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Australia: Immunize or Lose Benefits

Recently, there have been a number of news articles threatening Australian parents that unless they provide proof that their kids have been immunized on schedule, they will lose up to $2,100 per child in tax benefits including the Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A end-of-year supplement, worth $726.
This news was posted on prison planet, who got it from ABC News Australia.

The Herald Sun states that one in 10 Australian children are not immunized. One in ten? That’s a pretty high vaccination rate, and one-in-ten is probably the percentage of children who have not received the entire schedule, not of children who are completely unvaccinated.

The article goes on to explain that:

“The supplement, worth $726 per child each year, will now only be paid once a child is fully immunised at one, two and five years of age, meaning more than $2100 could be withheld.

A new immunisation check will be introduced for one year olds to supplement the existing checks at two and five years of age.

Families are already required to have their child fully vaccinated to receive the childcare rebate and childcare benefit.”

Required– that sounds pretty grim. Damn government, forcing poor parents to inject their poor children with junk, withholding tax breaks from parents unless they vaccinate their kids! What ever happened to human rights, religious and philosophical objections? Isn’t there a way out? In fact, yes, there is a way out- although the government and the media obviously don’t want to draw your attention to this.

If you go to Immunise Autralia and have a look at their FAQ, and click the question, ‘What exemptions will be available for the new immunisation conditions linked to the Family Tax Benefit Part A supplement?’, you will see that the exemptions are just as available as they always have been.
But even there, they attempt to mislead the public by saying
‘A child may have a temporary or permanent exemption if a recognised immunisation provider determines that receiving the vaccine is medically contraindicated. A child may also receive an exemption from the immunisation requirements if a recognised immunisation provider indicates that the parent has a conscientious objection to immunising their child.

It looks to me like they are trying to give the impression that the immunization provider has to agree with the parent’s objection, but in fact the law states that the provider only has to certify in writing that:
he or she has discussed with the adult the benefits and risks of immunising the child and the adult has declared in writing that he or she has a conscientious objection to the child being immunised.

They have to explain the risks vs benefits to the parent and agree that the adult has stated he or she objects. That’s it, that’s all!

Fore more information on Australia’s vaccine laws, visit www.vaclib.org/exempt/australia.htm and know that, in Australia, vaccines are no more mandatory now than they ever were and that you can both refuse vaccination and continue to access the tax ‘benefits’ the media would like you to think you face losing.