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inGREEDients, The Movie

Today, on February 8th at 2:00 pm EST, TrutherGirl Sonia will be interviewing David Lawrence Dewey on The Truther Girls radio show. You can listen live at http://americanfreedomradio.com at that time, or download the archived show later from http://americanfreedomradio.com/TrutherGirls_11 .

David Lawrence Dewey is an author and syndicated columnist with over 42 million readers worldwide. Dewey was the Content Consultant, Creative and Journalistic Consultant on the film inGREEDients, directed by David Burton, which exposes the dangers of hydrogenated fats and other toxins in our food. Dewey was also the first journalist in 1996 to warn consumers of the dangers of hydrogenated oils, aspartame, MSG and other toxins in the food supply.

Today on The Truther Girls, we will learn from David Lawrence Dewey how:
– hydrogenated oils are implicated in causing numerous conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and others, at the cost of trillions of dollars in health care.
– how ‘no trans fat’ on the label doesn’t mean the product is actually free of trans fats!
– how removing trans fats does not solve the problem.
– how hydrogenated drastically alter your immune system and undermind your health.
– how toxins such as TBHQ, found in fast food such as McDonald’s chicken nuggets, build up in the liver over time.
– how companies are able to avoid labelling products as containing hydrogenated oils, in spite of existing labelling laws.

…And much more.

Read DL Dewey’s column on hydrogenated oils to learn why just removing trans fats does not make the food safe to eat: http://www.dldewey.com/hydroil.htm

Dewey also has a column about other additives, dyes, chemicals, preservatives in the food supply which he will be talking about on the show. http://www.dldewey.com/additives.com

Read about the movie, inGREEDients here: http://ingreedientsmovie.com

The movie has attracted a huge following on FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/inGREEDients

View the trailer for inGREEDients here:

Matt Simmons Dead

Matt Simmons has died at the age of 67. There are varying reports on the cause of death. According to the Digital Journal, it was a heart attack:
“The controversial investment banker warned the Earth’s oil supply is running out and that Middle Eastern reserves are unreliable. The author passed away at 67.
Simmons died Sunday of a heart attack at his home in North Haven, Maine.”


Yahoo News tells us he had a heart attack, and adds that he was possibly having some career trouble lately:
“While Simmons’ views on peak oil were regarded as somewhat controversial, he drew even more attention for a June 9 interview with Fortune magazine, in which he predicted BP Plc would be driven bankrupt in “about a month” as the cleanup costs for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill mounted.

A week later, Simmons & Co International (SCI), the investment bank that Simmons founded in 1974, said it was cutting ties with its founder, who until that point had served as chairman emeritus.”


Regarding the cause of death, another report says he drowned:

And here again, he drowned:
“NORTH HAVEN, Maine — A former energy adviser to president George W. Bush and a founder of the Ocean Energy Institute from North Haven died Sunday.

According to the Knox County Sheriff’s Department, Matthew Simmons drowned around 10 p.m. Sunday on Salt Marsh Road.

Simmons founded the Ocean Energy Institute in 2007. The institute, based in Rockland, is “a think-tank and venture capital fund addressing the challenges of U.S. offshore renewable energy,” according to its website. “


Of course, it is possible that the heat from the hot tub raise his blood pressure, which brought on a heart attack, which then caused him to drown. But was it really a heart attack? And which came first, the drowning or the heart attack?

The following post on Current.com states that:
“According to Corporate Media reports, he drowned in his hot tub at his summer home in Maine. Followed by a later report from the Medical Examiner that concludes ” Simmons was suffering from heart disease ” which might have been a contributing factor in his death.”

Some people are speculating that Simmons was assassinated:

But who would want to kill Matt Simmons? Let’s look at who he was and what he had done. Simmons was an energy investment banker and a ig proponent of peak oil theory. He had published a book entitled ‘Twilight in the Desert’ aout declining Saudi oil reserves and was founder and CEO of Simmons & Co. Investment firm. He criticized the oil industry and called for increased transparency.

