents of Sharp’s roommate described him as a nice guy, not a violent person, and said this act was totally out of character for him. His roommate’s father, Bobby Cox, was quoted to have said,
“I’m numb. It doesn’t make any sense. That’s just not Patrick. Nothing makes any sense. This is not the guy we knew.”

Sharp had no criminal record, but had been a witness in some court cases. He had no history of any kind of instability. The only noteworthy thing about him was that he was a gun enthusiast who liked to do target practice and had voiced concern that the government would ban guns. Strangely, he had quit his job shortly before he went on the rampage, although he had recently been transfered to a new post withing the company and had told his roomate’s parents that he liked his new job.

So, how does this make any sense? Was it ‘suicide by cop’, as local law enforcement proposed? Why would he go through all this trouble to try to get the police to kill him, if was willing to shoot himself in the head after all?

A suicidal person or a maniacal terrorist usually fits some kind of established profile. Had he been suicidal, one would expect him to have had some kind of serious problems, be battling depression, have recently been fired or dumped by his girfriend- but none of this applied. A man who goes on a sudden killing spree would be expected to have shown some signs of instability- maybe a history of outbursts of rage, a strange personality, something to give an indication that his thinking was weird. Like the guy who tried to attack the White House to get at the imaginary ‘ruby sattelite’. A terrorist would have to have some political motivations and probably some kind of association with a known extremist religious or political activism group. Something. Anything. But here there is nothing. None of what Sharp did makes any sense- unless you look at it from the point of view of him being a CIA sleeper, a programmed assassin who does not even know he has been programmed.

I realize this sounds far-fetched to most people, and I’m not saying
he was definitely a ‘sleeper’, just that he fits the bill and would have made a good candidate if ever there was one. Below is a link to an account written by someone who claims he was abducted and subjected to torture and post-hypnotic suggestion, implanted with the command to kill himself should he find a gun in his pocket, and to kill a doctor with his/her stethoscope should he find himself in a room alone with a such a doctor. Because of his knowledge of mind-control techniques, the author, Matthew P., was able to over-ride the process, fight the programming and remember the experience.
Matthew P. says he was lured to a van by police under the pretense that they had some questions for him regarding an RCMP Major Crimes investigation. Once inside, he was drugged with phenobarbitol and subjected to torture and mind-control suggestions over a period of three hours.
Is it possible that Sharp had at some point been lured into such a van as well, possibly to answer questions about a crime? He had, after all been a court witness.
But why Sharp? Who would benefit from this? As I mentioned, Sharp was a gun enthusiast and a defender of the Second Ammendment. The government certainly has goals that involve restricting gun ownership and use, including possibly even complete or near complete disarmament of the public. Using a man like Sharp to carry out such a violent act involving firearms could certainly be used to further the agenda of those who wish to disarm the public.

Creating Manchurian candidates probably sounds to most like something that belongs in the moves, but as we can see from Matthew P.’s description, it is really not all that time-consuming or complicated.

There have been several such strange incidents in recent months and years: the man who decapitated a guy on a bus in Canada, John Bedell who tried to gain access to the White House to go on a shooting spree with a gun that had previously been in police custody, and even Abdulmutallab, the ‘undie bomber’ who lit a kind of firecracker in his underwear while on a flight due to land in the US. These were all bizzare, random high-profile crimes that benefited the police state in different ways at key times. Both the undie bomber and the bus butcher were described as having a completely blank look on their faces, even when Abdulmutallab’s crotch was on fire. One witness described him as being ‘in a trance’. People who knew the man who commited the decapitation was he was mild-mannered and normal and this was completely out of character for him. John Bedel was convenient associated with marijuana advocacy and 9/11 truth and had a history of mental illness. Sharp can now be associated with being a ‘gun nut’. Will the result of this be using this incident as another excuse to infringe on the American people’s right to keep and bear arms? If it is, it will just lend more credence to the possibility that Sharp was used intentionally and without his own knowlegde to further the agenda of the NWO.

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