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Rawsome Foods: Unhealthy Family Farms?

There is some information circulating that the farmer, Sarah Palmer, who was supplying Rawsome foods with eggs and milk has a criminal history and was running some kind of scam. Her son stated to investigators that she was buying regular eggs and repackaging them as organic in Health Family Farms cartons. And incidentally, it just so happens that he was arrested the next day for burglary.

This site has posted the results of all their investigations, including a PDF with Sarah Palmer’s arrest history. I’m not sure if every Sarah Palmer in each case is the same one who was involved with Rawsome, but apparently she did have prior convictions for fraud.

As far as I am concerned, this is the old ‘liberty vs security’ argument. To me, Sarah Palmer’s criminal history and whether she was scamming the Rawsome customers doesn’t change the fact that the members of this private club should have the right to make their own decisions when it comes to what they eat- and this includes to do so at their own risk, without some nanny looking after them.

The nanny, after all, is an utter hypocrite. Recently, it was found that Similac formula, made by Abbot Laboratories, was contaminated with beetles and beetle larvae, which had been sickening some of the babies who were drinking it. Abbot were subjected to a lawsuit for misleading consumers, which ended up being dismissed the judge, who ruled that although the makers of Similac had claimed their product was ‘wholesome’ and ‘nutritious’, they never actually said it was safe.

Another example is the labeling of eggs as ‘free-range’. By law, this only means the hens must have access to the outside for one hour a day. They don’t actually have to go outside, they just have to have access to it. How is that any better than Sarah Palmer taking eggs from one basket and putting them into another? Do you think that door being open at the back of the barn really makes any difference in the quality of the ‘free range’ eggs you get at the grocery store?

And NaturalNews recently reported that “current USDA regulations allow a meat production facility to pass inspection even if 49.9% of the meat is contaminated with salmonella”!

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/033283_ground_turkey_salmonella.html#ixzz1UmkpSN4C

In the end, when it comes to your food, you either have a nanny or you don’t. If you want food freedom, you make your food your own responsibility and do so at your own risk and leave no room for any corporate Mary Poppins. Rawsome was a private club and should have been left alone and all this talk about Sarah Palmer’s criminal leanings is doing nothing other than serving as a way to manipulate the public back into believing that they do need the state to rule over them and their food with a white-gloved iron fist.

BC Police Taser 11-Year-Old

I remember when I talked to a Montreal cop about tasers a few years ago. I asked him what he thought of them, whether it might not be a good idea to get rid of them, but he was of the mind that we should have more of them. But what about these incidents where people die from being tasered? he said those people must have had some underlying medical condition and they would have died whether you used a taser or not.
Excuse me?!
Yes, he really said that and I just imagined him and all the other cops sitting spiral-eyed in front of a screen at a brainwashing seminar on tasers where they are told, “If the person dies, they were weak and were probably going to die anyway. It’s just a coincidence that it happened after they got tasered.”
Looks to me like the people who indoctrinate cops about tasers are the same ones who program the medical professionals about vaccine ‘safety’.
That cop seemed like a nice guy. He really did. But he had been programmed to believe the most absurb things when it comes to electrocuting people to keep them in submission to you as a policy enforcement officer.
Now, please explain to me how an 11-year-old kid got tasered and why the police is refusing to tall the public whether the child was armed or not? How did we get to the point of having ‘peace officers’ who electrocute children in this country?

Arbitrary Detention and Deportation in Canada

Thursday, Febriary 10th, my guest on The Truther Girls radio show will be Sophie Lamarche, who will talk about the arbitrary detainment of Mohamed Harkat under the Canadian process known as Security Certificates. This process enables the government to detain and deport any permanent resident or refugee without evidence of their having committed a crime or being likely to commit a crime in the near future. It is quite arbitrary, and once the process has begun, even if the person is completely innocent, little can be done to reverse it and prevent their deportation.

You can listen to the show live from 2:00-4:00 pm EST on February 10th at http://americanfreedomradio.com or download the archive from http://americanfreedomradio.com/TrutherGirls_11
For more information on the case of Mohamed Harkat and Security Certificates, visit:

Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee

What is a Security Certificate?
• At the request of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), the government of Canada can declare any permanent resident or refugee inadmissible to this country based on undisclosed grounds. CSIS can then arrest and hold the person indefinitely, for years, without charge.
• The detained person’s lawyer is given only a summary of allegations, and is denied access to anything CSIS wants kept secret. The CSIS-approved judge is presented with some of the evidence behind closed doors, without a defence lawyer present.
• The judge’s mandate is to rule on whether there were “reasonable grounds” to issue the security certificate. CSIS need only prove that there is a possibility, or a belief, that a person might do something that threatens national security, based on the individual’s actual, past or potential activities or associations. No actual crime need have been committed. The court can rule only on whether it is possible that the allegations are true.
• The men are not permitted to answer to the accusations in a fair trial because, unlike a criminal trial, the evidence in a security certificate case remains secret “for reasons of national security”.
• If the judge upholds the Certificate, the detainee faces immediate deportation. The decision is final and no appeal is permitted.
Bill C-3 and the Supreme Court decision

On February 23, 2007, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously that Security Certificates are unconstitutional in three respects:
– The use of secret evidence, with no access or recourse by the detained or their lawyers, is a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;
– The differential treatment of refugees from that of immigrants is unfair under the Charter;
– The detention could be considered arbitrary under the Charter if no regular review is conducted.
The finding was welcomed by human rights advocates. However, instead of fixing the real problem of secret evidence, the government chose to make only cosmetic changes to the previous law, creating a system of so-called “special advocates” to review the secret evidence and cross-examine it, without consultation with the detainee. The same situation continues: a CSIS-approved judge, no access to the evidence, indefinite detention without charge, and threat of deportation to jail, torture or death.

What is a Special Advocate?
A “special advocate” is a person appointed by a court or a government, whose job is to represent the interests of the detained in the review of secret evidence and in closed evidentiary hearings to which the detained and their lawyers do not have access. This process has come under criticism by human rights groups. Ian McDonald, a former Special Advocate in the UK, resigned over the unfairness of the process.
Isn’t a special advocate better than nothing?
Special advocate processes are fundamentally flawed. The special advocates created under bill C-3 are not allowed to consult with detainees after viewing secret evidence. They are appointed, approved, and must seek permission to conduct interviews from the same CSIS-approved judge that rules on the security certificate.
The process still prevents the detained from directly facing their accusers. This restriction is the key problem with security certificates, as recognized by the Supreme Court of Canada in their 2007 ruling.
The special advocate process merely allows Government to claim it has complied with human rights requirements while actually allowing the problems to continue unabated.
No Appeal
The new version of the Certificate Process does not allow for an appeal on the findings in the case, nor does it allow appeals to be initiated during the proceedings. This is a departure from normal court practice and makes defence against allegations even harder.

Currently, Mohamed Harkat, Mohammad Mahjoub, and Mahmoud Jaballah are still detained under release conditions. certificates against Hassan Almrei and Adil Charkaoui were quashed, but not before all five Muslim men had their lives torn apart by allegations that they are connected to terrorism. These are allegations only and not criminal charges. All three face the threat of deportation to torture or death.
Who is Mohamed Harkat?
Mohamed Harkat arrived in Canada in 1995. In 1997, he was granted status as a Convention refugee from government persecution if he were to return to Algeria.
On December 10, 2002, Mohamed Harkat was arrested by undercover police outside his home in Ottawa. Mohamed spent one year of his 3 ½ year detention in solitary confinement. He was released on bail on June 21, 2006, with the strictest bail conditions in Canadian history.
All five men detained under security certificates faced brutal release conditions. One even voluntarily returned to jail rather than put his family through the torment. Courts relaxed all of the conditions of detention significantly in 2009.

The security certificate remains unjust, and an affront to the basic human rights of the detainees, still with no charges against them. If there is any evidence against these men, they should be given fair and independent trials under the criminal code.
Meanwhile, the human rights violations inherent in the security certificate process also continue in other aspects of Canadian law. In particular human rights advocates are concerned that sections of the Immigration Act and sections of the Anti-Terrorism Act also contain provisions for secret proceedings.

SIGN our new statement against security certificates and spread the word to your groups and contacts.
CONTACT your MP or other political representative and ask for their support for the campaign.
VOLUNTEER to help the Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee.
DONATE to the campaign.
www.justiceforharkat.com www.harkatstatement.com justicepourmohamedharkat@yahoo.ca

The Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee calls for the abolition of the Security Certificate process; an immediate unconditional release of the detainees, or a fair trial if any evidence actually exists against them; the, or seeking to deport, people to countries where they will be, or may reasonably expect to be, submitted to imprisonment, torture cessation of deporting or death; and, the dismantling of the Kingston Immigration Holding Centre.
Presented by the Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee (Ottawa)

Police State Update Sept 27 , 2010

The following articles were discussed on The Truther Girls radio show on Sept 27.
The CFR Asks, Are Americans Too Constitution-Obsessed?
(After all, it’s only a piece of paper. Right?)