More recently, he had crtiticized BP’s way of handling the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster and had contradicted BP and the MSM’s official accounts on the seriousness of the situation. He had stated that far more oil was floing from the leak than BP was admitting, as much as 100 000 to 150000 barrels a day and that if left unfixed it could continue to leak for as much as 30 years. He also claimed that there was an open hole in the sea floor that was causing crude to gush from a lake of oil underneath, that there were multiple leaks and that the live footage being shown was of only a small leak, not the main one. Basically, he had said that the disaster was much worse than BP was making it out to be and BP wasn’t doing anything proper to address it. Here you can see an interview he gave shortly before his death:

Who would have wanted Simmons dead? BP? The government? Someone else? Would it have been a matter of ‘national security’ to shut him up? Naturally, some people would entertain these hypotheses. And would it even be possible to murder him in a way that mimics a natural demise?

According to the following article from Fourwinds10.com,
“According to Washington Post report on 4/2/1979, since 1950s, Office of Strategic Services (the World War II predecessor of the CIA) researched on methods to induce death (e.g. heart-attack, cancer) to knock off or assassinate their targets, so the targets appeared to die of natural causes. “The CIA project apparently started with an undated, unsigned note indicating concern about the vulnerability of US leaders to assassination by ‘natural causes’.”

(Source) “Assassination by ‘Natural Causes’ – CIA Considered Inducing Death”, WASHINGTON POST, 4/2/79 “

In addition to this, by 1987 the Russians apparently had a prototype for a weapon by which they could induce a heart attack in a goat from as far as 1km away, and the Pentagon had been working on similar projects since the 1960’s.

There are also drugs that can be used to induce cancer or heart attack, but the problem with these is that they may be detected during autopsy. For this reason, the military had prefered to focus on the use of radio-frequency weapons to induce heart attack and had developed such devices by the 1960’s according to “Wonder Weapons” by Douglas Pasternak, US NEWS & WORLD REPORT, (7 July 1997).


This is where things get even stranger and reality appears to overlap with the realm of science fiction. According to the Fourwinds10 article, the military also possesses the technology to make the assassins using such weapons not only invisible, but tiny as an ant and able to levitate. By deploying these agents to carry out their mission, they can completely evade detection. The origins of invisibility-creation for military purposes go as far back as WWII, when Albert Einstein helped the US forces to develop a technology that would enable a naval ship to not only disappear, but teleport to another location through the application of unified field theory. The Philadelphia Experiment involving the naval ship USS Eldridge was such an application. Although the ship disappeared from the harbor in Philadelphia and later reappeared intact, the experiment went horribly wrong when it came to the crew. Some of them went mad while others were found to be moleculary fused to the ship on their return, with as much as half their bodies embedded in the deck or other parts of the ship. The experiment was classified beyond Top Secret and all witnesses made to swear to silence. Nonetheless, information regarding the event came out via one man named Carlos Allende and a short documentary on this was eventually made by the History channel.

So was Matt Simmons simply the victim of poor health and a perilous hot tub, or was he the target of a tiny, invisible, levitating CIA assassing deploying a top secret radio-frequency weapon? While we may never know for sure, our biggest clue may be to wait and see if his assessments and predictions were right.

Sea Floor Collapsing

Below is a video in which you will see an ROV puncture a hole in the sea floor (for who knows what purpose). This is followed by what looks like a methane bubble bulging up under the sea floor, which then collapses in the area where the bubble had appeared. It’s anyone’s guess what on earth is going on down there.

Canola Propaganda Vs Facts

This was discussed on The Truther Girls radio show on July 23, 2010.

I recently put up a video called ‘NWO Supermarket 2’ in which Karen and I take another trip to the perilous NWO supermarket. Through viewer comments, I found out that the ‘flash pasteurized’ juice is in fact not irradiated (how I could make that mistake, I don’t know). Nonetheless, it is made form juice concentrate and is highly processed. The vitamin C content is due to ascorbic acid added after processing and amounts to 30-100% of the RDA, which is itself just enough to prevent clinical scurvy. In conclusion. drinking juice will probably kill you anyway, even if it hasn’t been irradiated. It is impossible for them to have a processed food in the NWO Supermarket that doesn’t kill you. That’s just the way it works.

Now, for the canola. Some viewers insisted that canola is good for you and that the myth of it being rapeseed has been ‘debunked’ by Snopes. First of all, Snopes also ‘debunked’ 9/11, so what does that tell you?