FBI Launching Mass Raids on Anti-War Activists Homes
The FBI is confirming that this morning they began a number of “raids” against the homes of antiwar activists, claiming that they are “seeking evidence relating to activities concerning the material support of terrorism.”

So far there do not appear to have been any arrests related to the raids nor, according to FBI spokesman Steve Warfield, are there any expected. He also insisted that there was “no imminent threat” related to the antiwar organization targeted. Some of the activists say they were ordered to appear before a grand jury, however.
Note: normally, you are not supposed to do a raid to seek evidence. You are supposed to do a raid if you already have evidence, i.e. probable cause. Otherwise, you are just violating people’s privacy. However, this principle has gone out the window since ‘probable cause’ has been replaced with ‘reason to believe’. As stated, there was no ‘imminent threat’, i.e. the raids were carried out for some other reason than to actually protect the public. And given that no-one was arrested, there evidently was nothing illegal going on. No probable cause, no threat, no arrests. What was this done for? Just to show people that they have no rights and are subjected to being treated as terrorists just because they are against the war? The message is clear: don’t challenge the status quo, becaus the status quo is that the government does whatever it wants and doesn’t need a valid reason to do it.


And to help you help the government violate everyone’s rights, the DHS has created a pamphlet to help people know when to rat out their neighbors. It contains a list of signs to look for that may indicate your dude-next-door is in with Al Quaida, such as “travel to or interest in travelling overseas to attend violent extremist institutions or paramilitary training camps”

John: Hey Dave, what are you up to?
Dave: Well, John, I was just booking my flight to Pakistan to attent a violent extremist institution”
John: Uh-oh. (calls DHS)

Did you really need the DHS to tell you to sound the alarm if someone says he is on his way to terrorist boot camp?

Also, be alert to:
– People who buy to much fertilizer (look out, home gardeners!) or peroxide (heads up, cheesemakers!)
– Anyone who has recently changed his name
– “Adoption of a new life style and segregation from normal peer and family groups in association with advocating criminal or terrorist activity.”

The last one is particularly tricky. Imagine this scenario: Jane stops hanging out with her aspartame-and-American-Idol-addled friends and gets involved with some Tea Party folks. She starts hanging out with people who like that quote about the tree of liberty needing to be watered every once in a while with the blood of partiots. Now what do you do?
a- go back to your online game and stay out of it
b- recommend Prozac to Jane
c- report Jane to the DHS and become a community hero!
d- report Thomas Jefferson for coining that phrase in the first place, then take part in a community Constitution burning, followed by a good old fashioned witch hunt (it’s fun for the whole family!)


Meanwhile, according to Michael Vail of Black Listed News,
The National Intelligence Council and the European Union’s Institute for Security Studies jointly released a document on global governance (PDF) . It is difficult to determine the economic and political future climate of one nation but to attempt to do so for the world is a task. Worse yet, to add more complex variables to the equation such as NGOs and international organizations. These groups are the primary drivers for globalization and international order. These Non-governmental organizations write the policy papers and steer debate on subjects like adopting a global tax. The leaders and statesmen of our respective countries are becoming symbolic window dressing while the real debate is going on without our knowledge.


But please, don’t talk about Global Governance. Don’t even entertain the thought that there may be such a thing. It’s nothing but a ‘conspiracy theory’ and, according to the MYAC report released in 2009 by the DHS, those who believe in such are potential terrorists. The only people who are allowed to talk about global governance are those who are attempting to usher it in.

NWO Progress Checklist

This is a list of things that are completed, in progress, or planned on the road to global tyranny in the NWO.


Police State Update – July 30, 2010

These articles were discussed on The Truther Girls show on July 30 on ‘Police State Update with Karen’
Army of civilian patrols to walk streets of britain
original article daily mail

Google eyes more gov’t deals for online apps

Google, cia invest in ‘future’ of web monitoring

US police wants increased access to email

Facebook users published online.
The personal information of 100 million FB users was collected and published online.

And in Canada:
OPP seeks to silence alleged G20 protest ringleaders Activists warned that speaking to media could lead to jail

“July 29, Toronto – The OPP have warned two alleged G20 protest ringleaders that their recent media interviews are a violation of bail conditions not to organize, participate or advise protests.”


Microchips and Cancer

“There’s no way in the world, having read this information, that I would have one of those chips implanted in my skin, or in one of my family members. Given the preliminary animal data, it looks to me that there’s definitely cause for concern.”

— Dr. Robert Benezra, Head of Cancer Biology Genetics, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, N.Y.

“Microchip Induced Tumors in Laboratory Rodents and Dogs:
A Review of the Literature 1990–2006”