If you go to the Canola Council of Canada’s canola FAQ, you will be told that canola is not rapeseed, it comes from the canola plant. Very clever of them. Canola is a made-up name, a kind of acronym for CANadian Oil Low Acid. This refers to the fact that the ‘canola’ plant is a form of rape plant engineered by hybridization to contain low erucic acid. An alternate name for it was Low Erucic Acid Rape, or LEAR for short, but since neither Rape nor LEAR were particularly appealing names for an edible oil, they came up with ‘Canola’.

Saying Canola is not rape is like saying seedless oranges are not oranges because they come form the seedless orange plant.

The Council also addresses the question of whether Canola is an insecticide. They admit that yes, it will kill bugs, but add that this is because all oils smother bugs and this can be achieved with corn oil or olive oil as well.
However, Canola is actually listed as a pesticide on the EPA website (where it is also identified as a form of rape plant). It is described as an insect repellant, to be more precise.
Scientists believe that canola oil repels insects by altering the outer layer of the leaf surface or by acting as an insect irritant.
So it’s not just a question of smothering bugs. Incidentally. corn and olive oils are not on the EPA pesticide list.

Is Canola genetically modified? This is where the double-think kicks in. Yes, they admit, 80% of canola is GM, but even though the plant is GM, the oil is not.
They explain that since only a protein has been modified and ther eis no protein in the oil, the oil is not GM. That’s the kind of ‘substantially equivalent’ logic that got GM crops approved and into the food supply in the first place.
These are just a few blatant examples of the disinfo/propaganda the canola industry is feeding us. For more info see the links below. And for God’s sake, don’t eat anything with Canola in it. Canola will KIIIILLLL you.

The ‘truth’ from the Canola industry:

The truth from another source that actually quotes scientific articles and gives references:

The truth from the EPA: Canola is an insecticide

BP Blowout: Evidence of Foreknowledge?

The following was discussed on The Truther Girls radio show on June 7, 2010.

A few suspicious things that may point to foreknowledge:

BP CEO Tony Hayward sold 1.4 million British pounds worth of shares weeks before the blowout

Deepwater Horizon is owned by Transocean

Transocean to make a $270 million profit from insurance policy

The dispersants being used are produced by a company called “Nalco” which was recently aquired by Blackstone Group, Apollo Management L. P., and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners as a joint venture (how convenient) in 2003

Haliburton buys major oil firefighting company Boots & Coots less than 2 weeks before blowout:

Haliburton not to be held responsible, collects on insurance policy: shares jump as result of announcement

Goldman Sachs sells massive amount of BP shares shortly before blowout:

Oil Rig Blowout Update: May 31

These are links to articles and videos discussed on The Truther Girls radio show on the week of May 24-28.
There has been a great effort to mislead the public regarding the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. It has now come out that the ‘live feed’ of the leak is of a smaller leak, about 5-6 miles away from the one that is spewing about 100 000 barrels of oil into the Guf every day. Last Wednesday, May 28, BP made and attempt at the ‘top kill’ method of pumping drilling mud into the hole and claimed soon after that this was somewhat working.

But on MSNBC, Nicholas Pozzi of WOW Energy Solutions said the probability of top-kill working is low and may even cause an explosion and blow top off, making it worse. BP have not put an o-ring in it, so they are basically just pumping mud into the water.( An O-ring is a mechanical gasket to join 2 parts together, creating a seal.)

May 29 it was revealed that the top kill (and junk shot) methods have failed, as anticipated by Mr. Pozzi.

Ixtoc 1 Oil rig blowout of 1979
This blowout in the Gulf of Mexico led to 3 million barrels of oil pouring into the sea and took nearly ten months to stop.
Drilling mud being replaced with seawater (in this case accidentally, as opposed to the intentional replacement of it at Deepwter Horizon, overseen by Haliburton) led to the blowout of the Ixtoc 1 rig. All methods of stopping the leak failed except for drilling a release well. You would think something would have been learned by the oil industry from this experience, but BP is nonetheless attempting all the methods that failed at Ixtoc 1.

Amazing parallels between the Ixtoc 1 blowout and the current crisis. They are nearly identical, including the response and a simultaneously occurring spill in Alaska. How could history repeat itself so precisely?

Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig Blowout -Part 2

Links and notes from The Truther Girls radio show May 19:

I covered this extensively on the radio, so if you are really interested in this topic, I would recommend you download the May 19th episode of The Truther Girls and you will get all the details, including Credo Mutwa’s apocalyptical predictions.


What went wrong? First you have the lack of an acoustic switch, thanks to deregulation. Then you have the statistically unlikely failure of several layers of other safety systems. Add to that preventing the media from reporting on the true level of severity of what is going on, plus a climate change bill on the table, and a situation that can lead to laws that could bring on what the Copenhagen Agreement hoped to accomplish, and what do you get?
A very, very convenient catastrophe- at least for the globalists.

When Deepwater Horizon was built in 2001, MMS (Minerals Management Services, a government agency) allowed BP to build the rig without an acoustic switch which would have sensed any explosion and capped the wellhead right away. This was a typical case of the regulatory body, MMS, being in bed with the corporation it was supposed to be overseeing, BP , much like the FDA is supposed to be overseeing the work of Monsanto, when this company has used their influence to put at the head of the FDA people who serve Monsanto’s interests. Not installing an acoustic switch allowed BP to save about $500 000. The rig also had a blowout preventer which has about 10 failsafes on it, several on the ground, i.e. panic buttons, sensors and alarms, and 3 at the well head site itself. This should normally ensure that the well is automatically capped as soon as there is any sign of a problem, and this type of system is virtually 100% reliable.
Is it a coincidence that Obama had just lifted the moratorium when the disaster occurred. This lifting gives the impression that the government supports offshore drilling, when the larger agenda of the Obama administration and the globalists who put Obama in power is to decrease Western industrialization, lower our standard of living, and lower the population. Problem: offshore drilling causes environmental disasters. Reaction: offshore drilling is bad and dangerous. Solution: you can have offshore drilling, but I’ll bet you don’t want it, and since we have this disaster we’re probably going to have to impose radical new ‘climate change-related’ laws on the citizens, which will actually be doing nothing other than furthering the agenda of the Copenhagen Summit, which the WHO, another arm of the globalists, has recently bolstered by taking it upon themselves to be the ones to implement the agenda of Internet taxes, another form of wealth redistribution in the name of health for all. Environmentalism is, as we know, the front for global communism and wealth redistribution.

From the Guardian.co. uk article, to which the link is provided below, points made regarding regarding Kerry and Lieberman’s Climate Change Bill:
1st- The two Senators deliberately gave a boost to offshore drilling under a strategy that saw the Obama administration and the White House working to build support among Republicans and industries that stood to be affected by the new regulations

After the disaster:
2nd- Some Democratic Senators are now threatening to vote against any climate bill that allows expanded drilling. “I will have a very hard time ever voting for offshore drilling again,” Senator Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat told reporters. (Funny they should use Rockefeller as an example)

3rd- The White House is also trying to use the disaster to make a case for a bill. “This accident, this tragedy, is actually heightening people’s interest in energy in this country and in wanting a different energy plan,” Carol Browner, the White House climate adviser told Bloomberg television at the weekend.

As Rahm Emmanuel once said, “Never let a crisis go to waste”.

Haliburton oversaw cementing job, drilling mud replaced with seawater, all safety mechanisms failed, deemed statistically unlikely by Princeton professor.

This acoustic swtich system is mandatory everywhere in the world except the USA, due to deregulation from the Bush era.

Blowout preventer damaged weeks before blowout, pieces of rubber surfacing, staff told to ignore it:

CBS reporter was recently threatened by Coast Guard acting on behalf of BP for filming oil spill

Scientists from the European Space Agency say BP has so far not been able to contain the gusher and oil is expected to his the coast of Florida within 6 days.

White House aims to use Deepwater disaster to win votes for US climate bill

Wayne Madsen’s blog: A lot of good info here. Corps of Engineers asked for satellite imagery from NASA, were refused.

Reports in Internet forum that African shaman Credo Mutwa stated that half the population of the earth would die in 2011 and that the cause would be oil.